The Bloodline System (Web Novel)-Chapter 1467 The Update

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Chapter 1467 The Update

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"Not according to recent data..." Another officer shook their head while putting up a bunch of holographic statistics.

The meeting seemed to be split between two sides. One side was with General Chell while the other side disagreed with him.

"Grand Commander Shion, what is your take on this?" Commander Xanatus said to middle aged looking man with a diamond shard in his forehead.

"Enough with the bickering. The grand commanders will come to a decision on this later. For now, this meeting is adjourned," Grand Commander Shion stated with an authoritative tone.

Minutes after the meeting came to an end, General Chell approached Grand Commander Shion.

"We need to make a move now or we are going to lose Gustav to the Draconets," He stated.

"What do you mean by that?" Grand Commander Shion inquired with a suspicious expression.

"They employed a very powerful entity to capture him,"





Amidst the serenity of space, where stars twinkle like distant lighthouses guiding the wanderers of the cosmos, a spacecraft, its design unconventional with a distinct pentagon shape, could be spotted floating in place.

Atop this vessel were two remarkable looking figures.

The first figure, an individual with curly black hair, floats slightly above the vessel. On his forehead, a green glowing dot pulsates with an ethereal light, marking him as someone of significant power and mystique.

Around him, an aura of formidable energy emanates, pushing against the very fabric of space, distorting the area around him with an invisible force. His eyes are focused, reflecting a resolve that is both calming and intimidating.

Beside him, the second figure, with dirty blonde hair, exudes a different kind of significance. This individual, carries a weight in their demeanor, a target of unimaginable value. It is this figure that beckons the extraordinary, drawing forth the presence of divinity.

Without warning, space before the spacecraft distorts, a rippling effect that heralds the arrival of the entity with Crimson, tree-like hair. It materializes with a silent grace, floating before the vessel, its hair billowing in an unseen cosmic wind.

The entity's appearance is mesmerizing, its hair glowing with a deep, rich hue that contrasts starkly against the backdrop of space.

The moment of confrontation is electric, charged with an unseen tension that grips the void.

Endric's eyes remained close almost like he was lost in a trance. Gustav reaches out to touch him but the energy that emanates from Endric's figure, repels his hand.

With the Ifeiev right before him, Gustav decides to make a last minute decision.

In a bold move, he launches himselfinto the vacuum of space, propelling away from the spacecraft in the opposite direction.

His movement is swift, a desperate bid to draw the Crimson-haired being away, sacrificing his safety since he seemed to be headed back for the dead man zone.

The faceless one stands in place for a bit seemingly confounded but soon, his gaze shifts, locking onto the fleeing figure with an intensity that belies its serene appearance. With a fluid motion, it gives chase, moving through space with an ease that defied physics.

[ Ultimate Combination Has Been Activated ]

Gustav's figure morphed as he wove through asteroids and debris, pushing his limits in a desperate bid to outrun the faceless one even though he knew it was impossible.

His aim was to get Ifeiev as far away from the spacecraft as possible so the others could get out of there and the only chance he felt he had at achieving this was by heading back to the dead man zone that made it literally impossible for any being of matter to pass through.


They both transcend unimaginable speed as Ifeiev closes in on him.

Meanwhile, back on the spacecraft, Endric suddenly opens his eyes.

"I found the focal point," He voices before blinking.

Twwhwii~ fre(e)webno(v)el

He reappears within the spacecraft which is already veering forward with Aildris taking charge.

"Where is Gustav?" Endric inquires with a slightly befuddled look.

"We need to get out of here now or he won't be safe," Aildris stated before powering up the hyperjump.

Endric's face lit up in realisation as the recent events played out in his head.

"Husarius! Why didn't you tell me?" He yelled out.

-"Breaking concentration would have prevented us from finding the focal point," Husarius answered without an ounce of remorse while the spacecraft turned into a line that streaked forward with intensity.

On the outside, Gustav closed in on a massive net wriggling with violent throngs of energy.

