The Bloodline System (Web Novel)-Chapter 1305 They Know

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Chapter 1305 They Know

1305  They Know

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Captain Strum felt like he was hit by a moving Orbital body as two of his arms uprooted from his body after receiving the fistfrom Gustav

Blood jetted out like a fountain as he slammed into the far end of the barrier, breaking straight through all the layers and continously shooting out into space.


Gustav figure vanished and he reappeared in space hundreds of feet before Captain Strum's body which was still shooting forward.

He gathered energy in his right arm as he arched it backwards while clenching his fist tightly. His fist was coated in a golden and pinkish glow as he drove it forward at Captain Strum's approaching body.


Space parted as Gustav's fist sent ripples across the endless expanse of darkness the moment it collided with Captain Strum.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thre.e stars in the distance got snuffed out from the destructive wave of energy that spread forth from Gustav's fist as Captain Strum shot downwards like a dying star.


His body shot across the solar system as it descended towards the ninth disk.

All of his limbs uprooted from his body as he fell unconscious even before he hit the battle stage.


The battle stage got blasted to smithereeens the moment Captain Strum came into contact with it, sending another wave of destructive ripples across the vicinity.


Gustav reappeared in the stage at this moment as time came to a standstill again. He deactivated Cosmic Superiority at this point to make sure it wouldn't be active when time went back to normal.

The glow emitted from Encour slowly whitled as its figure began to disintegrate. Time stopped reversing and everything that seemed to be in an illusionary state started solidifying.

Strum had reversed time to the point where he just activated the full power of his Encour and was tossing Gustav around like a dirt bag.

As Time went back to normal functionality, the scene that the spectators would be witnessing was Gustav getting beat up.

However, the moment time resumed, the entire stage suddenly appeared destroyed and the scene the spectators were initially witnessing glitched like a video game playback.

The spectators were completely astonished as they stared at the descrated stage. One unconscious figure was completely laid on the ground with missing limbs while another was standing before the unconscious one with an unbothered expression.

-"What the hell just happened?"

-"Captain Crimson was taking a beating and all of a sudden... Captain Strum is defeated?"

-"He looks bloodied and battered too..."

-"His encour is gone too? This doesn't make any sense,"

-"How did this happen?"

The spectators were in an utter state of confusion not recalling the events that played out after this point of the battle.

Only a few spectators like the Council Lords and Miss stared at the stage with looks of understanding but they still remained astonished.

"The kid has truly grown more powerful than I realised..." Miss Aimee muttered.

"Hm? Young miss i sense time Manipulation on a higher scale... What did we miss?" Grand Commander questioned from the side.

"You didn't see it?" Miss Aimee asked with a slightly surprised tone.

Grand Commander Shion was an Alpha so she had expected that even if he couldn't be completely immune to time related abilities, he would at least be able to perceive the events ongoing during time Manipulation and have memories of the original timeline.

"I can only faintly sense that time has been altered on a large scale but I have no recollection of how things exactly went," Grand Commander Shion responded.

'Maybe this is a good thing... they will remain unaware that Gustav is a Cosmic Superior being,' Miss Aimee was still surprised that someone as young as Strum was able to pull this off with an alpha lacking memories of the original timeline but she decided to use this to Gustav's advantage.

She proceeded to narrate to Grand Commander Shion the events that played out while skipping the mention of Gustav's use of Cosmic Superiority.

She didn't give him any explanation as to how Gustav was immune to Time Manipulation which made the Grand Commander even more confused but Miss Aimee would rather leave him in confusion than let the earth be aware of Gustav's Cosmic Superiority until the kid was ready to reveal it himself.

-"Strum lost? But how?"

-"The earth's Captain seems to have broken out of his time Manipulation,"

-"But how is this even possible?"

The Draconets spectators area was in shambles as well.

Brons Midely clenched her fist so tightly a popping sound rang out, "Even after everything he still lost," She voiced with a chilly tone.

"That kid... the earth's Captain... He is a Cosmic Superior Being. Anyone would have lost," The others prestigious looking fellow beside Brons Midely voiced out.

"Why did you stop me from interfering? No one would have noticed if I did," She turned to stare at the Dracon beside her with a look of anguish.

"It was a battle between the two youngsters. Oldies like us are not meant to interfere. It would be a disgrace to our great planet if we were to interfere in such matters," The Dracon voiced with a dismissive tone.

"Also, we are not the only ones who are aware of what went down," Another male Dracon voiced from the side while staring in the direction of Earth's spectators area.

Brons Midely gnashed her teeth while peering forward with a look of hatred, 'How dare that earthling do this to my son,'

< Gustav Crimson (Planet Earth) Wins >

< 1200 Points Attained >

Amidst the confused gazes of the millions of spectators, Gustav exited the stage and walked towards the earth's participants area.

-"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Captain Crimson won but what the fuck just happened?"

-"Beats me... I don't understand a thing,"

Even the earth spectators area was full of confused people. Gustav fellow team members were not left out of this confusion.

"Wow what did you do Gus?" E.E questioned the moment Gustav arrived before them.

"Long story... you all just can't remember because of Strum time related abilities," Gustav heaved a sigh of fatigue as he took a seat.

He had expended a lot of energy to win that battle and almost depleted his Yarki in the process. Yarki would have been long depleted if it wasn't mixed with the other ability Gustav unlocked after becoming a parallel being.

"Good job big brother," Endric voiced from the side.

"You saw it?" Gustav questioned but instantly arrived at the answer before Endric responded.

"Time candidate perks?" Gustav voiced.

Endric mouth hung loosely for a bit before he answered, "...Yes,"

"Oh? Endric knows what happened,"

"Endric tell us we're confused,"

"Spit it out man,"

The group quickly clustered around Endric who eventually decided to give them a brief analysis of what happened while leaving a lot of parts out.

The versus battle challenge continued while the spectators still couldn't get Gustav and Strum's battle out of their heads and kept trying to find answers as to what happened.

"Big brother, I noticed something..." Endric approached Gustav.

"Hmm? What is it?" Gustav questioned.

"They witnessed it too," Endric answered.

"By they... do you mean...?" Gustav glanced at Endric with an expression of concern.

Endric nodded in response despite the fact that Gustav didn't complete his question.

"Hmm... they're not supposed to be able to... this might be a problem," Gustav's caressed his chin with a contemplative expression as he muttered.

"Did you uncover anything about them last night?" Gustav asked.

"I... not yet, I'm still looking," Endric stuttered a little before responding.

"You figured something out didn't you?" Gustav's tone instantly turned suspicious.

"I really am still looking into it... I have pieced what I saw together yet and no you can't help me do that. I have to confirm if I'm looking in the right direction first so I don't mince information," Endric answered with a sincere tone.

"Hmm... alright, do let me know when you figured it out," Gustav stated while turning to stare in the direction of Indulus Prime participants.

Indulus Prime participants stood together in place with their pitch black eyes on display as usual. Their expression remained unknown due to the wraps of bandage like clothing covering the entirety of their figures.

"100% confirmed," One of them voiced out.

"It was just as I suspected," Captain Irand voiced with a tone of anticipation.

"We have finally uncovered The Outworldly,"

While they exchanged a few words over there, Endric stood in place with a disturbed expression on his face as his forehead glowed with green light.

'You told me everything was okay! How could this be!?' Endric yelled internally.

'No I told you that going on that mission would increased the chances of averting great calamity in his future which was correct,' Husarius answered.

'Then what the hell did I see last night!?' Endric asked.

'A better future compared to how things would have gone if you didn't act at all,' Husarius replied.

'You are crazy! You are crazy if you think I am going to let that happen,'