The Bloodline System (Web Novel)-Chapter 1367 The Tarks Territory

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Chapter 1367 The Tarks Territory

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"We were informed by our superiors to be on the lookout for any spacecraft that looks similar to this," One of them suddenly voiced out.

Gustav maintained his bubbly tone as he replied, "Is your superior looking to buy one of these space birds? I'm selling at a discount."

"Ermm... where did you get this?" One of the space travel inspectors asked while another held onto a device that scanned the sphere-shaped spacecraft. 

"Off the Indran glacial star, abandoned," Gustav responded once more.

"Nothing sweeter than hauling a free loot and getting rich off of it. Hahaha," The tension reduced as Gustav kept up with his weird personality.

"Oharkil, it's not the same," The one who was scanning voiced from the side.

A projection beamed forth from the device in his hand and it displayed a sphere-shaped spacecraft as well. This sphere-shaped spacecraft was silver in color with an X-shaped design around it that connected like belts.

This was Gustav's exact spacecraft. 

However, the one currently in the storage area with them was green and missing the X-shaped belt-like outline. It also seemed to have a few dents, making it appear rougher in comparison.

"Oh, we apologize for the intrusion then," Oharkil said while withdrawing.

"No problem, but do let me know if your superior is looking to buy one. Hahaha," Gustav maintained the fake personality and laughed while tapping the travel inspector like he was an old-time friend.

The inspectors left the spacecraft and let Gustav and the others continue with their journey. 

In a few minutes, they were back on track, heading towards the Gohatark Planet.

In this galaxy, the Tarks were the prominent species. If one were to count, they would have the highest populace in the universe. 

This was because every single planet within the galaxy was domesticated by this species.

Tarks existed on every single planet and this made their numbers exponentially high. It was another reason why they were a stand-alone species that felt it was beneath them to be under the alliance. 

Amongst all the planets that existed in their galaxy which they named "TARKS TERRITORY", Gohatark happened to be the largest.

While the Tarks territory was open to all kinds of species and races, regardless of status and infamy, Gohatark was the planet most outer galactic species always chose to visit and trade.

Gohatark was truly a place of business and wasn't bad for tourist attractions too. Other species in the millions would always be found on the planet trying to trade or on the run from being caught as a wanted criminal from the alliance. 

The Tarks Territory was a place that the alliance didn't have their clutches on and couldn't visit to exert their outer space authority. This was another reason Gustav was confused about why they happened to be on the lookout for his spacecraft. 

"If I hadn't disguised my spacecraft before we got here, they would have figured it out," Gustav stated as their travels continued.

"Which means their superior must be under the payroll of someone who is out to get you," Endric analyzed from the side.

"The Tarks territory is supposed to be a free place... when did they start caring about bounties and wanted folks? That is very odd," Gustav mumbled with a slight look of concern. 

"That's why we have to be careful. We may have deterred them, but we need to be quick with whatever we have to do on Gohatark and continue with our travel to the Xelios Tower," Endric stated.

"Yeah... I initially wanted to sell this spacecraft since I got it from those space bandits but it would be better if I sold mine instead and continued with this," Gustav contemplated.

"We just need to fix a couple of things on this and it will be good to go," Gustav added.

"A couple of things you destroyed with your own hands," The system chimed in.

*cough cough*

"It's not like I had a choice," Gustav replied.

Gustav still felt conflicted about having to sell his custom-made spacecraft but it didn't seem like he had much of a choice.

Had the travel inspectors been aware that it was a custom-made spacecraft and not a common type that had variations on sale in markets, they would have easily caught onto his deceit.

Fortunately, they had no idea and that was to be expected since Gustav was careful enough. 

As they continued their journey through space for the next two hours, they passed by a bunch of spherical-shaped planets which became a common sight in that part of outer space.

"We're here," Gustav announced as another spherical-shaped planet with a green and yellow-looking surface came into view.

It had three layers of rings surrounding it and another two positioned in a kind of diagonal format around the planet.

From their angle, it looked like one part of the rings was blazing due to the circulation of hot space rocks around them while another part looked completely chilly. Glacial-looking space rocks orbited around the sphere-shaped planet around that side.

The speed of their spacecraft reduced as they descended towards an opening on the planet.


In a metropolitan city, carriages joined together as trains whizzed across the air at great speed. Only a single line of railing could be spotted and it was constructed in such a way that it twirled across the city skies into the distance.

The carriages filled with loads of people moved at incredible speeds, following the twirling rail as it seemed very flexible.

Buildings were structured in such a mechanical way that they occasionally changed their positions on the land since they could move. 

Rectangular-shaped vehicles emitted rocket-like flames beneath them as they streaked across the skies. Jet-like vehicles could also be sighted blazing across the city. It was truly a center that displayed its technological advancements distinctly. Gustsv and Endric continued to feed their eyes as they made their way through the crowds.

Gustav and Endric watched as many structures were positioned atop impossible-looking terrains and glowing lined roads filled with all sorts of species.

The beautiful view of the rings in outer space from within the planet was truly a sight for sore eyes. In this particular city, the visible rings in the sky were icy blue. It was unknown if the city's chilly state was due to it or not.

The streets were filled with hundreds of thousands of different outer planetary species, some of whom sped across the place on floating square-shaped boards.

Despite the number of different species around there, one prominent-looking species was the large, bear-shaped-faced beings. They were truly large but their body structure bore similarities with humans.

Furs covered their bodies but they still had cool-looking clothes on and rather muscular looks for men. Some of them even had shades on. This particular species occupied a lot of the business spots around there. They were none other than the Tarks.

At a particular location in the city, a double cone-headed structure could be sighted. The crowd that entered and exited that area were numbered in the hundreds of thousands. It seemed like a really busy place.

The building was referred to as a trade center. Lots of stalls could be spotted with signs that displayed what type of business they were into.

Amongst the passers-by, two obese figures with grey faces and gills protruding from multiple parts of their bodies were on the lookout since they also had business there.

"Are you sure we shouldn't have tried the trade centers in Garkul City instead?" Endric who was still shorter than Gustav in this form questioned.

"My perception already swept through the entire planet. They have double the crowd here in Weburl City and since we're trying to speed things up, we should use the place with the least amount of folks," Gustav answered while looking around. 

A lot of the stalls around there had a buttload of people in front, which also meant that it would take a lot of time to get attended to based on which of the stalls they decided to pick.

"I don't think we will be able to easily get what we need out here. Wouldn't it be better if we entered the building? Things would automatically become ten times faster," Endric rubbed the gill on his face with a slightly disgusted look as he spoke.

"I know but then the fee to get in is pretty high. We can afford it but you know what it means if we decide to go down that route," Gustav responded with a cryptic tone.

"...Oh, because we are trying to avoid dragging any form of attention to ourselves so it's best to mingle with the normal people..." Endric finally got Gustav's point. 

The building in the middle of the trade center had everything that was needed but there was a fee to get in and an even higher fee to pay if you needed to head further up the floors.

No normal person would be able to afford the fee, especially since it could potentially be close to the amount of profit you might make if you're trying to sell something.