The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right-Chapter 471 - : Are You Blind? Why Do You Like This?

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Chapter 471: Are You Blind? Why Do You Like This?

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With that, Jiang Niancheng turned to Xie Xize and said, “”01d Xie, your eyesight is really bad…”

Gu Fei nodded. ” I think so too. Doctor, were you blind for a while? Why did you fall for such a thing? ‘

Gu Fei was usually very polite and kind.

He was also very respectful to Xie Xize and treated him as an idol.

Now that he could say these words, it was obvious that he was really angry. He actually dared to say that Xie Xize was blind.

Although the others did not speak, they all nodded in agreement.

Xie Xize thought about it seriously and nodded.”l feel the same now…”

His eyesight was really bad back then.

“All of you make it sound so easy. If it were me, you might not even be as good as me…” Dong Zi Nuo gritted her teeth.

Jiang Niancheng raised his hand and said, ” Stop. We’re not as shameless as you. You said that your mother needed money for her surgery. Why didn’t you tell Old Xie? Don’t talk about self-esteem and pride. Hasn’t Old Xie helped you enough? If you wanted to have self-esteem, then why didn’t you accept Old Xie’s help back then?”

” Also, keep leaking the secret. Don’t say anything. You were threatened and had something on you. That’s why you gave in time and time again. Ptui, I think you’ve tasted the sweetness. You think that you won’t find out anyway, so you betrayed me again and again …

Gu Fei added, ” This kind of thing. It’s like a scumbag cheating. What’s the difference between cheating once and cheating a hundred times? ‘

The crown prince couldn’t help but say,”Don’t say anything. Your IQis not good, so you don’t have a choice. That’s right, not only are you stupid, but you also don’t work hard. When I was in the same laboratory as you, I couldn’t stand you. Everyone worked overtime for a project, but what about you? You just said,’Aiya, my IQ can’t compare to yours,’ and then you didn’t care…lf I

didn’t think that you’re an old man after being with the doctor for so many years, I would have fought with you long ago.”

Xie Xize didn’t even need to say anything. Jiang Niancheng and the others had already blocked all of Dong Zinuo’s escape routes.

All of them were geniuses with high IQ. Just like research, all kinds of possibilities were listed.

Dong Zi Nuo’s face turned red from their rebuke, because they were all right, and they had hit the nail on the head.

‘ Shut up! Do you think he’s helping me out of goodwill? Is he a good person? ‘ Xie Xize raised an eyebrow. He was not a good person.

Dong Zi Nuo stood up and said angrily, “He helped me…” He’s just satisfying his cheap vanity. He treats me like a beggar. Has he ever respected me?”

Jiang Niancheng and the others were all stunned.

This theory…How terrifying.

He solved your father’s gambling debt, arranged your job, saved your family, and saved your life…ls this treating a beggar?

Jiang Niancheng was shocked. Xie Xize, how blind are you to help such a guy? With that amount of money, you should be able to build a Hope Primary School in a mountainous area, right? Isn’t it too wasteful to give this kind of thing?”

The crown prince ran to Xie Xize and looked at him eagerly.”Doctor, can you please give me some alms like how you treat beggars? I don’t need respect..”