Taking the Mafia to the Magic World-Chapter 343 Promise of Rescue

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Chapter 343 Promise of Rescue

Layla clenched her fists in frustration as she listened to Cesar's comments and saw that nothing was being done for her friend.

"Cesar, if her kidnappers communicate with Sacred Devotee Barber, we'll all face his wrath. Do you really want to risk that?"

"What else can I do? I don't even know where to find these people, Layla. Besides, we have a local problem." He said louder, looking into the gray-haired woman's eyes. "Viscount Symons just stole my 3rd-stage herb. By now, he should have reached the middle of the 3rd stage, and his strength won't be as different as that of a Sovereign!

I can't ignore that! I know Jasmine's situation is delicate, and I care about her, but there's nothing I can do in the short term."

Layla had nothing to say in response to Vice's words, as she simply turned her back on him and made an annoyed 'tsk' sound.

"But that doesn't mean I won't do something. As soon as the local situation stabilizes and my group gets better information about the kidnappers, I'll solve this whole issue.

But I'm sorry, for now, Jasmine will have to stay in the hands of the enemy. Hopefully, nothing terrible will happen, and we'll be able to rescue her without any troubles in the future."


Rory joined the discussion. "The enemy is unlikely to move on Jasmine so quickly. First, they have to get her to safety. But since they just left Millfall, hiding her somewhere safe will take them days or weeks. Until then, nothing will happen to her or her father.

Second, they need to assess their situation correctly. Several witnesses to what happened stayed behind to tell the story. But as a group that kidnapped someone important, they probably want to hide their real identities. So there's this problem to solve before they communicate with Jasmine's father." Rory said, indicating with his hands that they were the problem to be solved.

As much as they didn't know who the kidnappers were, their group had witnessed the enemy's movement, which in itself was a clue as to how to identify them. Not only that, Layla knew more or less where the enemies came from because of her past with Mark.

Although they weren't friends, the two had known each other for years. They had had several conversations and experiences in the province. The enemies knew about Mark, and that's why one of them had tried to kill her before.

Because of this 'loose end' left over from Jasmine's kidnapping, the enemy's plans had to be redone before they took a chance on a Sovereign.

Rory continued. "There are also several things that need to be done before a group like this contacts someone of Jasmine's father's level. If they're not careful, they'll be wiped out in an instant."

Layla knew that. After all, Jasmine's father was a Sovereign, and the kidnappers of that woman would have to go to great lengths to hide their origins.

She sighed and then said. "Then you should start your investigation in Ironcrest. Our enemies behind Jasmine's kidnapping probably came from there."

"Ironcrest?" Vicente and Rory looked at each other as a group of criminals from Ironcrest had recently fought with Vice for the 3rd-stage herb.

Considering the presence of two Mages and two Acolytes in The Vile Altar, those four had undoubtedly been in Millfall recently.

Given the coincidences, Vice and Rory couldn't help but think the same thing.

"Is there any chance that The Faceless Ones are behind this?" Rory muttered.

"The Faceless Ones?" Layla looked at Rory, remembering this criminal faction of Ironcrest, a group that even had the support of a Marquis. "Where did you get that from?"

Vicente explained. "I fought four members of The Faceless Ones' faction on my journey to get the local Mages out of Millfall."

"Oh?" She looked at him with more interest, seeing that their thought was not unfounded. "In that case, it's possible. Mark was a 1st-sage Prior in Ironcrest's Awakening Temple before he was sent to Millfall. So, the chances he had contact with people from that group are not small.

The group that attacked us was made up of level 5 Acolytes. Still, considering the trouble they got into, they must have Mage support.

The Faceless Ones are one of the few groups in Ironcrest with Mages."

Vicente said. "We'll check this group out. But if they really are Jasmine's kidnapper, it won't be easy to get her back. There are Mid-level Mages in this group."

Vicente didn't overestimate his strength. His victory at The Vile Altar was not a testament to how powerful he was. He knew that without the enemies in that place fighting each other and without Torne's help, he would have lost.

Repeating the result of the battle at The Vile Altar would not be easy at this point!

"If these are the enemies with Jasmine, we need to increase our forces considerably." Rory agreed and looked seriously at Layla.

Layla knew the power of The Faceless Ones faction and couldn't disagree with their words, as such a group was mighty by local standards.

"In that case, I suggest you try to improve your strength. I'll leave the investigation to your family and try to raise my stage to the 3rd realm. If you manage to improve your strength, I will accompany you to rescue Jasmine." She said seriously.

"Hmm, we'll do that," Vicente commented, finally agreeing with Layla on what to do.

After this first conversation, Vicente would formalize the agreement with Layla before she left, leaving them alone again.

Vicente removed his mask and sighed, "It looks like the second-largest underworld faction in the province is out to get us. Dealing with them won't be easy."

The Faceless Ones weren't strong just because of the level of their leaders. The group was powerful because they were backed by a Marquis, a title held by only three families in the entire province!

"Yes, it won't be easy... Do you have any plans? Your progress is fantastic, but we won't have enough time for you to advance to the 3rd-stage." Rory sighed, once again feeling surrounded by worries.

He had only been worried in the beginning about possible problems with The Faceless Ones after they had investigated the deaths at The Vile Altar. But if such a group were really behind Jasmine's kidnapping, then they would immediately know about Vicente's actions against those four men, but also about his knowledge of the kidnappers of a Sovereign's daughter.

As soon as the leaders of such a group knew everything that had happened, which frankly shouldn't take long, they would surely mark the Mazzanti family group for death!

Vicente looked at Bart and then at Rory before saying. "There is a possibility."

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