System vs Rebirth-Chapter 569: Fighting the Fire Bird Demon (2)

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"I'll take you on." Noel smirked.

The demon let out a cry, angered by the provocation. It flapped its wings once, creating a gale that carried the heat from his body.

Even from afar, Noel could feel the extreme heat that could light up some trees. Noel smirked while pointing his left hand at the demon.

Temperature Control.

Noel was using the ability he got after absorbing the Ice Crystal in the past that gave him the Water Purifying Ability.

Back then, he could only transfer it through a solid medium. But after upgrading the skills to max level, Noel could turn the temperature down by using the air as his medium.

The moment the two temperatures met each other, it caused a small vortex that gradually turned into a tornado. However, the tornado failed to form and ended up dispersing both temperatures.

Seeing his heat couldn't affect Noel, the demon flew forward, trying to ram his body at Noel again.

Noel planned to shoot the bird down with the Undying Phoenix, but before he could wave his hand, the demon suddenly spun its body as if trying to pluck his own feathers.

"!!!" Noel widened his eyes in surprise as he saw ten feathers falling from his wings. These fire feathers spread out and flew toward him from multiple directions.

Ice Mirror.

Noel changed his strategy. He formed five huge ice mirrors to shield him from the feathers.

When the feathers hit the ice mirror, they flared up, engulfing the mirrors. Some of the mirrors managed to resist the intense heat, while some had already melted.

"…" Noel narrowed his eyes, feeling something was wrong with the demon. He had made the mirror block two feathers each. Yet, the effect on them was different.

'The demon's fire is unstable? That might be the reason for the impact. What does this mean…'

Noel wondered why the fire was unstable. On the one hand, the demon should have good control over his flame. On the other hand, it was impossible to change the power behind each feather when the amount of Spiritual Energy that fueled them was the same.

The demon didn't care about Noel's thoughts. It was simply trying to take its opponent down.

"Tsk." Noel clicked his tongue, having a hard time figuring it out. As soon as the demon reached him, Noel jumped into the air, trying to avoid him.

The bird immediately spun his body again, trying to send some heat to him. But Noel used his Hyper Jump to redirect his momentum and ultimately avoid the heat.

After that, Noel used his Everchanging Sword Style and Ice Aura. The aura was used to cool down the temperature around him, while the Sword Style used the Fear emotion, allowing him to give a quick slash to the bird.

As expected, despite using Spiritual Energy to cover the blade, he felt no contact with the bird. It felt like the flame had changed shape to follow the sword's path and avoid it.

Although it looked like physical contact couldn't harm the bird, Noel still had one more thing to try.

The bird had turned around to attack him, but Noel wasn't scared. He struck the bird's body, not with the Spiritual Energy or unique sword strike, but with the Spirit Weaponry.

Surprisingly, the bird let out a cry as if it was crying from the pain.

"!!!" Noel widened his eyes in surprise, looking at the small cut on his body. The Spirit Weaponry used Spiritual Energy different from the Everchanging Emotion Sword Style or any other sword abilities. It used Spiritual Energy to harm the target's Spiritual Energy.

It seemed that the demon's body was made of Spiritual Energy since it reacted to his Spirit Weaponry.

"I see…" Noel narrowed his eyes, observing the demon. 'The demon's body should be smaller and hidden inside that huge flame body. I should try to find the location of the real body. But as expected, it won't be an easy task.'

After confirming his approach, Noel immediately used the Phoenix Wings. A pair of wings like the fire bird demon appeared behind him.

Since his opponent was flying in the sky, he should have the same ability if he wanted to fight on equal ground.

After that, Noel flew toward the demon, surprising him with his own wings.

The bird wasn't that surprised as if he had met multiple opponents like Noel, who challenged him to an aerial battle.

Instead, it felt like the bird was happy with the development as if everything had gone according to the plan.

It would have a hard time fighting Noel when he was on the ground. After all, the bird had to dive down with an appropriate angle and speed in order not to hit the ground or any obstacles that would injure him.

But since Noel was flying, there was no obstacle or ground to hit. This way, he could go all out.

Without hesitation, the demon faced Noel head-on as the flame that made its body flare up, trying to swallow Noel.

Noel pointed his palm at the demon as a horizontal tornado flew out of his palm. This tornado was extremely cold and it had some pieces of ice swirling around it that could tear the body that was swallowed by this vortex.

The bird felt the danger from the vortex and immediately gathered the Spiritual Energy in its body. After that, it let the Spiritual Energy out from its mouth, creating a fire beam right through the vortex.

The extreme cold from the vortex froze the flame immediately, but as expected, the flame couldn't be extinguished easily.

A part of the vortex was melting.

Noel clicked his tongue and used the Temperature Control to lower the temperature inside the vortex, completely freezing the fire beam.

However, the bird's purpose remained the same. It was to kill Noel. The demon knew it was impossible for the beam to even harm Noel, so it only used the beam as a distraction.

When Noel used the second ability to suppress the beam, it spun its body again, summoning the feathers to hit Noel.