{ I know what you are planning. I won't let you }

The voice of the faceless one thrummed across space as it suddenly accelerated.


Before Gustav could reach the net, Ifeiev reached him.

Gustav tried to evade but Ifeiev caught him by the neck and held him in place. Gustav struggled with a look of powerlessness.

{ Now I have you }

His voice reached Gustav's hearing once more even though he wasn't speaking.

"Do you?" A smirk suddenly appeared on Gustav's face as he stared at a countdown.

< 1... >

A burst of sky blue light suddenly emanates from his wrist, completely consuming his figure.

Gustav vanished in the next moment, causing Ifeiev hand to close in on nothing.

{ No! }

Although Ifeiev was faceless, one could sense frustration in his voice as infuriating energy spread forth from his being.

"I was trying to get Ifeiev off our back... that's the name of the faceless one after us or specifically... after me," Gustav clarified.

"Ifeiev... that's a weird name," Ria stated bluntly.

"You should hear the name of the Cosmic Superior faceless one," Gustav wondered what Ria would call that if he knew of it.

"I tried to get him to help us take Ifeiev off our case," Gustav added.

"Any luck with that?" Aildris inquired.

"Nah... He said he can't do that. It isn't the way of the faceless... whatever that means," Gustav responded.

"Bummer," Ria mumbled.

"He mentioned something else..." Gustav paused for a bit with a disturbed expression.

"He said the reason Ifeiev keeps getting to us is because he has a piece of his hair," Gustav revealed.

"What does his hair have to do with this?" Ria questioned.

"Cosmic Superiority beings are linked... so he uses the cosmic strand to link us and locates us each time," Gustav explained.

The looks of bewilderment on both Ria and Aildris's face were apparent after Gustav revealed this.

"Is there any way we can get it from him?" Aildris asked.

"Even if we did, we would still have this loop problem," Gustav shook his head softly.

"Isn't Endric taking care of that at the moment?" Ria said while looking around.

"There is no guarantee that he will find it," A plan began formulating in Gustav's head after voicing this out.

"I have an..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence, space pulsated rhythmically up ahead.

They all turned to stare at the northeast direction in horror.

"He's here," Aildris stated.

"Endric!" Gustav yelled and vanished from view point.


He reappeared atop the spacecraft and reached out to grab Endric who was floating while emitting a powerful green glow from his figure.



[ Earth ]

Within a broad space lay an exemplar of sophistication and high-class design. Its expansive dimensions are accentuated by the minimalist, yet opulent décor, where the interplay of natural light and shadows casts a serene ambiance conducive to focused deliberation.

The room is encased in panels of dark, rich mahogany, their polished surfaces reflecting the subdued lighting from the elegant, recessed ceiling fixtures, creating an atmosphere of warmth and exclusivity.

At the heart of this boardroom lies a grand, elongated table, its surface a flawless expanse of gleaming, jet-black marble. This imposing centerpiece commands respect, its sleek, reflective top mirroring the solemn expressions of those seated around it.

Around this table, figures clad in authoritative uniforms convene, their attire a testament to their positions of power within the MBO. Medals and insignias, symbols of achievements and rank, glint under the soft lighting, adding a touch of solemnity and pride to the gathering.

"What is this talk about sending more of our officers to the alliance," The officer backing the floor-to-ceiling window on one side offering a breathtaking view of the city skyline, voices in bafflement.

"It was requested by the alliance in order to capture the fugitive Gustav Crimson," General Chell answered from the other end.

"They have enough forces. It is unwise for us to give more," Another General voiced his opinion.

"Other planets agreed so it would be odd if we decided not to," General Chell responded.

"Yes, capturing Gustav Crimson should be number one priority," Another officer agreed with General Chell.

"With all due respect, we have already put a lot of resources into capturing Gustav Crimson. At this point, we are starting to neglect that there are bigger issues to take care of right here on our planet and not out there in the stars," Commander Xanatus who was also present, stated with a respectful yet assertive tone.

"We have enough forces to handle whatever is on the ground just as much as what is in the sky," General Chell responded.

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