The Daily Life of a Female Esper in Ancient Times-Chapter 114

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The Emperor arranged for the army to enter the city, allowing the citizens to line up along the road and welcome them. This was also done in the hope of allowing more people to witness the event. The throne belonged to him; he was the true Son of Heaven in accordance with the will of the people.

Li Xia watched the army and was reminded of the soldiers she had seen during the apocalyptic period. Soldiers were truly lovable people no matter the time. She picked up the cup on the table and took a sip of water to moisten her throat. From next door, she heard voices: "Why hasn't Heir Apparent Lu shown up?"

"Yeah, why hasn't he appeared?"

"Look at how provocatively Princess Yunxia is dressed, just to see Heir Apparent Lu."

"What princess? She's just a county princess now."

"Oh right, she's not a princess anymore. Let's see how arrogant she can be now."

"Nevermind her. Hey, you really went all out just to see Heir Apparent Lu. That jade hairpin of yours, you said you'd only wear it on special occasions."

"You're one to talk. That outfit of yours, I remember it was just made three days ago. You said you'd wear it for your grandmother's birthday."

Hearing the voices, Li Xia looked across and indeed saw the glamorously dressed Yuanxia County Princess. Yuanxia County Princess was disappointed and angry at not seeing Heir Apparent Lu, blaming her servants for not gathering the news properly. She looked up and saw Li Xia's face, glaring fiercely at her. It was all her fault. If not for her, she wouldn't have been confined and demoted in rank. She would definitely get her revenge.

Li Xia listened carefully and finally heard some useful information. Lu XuanNing was seriously injured and had been carried into the Beining Marquis Manor last night. The Emperor had sent several imperial physicians from the Imperial Medical Institute to the Beining Marquis Manor to treat Heir Apparent Lu's injuries.

Upon hearing the news of the injury, Li Xia looked towards Li Hui. Noticing Li Xia's gaze, he silently asked what was wrong with his eyes. Li Xia mouthed the words "Heir Apparent Lu" without making a sound.

Li Hui understood and asked Zhang Hu to investigate. They soon learned that Lu XuanNing was critically ill and unconscious.

The next day, Mrs. Lu took Li Hui, Li Xin, and Li Xia to visit the Beining Marquis Manor. Old Madam Lu looked haggard and her complexion was poor.

"Old Madam, the Young Master recovered from such severe injuries in Liuzhou before. He will surely be fine now," Li Xin comforted her.

"I hope so," Old Madam Lu replied. "When I was young, I sent my husband to the battlefield. In my middle age, I sent my son. Now in my old age, I've sent my grandson to the battlefield. Although I've grown accustomed to it over the decades, I still worry. I eat vegetarian meals and chant Buddhist scriptures every day, hoping my husband, son, and grandson will be well. Alas, Heaven does not always grant one's wishes."

Li Xin and Li Xia exchanged glances, unsure of how to console Old Madam Lu. All they could do was try their best to share some happy stories to make Old Madam Lu smile. Old Madam Lu knew their good intentions and smiled politely.

As they left the vast Beining Marquis Manor, they realized it housed only two elderly people and an unconscious youth, whose awakening was uncertain. They couldn't help but sigh.

The court had rewarded its meritorious officials accordingly, and the postponed imperial examination was restarted. It was scheduled for early next month, leaving little time.

Master Lin sent a messenger to summon Li Hui to his residence for coaching. Due to the events in Liuzhou, Li Hui had been occupied and neglected his studies.

Li Hui did not feel very confident about the imperial examination. However, with Master Lin's coaching, he now had an 80% chance of passing. Li Hui packed his belongings and went to Master Lin's residence to study under him, only returning to Osmanthus Alley the day before the examination.

Mrs. Lu had already prepared all the items Li Hui would need to take into the examination hall. Li Hui checked everything and confirmed there were no issues. He went to the main courtyard and dined with Mrs. Lu.

Apart from Li Ming, all the key members of the Li family were present. Li Chou and Li Guang accompanied Li Ming to the examination hall.

Many people had gathered in front of the examination hall. Soldiers organized the candidates into queues for inspection before entering the hall. Li Hui received his examination basket from Zhang Hu. Li Ming said to Li Chou and Li Guang, "You two can go back now. The family has taken good care of me."

