The Bloodline System (Web Novel)-Chapter 1348 The Separator Machine Is Ready

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Chapter 1348 The Separator Machine Is Ready

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Then I must implore Investigator Barron to excuse me and my wife as we have important matters to take care of," Emperor Dhios voiced while getting up.

"Not a problem Emperor. I am sure you must be busy since running an entire planet must be a lot of work," Gustav replied with a tone of understanding.

"I am sure the investigator is busy as well. Safe travels on your way tomorrow," Emperor Dhios reached out to shake Gustav after waltzing over.

'Tomorrow? He wants me to leave immediately. I guess my presence makes him uneasy but I cannot leave tomorrow. I need to play this off somehow so it doesn't get suspicious if I decide to stay,' Gustav thoughts went on a rampage as he got to his feet.

"As much as I would have loved to leave tomorrow, my daughter wishes to visit the Perking center so I would like to take her there tomorrow. It is going to be our last tourist visit before leaving the day after tomorrow," Gustav said while reaching out to receive the handshake.

"Hmm Is that so?" Emperor Dhios seemed a bit unsettled as he asked with a low tone.

"Father must accompany me. I want to see the Perking Center!" Sersi yelled from the side with food in her mouth.

"Haha! You know how children get," Gustav stated with a light laughter while their hands were still connected.

"Oh wait , does the emperor not have children?" Gustav added, causing Emperor Dhios to retract his hand.

Gustav could have sworn he had a subtle 'hmph!' escape the emperor's mouth. The emperor stole a brief glance at his wife and turned around to walk away.

"I hope you enjoy your time at Perking Center," His voice faded into the background as he soon disappeared along with a lot of royal guards.

'I guess that convinced him,' Gustav said internally.

'The child statement must have gotten to him…' He also recalled how the emperor stole a brief glance at Dahria before leaving. 'I could really just murder him right now and retrieve Dahria but because of the slave shackles… that would be a very risky move. They said three days so after tomorrow, I will end him,' Gustav eye knitted as he decided internally.

Up ahead, Emperor Dhios stepped out with his guards and right hand advisor.

"I feel uneasy. Something smells suspicious," Emperor Dhios said with a low tone.

"My lord… is it because of the investigator?" The advisor inquired.

"I don't know. It is just a gut feeling," Emperor Dhios responded.

"The gifts should serve their purpose but if my lord is worried, I shall make sure they are under complete surveillance till they leave," The advisor voiced out in a bid to calm him.

"Not just that, double the palace guards and make preparations for a battle just in case," Emperor Dhios instructed.

"Yes my lord. If the investigator tries anything, he will meet his end before he gets the chance to leave this planet," The advisor said with a tone of certainty.

"Good," The emperor stated before jumping onto the back of massive creature before him. 

The bird like creature which was the size of a building, spread its wings and flapped them powerfully.


They ascended into the sky at very quick pace, leaving a cloud of dust beneath them.

"Good save there Sersi," Gustav said to the female before him as he rubbed her hair affectionately.

"Thank you daddy," Sersi responded with a cute tone as she giggled.

Sersi was unaware of the locations within the planet but she instinctively spoke up the moment Gustav referred to the character she was playing as.

"Now we just have to hold on till tomorrow passes before we strike. Which means we have to visit Perking center tomorrow," Gustav wasn't dissatisfied with the turn out of things. 

He just had to go sightseeing tomorrow and nothing about that seemed difficult. 

("I hope you are aware that the emperor is suspicious?") The system voiced in his head.

'That is quite normal though. It is expected for a ruler who acquired power through the wrong means and continuously inflicts pain upon his subjects to be on edge when a higher power that could put him in check happens to be at his doorstep,' Gustav responded internally.

'There is no doubt that he was this way the last time the real Barron Diov visited. The only difference was probably the fact that Barron Diov left after getting his bribe. Either ways, he would still get suspicious but he would never be able to put his finger on what exactly is going on,' Gustav added.

("Okay. Just watchout before you get smoked out,") The system warned.

'Sure, Sure… I need to get out of here and meet up back with Endric as soon as possible so I want this to be over with soon as well.'

Gustav wished he could leave right away but he couldn't help feeling pity for the natives of Abruikis.

They had underwent over ten years of bondage at the hands of a dictator. Not only did Emperor Dhios slaughter most of the royal household in Floris Empire, he also turned the people to slaves the moment he took control.

Floris Empire was the largest in the planet especially due to their grey ore stones which was a valuable commodity across galaxies. Dahria was the only daughter of her father who was to take control after the emperor, her grandfather. Her grandfather had lived many years and was still very much active when he got murdered. 

Dahria father would have taken control but he and his wife lost their lives in an ambush as well. Dahria was meant to take the throne afterwards but with everything that had happened, a royal uncle made the call to have her sent to earth for her safety. She was to return when she was mature enough to lead and gained power.

That was how she met Matilda.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and she had to return after her kingdom had lost battles upon battles and her people were getting slaughtered like animals. Dhios at the time had a very fierce army with lots of powerful generals under his lead.

He was also uncaring about the lives of the people… all he wanted was cotrol.

After surrendering, he stopped slaughtering her people as promised but he turned them to slaves instead. The men, women and children were all forced to mine for grey ore stones. They were barely making end meets from this but Dhios was getting even more powerful.

Through this, his army grew and he proceeded to conquer not just Floris Empire but the others on this planet.

He declared himself the Emperor of Abruikis afterwards and put the entire planet in bondage. A few years into his reign a lot of areas in the planet became polluted from too much mining for grey ore stones. Waters dried up in many places and buildings had to be constructed on what was left of the ground in these areas.

Grounds were corroding and even the wind was getting polluted. A lot of people lost their lives from the changes but Dhios didn't care. He ensured that his pockets and that of his subordinates continued getting filled.

Dahria was powerless to stop him no matter how much she tried.

"Horrible… truly horrible," Gustav was even more disgusted compared to how he felt with Falkorn.

"This is probably how earth would have turned out if I hadn't stopped Yung Jo that day," He shook his head.

He felt it was even worse that earth never interfered even after Dahria pleaded so many times for assistance. This explained why she looked lifeless today. She had lost all hope.

'If I didn't have people I cared about I would have regretted ever saving that planet more than once…' Gustav shook his head.

("Why don't you just take control of earth in the future and rule if you don't like the way they do things?") The system inquired.

'Eh? What sort of dumb suggestion is that?' Gustav asked with an irked tone.

("Think about it… If you complete the five years quest, it should be possible. You will be more powerful than them after all,") The system voiced.

'Not interested… they can go fuck themselves for all I care,'

"Is it finished now?" 

Within a workshop space, a familiar feminine tone rang out.

"Yes… the separator," Riole answered while tapping the rhombus shaped machinery before him.

"One charge of this and everyone within a one mile radius, gets freed of the slave shackle," He added.

"Good. Now we just need Tuenviq and Toldou to get it there." Matilda said with a serious expression.

"We will," Toldou answered from the side.

"After they are successful, her majesty has to be taken out of the premises so Gustav Crimson can do what he needs to," Riole chimed in.

"Leave that to me. Oola, you focus on sending the message to the troops to be ready to storm the place," Matilda instructed.