Taking the Mafia to the Magic World-Chapter 829 Hard to Get Rid Of

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Chapter 829 Hard to Get Rid Of?

"Vicente Fuller!" The old man shouted, while Vice had one of his hands around the old man's neck, pressing against his throat.",

"Just as I thought, you know me," Vicente muttered with a smile on his face as his pentagrams appeared around his right hand, quickly sealing the cultivation of the old Congregation of Revelation member.

"Who are you, old man? What are you doing here?" He narrowed his eyes and began his interrogation.

Seeing this, the red bear immediately realized that Vicente was a problem and ran away without looking back.

The old man saw this and cursed the creature that had brought this human-shaped monster to him.

"Tsk! I'll never answer..."

Vicente squeezed the old man's neck harder when he saw such a person didn't want to cooperate, before he used one of his powers from his first magical form, capable of influencing minds.

Since he was on the same level as this old man, but had much more talent and power, it didn't take Vicente over 30 seconds to get the man to cooperate.

"I am a former member of the Congregation of Revelation. After you ended the future of my religion, my 5th stage companions and I decided to give up and separate. If we ever had the chance to rebuild the temple, we would. Otherwise, we'd stay hidden across the continent." He said with difficulty.

"Oh? You're like cockroaches—Hard to kill." Vicente laughed as he let go of the man's neck, having already placed a magical mark that would prevent this person from acting against him. "So you have been hiding here? Where are the others? How do you intend to bring the Congregation of Revelations back to the continent?"

The old man brought both hands to his neck as he slowly answered. "I don't know. They could be anywhere. We split up for the purpose of hiding and keeping our distance in the short term."

"Would acting separately give you a chance to revive your damned temple?"

"With our holy technique, anything is possible. Even if only one of us were left behind, as long as he could enjoy our holy technique, we'd have our chances."

"Oh? Do you have a copy of this technique?" Vicente's eyes lit up at the encounter he had just had.

The man tried to keep quiet, but having said too much, he soon watched as Vicente stole his spatial ring and forced him to remove the seal of ownership from the item.

When Vicente accessed the Mid-level Paragon ring in front of him, he found a golden scroll with inscriptions identical to the paper copy he had destroyed in Scott Province.

'This is superb, master. You have the original version. Even if you don't find the location of the copies on the continent, they will disappear eventually.' Torne celebrated from within Vicente's space of consciousness.

Copies of such techniques couldn't be replicated without the original version. Besides, ordinary scrolls, like those used in copies, could deteriorate over time.

Even if Vicente didn't go after copies of this technique, sooner or later, the continent would be free of it!

Vicente didn't hesitate to destroy the golden scroll, using the darkness of the Throne of Darkness and the magnetic properties of his first magical form to destroy the gold leaf.

The old man watched helplessly as he saw the most valuable thing on the continent, the thing that could take him to the 6th stage, being erased as if it were just ordinary garbage.

Tears of disappointment welled up in his eyes as he fell to his knees on the ground, seeing the end of the most important text in the entire Congregation of Revelations.

"Why did you do that?" He asked in a trembling tone, his eyes extremely red and his skin pale.

Vicente looked him up and down coldly before asking. "How many copies of this technique are there on the continent?"

Feeling compelled to speak, the man tried to hold back, the veins in his neck showing strongly, but after a few moments he couldn't stand it anymore and answered Vicente.

"There is no way I can be sure. There are certainly over two copies, since two of my companions who were with me in Tamor Dynasty took copies with them. But maybe there are 3, 4, 5, or even more copies. Several of the elders who fell to the vampires had copies in their spatial rings.

If they weren't destroyed, they still exist somewhere on the continent."

Vicente believed the man's words, wondering what could have happened to the many techniques of the temple experts who fell to the vampires.

'Those copies were probably destroyed.' He thought to himself. The vampires wouldn't benefit at all if one of those copies fell into the hands of a Dark Path magician without an agreement with them.

Torne agreed. 'They probably destroyed the copies that fell into their hands. But it's possible that some copies were lost... In any case, they are limited and whoever finds them is unlikely to reveal them to others.'

Vicente agreed, figuring that apart from the Congregation of Revelation, hardly any group would agree to share this technique among many members. So even if one were found, it was possible that its negative effects would be limited.

"Sigh! You guys are nothing but trouble," Vicente muttered as he raised a hand against the older Mid-level Paragon in front of him.

"No! Don't kill me!" the old man begged as he tried to appeal to Vicente's pity, kneeling and groveling at the boy's feet.

Vicente was already determined to have the Congregation of Revelations as his enemy. With his questions answered, there was nothing left for him to do to the old man but what he had in mind.

"Kill you? That would be too quick. From now on, you will be a slave of the Cataclysm Order, old man. You will be my darkness slave!" Vicente said as his three Throne of Darkness pentagrams emerged from his body to mark the body of the newest slave at his disposal.

Unable to do anything to protect himself, the old man found himself marked by the brand of slavery and quickly lost his free will as he was bound to Vicente's will.

In just a few seconds, he stood up completely changed, now another of Torne's companions to serve Vicente with his life!

"Master." the man said in a tone of devotion.