The Conquerors Path-Chapter 458 -Date Of Life-Time

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Chapter 458 458-Date Of Life-Time

"You're..." Zelda said with a surprised voice as she looked at my face, her eyes seemingly recollecting information about me, which soon got to her as she spoke.

"Austin... right?" she said to which I smiled as I gave her a dramatic bow.

"Indeed, I am Austin Lionheart, happy to be in your service," I replied as I straightened myself, gazing upon Zelda who was now looking at me with unkind eyes as she asked.

"Did you plan all this to get me? To have use of me?"

As she asked, the entire atmosphere in the place turned completely deadly. I could tell that one wrong move and she wouldn't hesitate to try and take me down. Taking a deep breath, I shifted my head to my right as I asked in an innocent tone.

"Use you for what?"

Hearing my tone, Zelda was stunned as she asked me with narrowed eyes, "You're hiding your identity and playing around with the war council, and you bring me here to set up this elaborate play. Don't you need me for something?"

"But didn't I show you?" I said.

"Huh?" That was all Zelda could say as she didn't catch the gist of my answer. Seeing so, I smiled at her, shaking my head while my eyes focused completely on her.

"I showed you, I showed you who I am, and you are right, I have my goals for the War Council, but it never involved you. Everything with you till here has been of my own desire, nothing more and nothing less."

As I finished speaking, a stunned silence remained between the two of us. Only the sound of the waterfall filled our ears as Zelda started to speak.

"So everything here is for me?"

"Yes, I want to know more about you. I am purely doing this because I want to know about you, Zelda. That is the entire truth..." As I finished speaking, I gazed at the small necklace on Zelda's neck that glowed for a second and died down, its action completely melting away all the scrutiny held by Zelda. Her face bloomed into a smile as she spoke.

"Then why don't we eat?"

Hearing this, I outwardly let out a sigh of relief as I moved toward one of the chairs, pulling it back as Zelda sat down. Having arranged it properly, I started to serve the food, my actions complicated and smooth as I spoke.

"This is the night soup, a perfect start-up for our meal..."

"You seem to know a lot about this," Zelda replied, seeing me perfectly deal with the food in a perfect manner.

"Well, I did cook them all, after all," I replied, my answer causing Zelda to raise her eyebrow in surprise as she spoke.

"You made all this?"

"Yup, I am a good chef, aren't I?" I asked in an arrogant tone as I kept dealing with arranging all the food.

+30 affection.

'Guess it's working.'

I thought, ever since my so-called open talk with her, the affection I am receiving from her has been pouring out like rain. And the main reason for it is the necklace on Zelda, an artifact that lets her separate between the truth and lies. I thankfully came to learn about its function due to the system and my research.

The main problem with Zelda was that she never had anyone to walk beside her, the necklace showed the truth of the world that just wanted her power, status, or something else. No one seemed to want to know the true Zelda.

And that's the main thing I am striving for, to win her heart. In actuality, she's actually easier for me to get than the other women I am dealing with, simply due to the fact that her mindset is more traditional along with her status.

Playing to my strengths and taking her on exciting dates would be more than enough for me to earn her love, along with my truthful words of 'love' for her. The old-minded Zelda will quickly melt like an ice cream on a sunny day. And like any old-minded woman, once her heart is mine, she will do everything with me. A great connection can form for me in the War Council, granted that I remain stronger than her.

The Lion Tribe, after all, has a tradition where the dominant one in the relationship is always the most powerful one between the two couples. Hence, if we were to be in a relationship, I would be the dominant one, as long as I maintain my power.

'Guess that was what she was waiting for...' I mused as I looked at Zelda, who was looking at me as if I were some sort of rare item that had to be collected.

"Shall we?" I said as we dined on the food. As we enjoyed the delectable meal, our conversation flowed effortlessly. I shared stories of my own adventures, carefully crafting them to captivate Zelda's attention. She listened intently, her eyes never leaving my face, hanging onto every word I spoke.

As the evening progressed, I noticed a glimmer of amusement in Zelda's eyes. She seemed to be enjoying the manipulation, the dance of words and actions. Her competitive nature, though initially guarded, began to appreciate the intricacies of our date.

After dinner, I led Zelda to a clearing surrounded by ancient ruins. The moon cast a soft glow, illuminating the mystical symbols carved into the stone. It was a place where the boundaries between the mortal realm and the ethereal world blurred.

I took Zelda's hand and pulled her into a lively dance, guided by the enchanting melodies played by invisible musicians that I had already set up beforehand. Zelda seemed to have been lost in this enchanting moment, following my lead. We moved with grace, twirling and spinning under the moonlit sky. It was a dance that mirrored our growing connection, a delicate balance of strength and vulnerability.

As we danced, the air crackled with magic, and sparks of energy danced around us. I conjured illusions of legendary battles, immersing us in the stories of her past life as a hero. With each scene, I showcased her strength, her unwavering spirit, and her ability to conquer any foe. It was a light, mysterious play that could be the future between us.

Zelda's eyes sparkled with excitement and admiration. She reveled in the display of power, in the reminder of what she had and perhaps could have with me. And at that moment, she saw in me a partner who not only appreciated her past but also saw the potential of her future.

As the dance came to an end, we found ourselves standing at the edge of a tranquil lake. The moon's reflection shimmered on the water's surface, creating a breathtaking sight. Without hesitation, I took Zelda's hand and led her onto a small boat, gliding across the calm waters.

Underneath a canopy of stars, we sat there, admiring the stars that shined down upon us.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" I asked, to which she replied, looking at the stars.


"I wasn't talking about the stars..." I replied. Hearing so and seeing me look at her, a small blush came to her face.

'Guess that's step 2.'

As said before, the ancient customs deemed a man interested in a woman would try to give her the world, and make her taste her best wishes as he courts her. And for the poor Zelda, she never got that chance until now. All my preparations showed that I did my research on her, ranging from her favorite food to her love of moonlight.

Zelda's defenses crumbled, and her eyes softened. In that vulnerable moment, she allowed herself to be seen, to be cherished. The walls around her heart began to crumble, replaced by the warmth of affection.

As the night drew to a close, I walked Zelda back to her quarters, using Zelda's batch, it was easy to be teleported back to the area of the War Council. A smile played on both our lips as I accompanied her like a gentleman.

"Did you like it?" I asked as we stopped for a moment. She only smiled at me as she leaned forward, placing a small kiss on my cheek as she spoke.

"I loved it."

Saying so, she disappeared from my sight, leaving behind her communication device in my hand.

'Well, if she didn't like me after all this, then that would be crazy.'

At that moment, I knew that I had left an indelible mark on her heart, a seed of love that would continue to grow. It was something I would need to cherish. From my understanding, she is just a gentle noble lady desiring love. And as much of a scumbag, as I am, I won't hurt her with love. She will be cherished and taken care of. Savoring the victory of a successfully orchestrated date, my heart filled with hope for the future as I headed back