"Brother, don't worry and focus on your examination. We'll take care of things at home," said the now mature and confident Li Chou.

"Yes, Elder Brother, Brother Chou and I will manage things at home. Just concentrate on your examination," Li Guang chimed in.

Li Hui joined the queue. Li Chou and Li Guang didn't leave until they saw Li Ming pass the inspection and enter the examination hall. Only then did they return to Osmanthus Alley and inform Mrs. Lu about Li Ming entering the hall.

Mrs. Lu listened attentively. "Wake up early tomorrow to send your elder brother to the examination hall. Go back and rest now. I've already informed the academy that you two can take the morning off."

"Thank you, Mother," said Li Chou and Li Guang, who were indeed feeling tired. They went back to rest.

Mrs. Lu stood up to burn incense for the Buddha, praying for Li Hui's safety throughout the examination. As for the results, Mrs. Lu no longer had the energy to worry about them. She just wanted her son to return home safely.

It was August, the hottest time of the year. The nine-day examination was grueling, with the small cubicles feeling like steam rooms. Many candidates suffered from heat stroke, but fortunately, ice cubes were later distributed. Every day, they also received a bowl of green bean soup to relieve the heat, allowing the candidates to endure until the final session. f𝗿𝚎eweb𝗻o𝐯𝐞l.𝚌om

Li Chou and Li Guang heard about people being carried out due to heat stroke. They took turns getting leave from the academy to wait at the examination hall every day with two servants. They had a carriage stocked with heat-relieving medicine pills and a basin of ice wrapped in blankets.

Fortunately, Li Hui had a strong physique and completed all nine days without any issues, emerging safely. On the final day, it was Li Guang's turn to wait at the examination hall with Wen Zhu and Zhang Hu.

The observant Li Guang spotted Li Hui as he exited. He rushed over, only to find Li Hui unsteady on his feet.

Li Guang supported Li Hui and felt that he was feverish. "Zhang Hu, Elder Brother has a fever. Quick, let's go home!"

Zhang Hu also hurried through the crowd to join them. Together with Li Guang, they carried Li Hui, while Wen Zhu carried the examination basket. They swiftly made their way through the crowd and boarded the carriage, with Zhang Hu driving at full speed towards Osmanthus Alley.

Wen Zhu gave Li Hui some water to drink. Li Guang fanned Li Hui with a hand fan. At the gate, Zhao Pan was waiting. Seeing the carriage return, he informed Mrs. Lu that they were back.

Everyone carried Li Hui inside, where Mrs. Lu had already arranged for a doctor at great expense. The doctor took Li Hui's pulse and diagnosed him with a fever caused by external heat and pathogenic wind. He prescribed a remedy, and Mrs. Lu, being well-prepared, had all the required medicines ready. She had someone decoct the medicines, which were then given to Li Hui.

Li Hui slept till nightfall. After taking the medicine and bathing, he felt revitalized, having not bathed for nine days and feeling rather foul.

After a good night's sleep, Li Hui's energy and spirits had recovered. He was surprised that he had fallen ill and caused everyone such worry.

Li Hui wrote down his examination essays from memory and took them to show Master Lin.

Li Hui was intelligent and eager to learn, and Master Lin had grown fond of him and treated him like an apprentice after initially only going through the motions. After reading the composition that Li Hui had written from memory, Master Lin nodded in approval. Li Hui also felt quite confident within. However, the final result still remained to be determined by the examiners' evaluation.

During the days of waiting for the results, the atmosphere at the Li manor was tense and restless. Li Xia could not stand such an environment, so he took Li Xin to browse the bookstores in the Capital City. There were many bookstores in the Capital City, and Li Xia's bookstore, which operated through unconventional means, was doing well in business, though it was soon imitated by others.

Recently, a new bookstore had opened in the Capital City. The owner had offered high prices to poach two talented writers of vernacular fiction novels who had previously collaborated with Li Xia's bookstore. This had somewhat impacted the business of Li Xia's bookstore. Today, Li Xia went to take a look at this new bookstore to see what specialties had allowed it to steal so much of his business.