Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!-Chapter 271: The Hunting of the Sick Sister, The Bewitching Appearance of the Kind Mother of the Vampires

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Chapter 271: The Hunting of the Sick Sister, The Bewitching Appearance of the Kind Mother of the Vampires

So that was the case…

Ever since she arrived at Eternal Night, Prosperity had felt that there was something amiss with this native species named Hedwig.

And now, she finally understood where this sense of discord came from.

Instantly, an extremely stiff smile appeared on Prosperity's cold face.

Now that she saw her again...

Should Prosperity be smiling?

Or was it better to be angry?

For a moment, it was difficult for the artificial intelligence to make a correct judgment with logic and rationality.

Therefore, Prosperity made her own decision.

She put away the burning spear of light.

"I'll retract my words. I won't kill you anymore."

"I've read the history and customs of this country. I can deduce your current predicament."

"I already know your difficulties."

"Domestication, right? Done by Rayne Haines, right? If you're domesticated, you can't stay in this country? Furthermore, without your rule, this country will collapse quickly, right?"

"…If you don't want to do that, you can join forces with me."

Pseudogod Prosperity suddenly became enthusiastic. Even her voice became amiable.

In fact, she took the initiative to help the weak Hedwig up and said,

"We can continue to work together. My promise to you in the past is still valid. Help me kill Rayne Haines and the old terminal. I can destroy the entire Haines and resolve all your worries."

"I won't go back on my word. Everything is under my control. My logic won't allow me to tell lies in such a low-intensity dispute—that would damage the dignity of the Utmost World of Logic."

Prosperity's invitation was filled with temptation.

After killing Rayne Haines, Hedwig's domestication state would be removed. Right now, it was only in the early stages and Hedwig could still be saved.

As long as Rayne Haines was killed, Eternal Night would be free from the wrath of the true god.

As long as Rayne Haines was killed, Hedwig could even ask Prosperity to destroy Haines and fight for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Eternal Night to develop…

Prosperity felt that the deal she proposed was impeccable.

She looked at Hedwig, her eyes and every single emotion that flashed through them. She looked at how she struggled and considered the choice she should make...

A multiple-choice question without any difficulty is placed in front of you once more.

How will you choose this time round?

"Now, please make your choice…"

"Do the right thing or destroy everything you created again?"

Prosperity stared at the queen of the wolf pack with a sincere but meaningful tone.

"My sister…"

Hedwig fell silent.

At that moment, the effect of the blocker was much weaker, allowing Hedwig to feel better. At the very least, she could think clearly.

Prosperity was not in a hurry and waited for Hedwig's reply silently.

Finally, after a long silence...

Hedwig made a decision.

She nodded.

She agreed.

She would follow Pseudogod Prosperity and kill Rayne Haines together.

She would continue to be the Eternal Night Queen, protecting her clansmen and this country.

Rayne Haines would become another abandoned pawn under her blade that made her sad.

Prosperity grinned when she saw that.

The smile of the mechagod was extremely rare. At that moment, Prosperity did not care about her bearing as a goddess at all and merely laughed.

She burst into loud laughter!

What happened today was so interesting.

It made her feel so happy that she wanted to laugh from the bottom of her heart.

At the same time, she felt… a bone-chilling rage.

As the long-haired Sun Goddess laughed, she said ferociously,

"You're… lying!"

How could this woman dream of deceiving a goddess?!

Without a doubt, that stupid sister of hers...

Had once again made the wrong choice.

For an unimportant outsider…

She was abandoning her family!

Everything about her!

A dazzling light spear grew rapidly from Pseudogod Prosperity's hands.

The spear that was forged from the scorching sun and civilization was used by Prosperity to aim at her twin sister...


That was Hedwig's true identity!

The residue of the goddess that seeped out of the strange creation underground was molded into a wolf queen thanks to the wishes of the wolves.

Killing her would not bring any tangible benefits to Prosperity.

However, she could not control herself.

The golden-haired goddess before Prosperity had fully triggered her killing intent.

Hedwig stood up with difficulty, picked up her saber and retreated, prepared to jump out of the window and escape in her sorry state.

However, how could this half-dead Hedwig deal with Pseudogod Prosperity?

There was no hope of escaping.

There was no hope in fighting.

The opportunity to negotiate was also wasted.

Right now, Hedwig was only left with a dead end.

The spear of light arrived instantly!

Just as Prosperity was about to pierce through Hedwig's heart…

On the other end of the capital of Eternal Night, the bombardment that had been accumulated for a long time struck from the side of Prosperity at the same time!

After a long period of accumulation, the scarlet blood light was compressed into an apocalyptic light and locked onto Prosperity accurately.

By the time Prosperity discovered it, it was already inches away from her.

The blue halo appeared once more and the blood-red light cannon that was charging over was stopped in midair.

The dazzling blood light approached Prosperity inch by inch within the range of the halo at an extremely slow speed, illuminating Prosperity's face with a blood-red glow.

… Reinforcements?

Prosperity felt a little frustrated. f𝐫𝗲eweb𝗻o𝐯el.𝚌o𝗺

She did not manage to notice the enemies in the distance...

Without the Detection Module and the Basic God Regulation Module, she would always be restrained in battle.

The fatal light cannon only existed to restrain Pseudogod Prosperity.

That was because just as Pseudogod Prosperity was dealing with the light cannon, Hedwig finally seized the opportunity to jump out of the window and retreat successfully.

Escape? Dream on!

Prosperity deactivated the halo and turned her body at the same time, dodging the frontal attack of the blood-colored light cannon. However, a shocking burn was left on her body.

Regardless of the damage to her doll body, Prosperity jumped out of the window as well and chased after Hedwig.

By the time Hedwig and Prosperity landed…

There was already something waiting for them at the foot of the palace of Eternal Night.

It was a barrier.

A domain forcefield meticulously weaved by a top demigod.

A mere creation of a pseudogod should have been easily erased by a true god-level spiritual blocker. However, this domain was weaved in a shockingly ingenious manner and countered the spiritual blocker everywhere.

It had temporarily weakened the function of the spiritual blocker!

The moment she stepped into the barrier…

Pseudogod Prosperity knew that she had been schemed against.

It was a terrifying person who seemed like he could predict the future. He calculated everything that happened in the palace of Eternal Night today, down to the finest details.

Furthermore, the trap to capture Pseudogod Prosperity had already been prepared at least a few hours ago.


No, the other party was not interested in Pseudogod Prosperity.

The other party's target should be Hedwig!

The next moment, a blood-red teleportation gate opened leisurely in front of Pseudogod Prosperity.

A charming, curvaceous and bewitching beauty in a traditional dress of the vampires appeared.

The slit reached beneath the lewd gown at her waist. Two long and slender legs stepped onto the stage elegantly in a pair of high-heeled sandals.

When she walked, the pair of incomparably huge but exceptionally perky breasts on the beauty's chest bounced up and down seductively like pudding with her footsteps.

It was the legendary strongest vampire.

True Ancestor 1.


This benevolent mother with an overly seductive body stood beside Hedwig and gently helped the still weak Wolf Queen up with a tender smile.

True Ancestor 1 Sharley and Wolf Queen Hedwig.

At that moment, the two strongest existences of Eternal Night were standing together.

"Queen of the werewolves, please don't bare your teeth at me."

"I'm just here to fulfill the wishes of a cute child."

Sharley said with a gentle voice.

"Right now, I'm your friend."