The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 132 - :132. I don’t want to hear that name anymore (Updated)

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Chapter 132:132. I don’t want to hear that name anymore (Updated)

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Although Su Liang was quickly defeated by Ning Jing and had to change to another wooden stake, they did not stop.

Sparring on top of the Plum Blossom Pile requires extreme concentration.

When they were practising martial arts before, they were wielding weapons, so there were fewer leg techniques. The Plum Blossom Pile was specially created by Ning Jing for Su Liang to make up for her weaknesses.

It wasn’t until dusk that the two left the Training Ground. Su Liang analyzed her shortcomings, while Ning Jing listened but said nothing.

Deep into the night, there was still no news from anyone regarding Su Liang.

She Imew that Ning Jing was right after all.

The letter she sent to Duanmu Che might not even be read, or even if he did, he might not believe it.

Since she had to ask for help, she couldn’t just sneak into the prince’s mansion without notice and perform martial arts in front of Duanmu Che to prove that she was not weak.

All the Su Family members were dead, investigating the truth and seeking vengeance had to be done, but not rashly. She was dealing with people from the Royal Family, which required caution and more importantly, she needed enough strength. fre ewebno

From this perspective, there was no difference for Su Liang whether it was

Duanmu Chen or Duanmu Che.

The next day, Su Liang resumed her life when she was in Su Village; practising martial arts and reading when tired. She no longer worried about Duanmu Che and his affairs.

In the afternoon, Ning Jing went to Duke Qin’s Mansion alone, claiming to administer the acupuncture treatment for Old Duke Qin on Su Liang’s behalf. The Qin Family was very surprised.

Qin Yujin asked, “Is Sister Liang not feeling well?”

Ning Jing nodded, “She seems to have been infected with something and has broken out in a rash, so she can’t go out.”

Originally, he wanted to say that Su Liang was just busy, but felt that it would not be appropriate, as it might make them feel that Su Liang didn’t take Old Duke Qin’s illness seriously.

After all, Su Liang believed there was no difference whether it was her or Ning Jing who administered the treatment.

However, the Qin Family had never heard of Ning Jing’s Medical Skills before, so naturally, they had doubts.

Qin Yujin looked worried, “Is it severe? Do we need to call an Imperial

Physician? I’ll go and see Sister Liang!”

Ning Jing shook his head, “It’s serious, but she can treat it herself. She can’t have contact with anyone for the time being.”

Although he didn’t say it directly, he implied to Qin Yujin that it might be contagious.

Qin Yujin sighed deeply, “What has happened? She was fine two days ago.”

“Yesterday, she went to worship her grandfather outside the capital city. When she came back, she had the rash,” Ning Jing explained.

Qin Yujin frowned, “Maybe she accidentally touched some poisonous plants on the mountain.”

Since Su Liang couldn’t go out and Qin Yujin couldn’t visit her, their problem was temporarily solved.

The Qin Family members watched as Ning Jing skillfully administered needles to Old Duke Qin, exactly as Su Liang would have done.

“It turns out that Young Master Ning is also a doctor! Truly hidden talents!” Qin Kang exclaimed.

Ning Jing shook his head, “I only know a little, and am still learning.”

The Qin Family thought he was being modest.

After finishing the treatment, Ning Jing left, saying that he would come again tomorrow and asked Qin Yujin to inform Lin Xueqing and Xing Yusheng not to visit Su Mansion for the time being.

Qin Yujin agreed and assured him that they would wait until Su Liang had recovered before meeting.

Ning Jing left the Duke Qin’s Mansion alone on his horse. Not long after, he “encountered” Xiao Muyun.

Xiao Muyun had waited for Su Liang at the agreed time and place yesterday, but only saw Ning Jing. She asked him, “Where is Liang’er?”

Ning Jing frowned slightly, “Without a betrothal, addressing her by her given name is ruining her reputation.”

Xiao Muyun’s expression darkened, “We had an agreement long ago; she just forgot!”

“If she forgets, it ceases to exist.” Ning Jing said coldly.

“Ning Jing, don’t try to justify yourself here. You don’t like her, so why don’t you break up with her? What are your intentions?” Xiao Muyun sneered.

Ning Jing was silent for a moment before saying, “I want to break up, but she doesn’t agree.”

Xiao Muyun’s face immediately turned colorful, too angry to speak.

Ning Jing rode his horse around and left with a flourish.

“Young Master…” Xiao Muyun’s subordinate whispered, “Let it go.” Xiao Muyun shot him a cold glance, “When is it your turn to teach me how to behave?”

The subordinate’s expression was filled with fear, “I dare not.”

Ning Jing returned home and told Su Liang that her good friends knew she had developed a rash and couldn’t go out or see anyone.

Upon hearing this, Su Liang not only didn’t think Ning Jing was wrong for making up a lie without her consent, but instead gave him a thumbs up, “This excuse is brilliant! Xing Yusheng and Xueqing are dating, and they always drag me into it, let them play by themselves!”

Thus, every day, Ning Jing went to give Old Duke Qin his acupuncture treatment, while Su Liang stayed home to practice martial arts. Only occasionally, Ning Jing secretly brought Zhengzheng back to see Su Liang and then sent him away again.

After three days, Duanmu Chen sent Chang’an to find Su Liang. At that time, Su Liang was resting and reading in her room, so Ning Jing stopped Chang’an outside.

“Mister Ning, I’m sorry to disturb you, but my master wants to see Miss Su,” Chang’an said politely.

“She’s sick.” Ning Jing repeated the excuse he told Qin Yujin to Chang’an. Chang’an was surprised, “When… can she get better?”

From inside the room, Su Liang’s voice came out, “About ten days to half a month.” This way, when she finally goes out, she can directly participate in the Military Exam selection.

Chang’an didn’t expect it to be this situation, so he directly asked Su Liang,

“What about that thing the master talked to Miss Su about before…?”

Su Liang sighed, “I went there twice that day, but I couldn’t get in.”

Chang’an nodded, “I understand. Miss Su, please take care and rest. I will inform my master. Goodbye.”

As he was about to leave, Chang’an remembered something and asked, “Has the Second Prince been causing any trouble for Miss Su recently?”

“I haven’t gone out of my house, so there’s no trouble,” Su Liang said.

Chang’an then left.

Su Liang came out of her room, “It’s strange that Duanmu Ao hasn’t tried to kill me. Nian Ruxue would have a hard time not blaming me too, as she tried to kill you through Yanyun Building before, this time…”

Speaking of Yanyun Building, Su Liang thought, the current leaders should be Yan Shiba and Yan Shiqi, based on her previous “relationship” with them, they wouldn’t accept the task to kill her, right?

Ning Jing shared his opinion, “Duanmu Ao is desperately searching for someone to treat his illness, and Nian Ruxue doesn’t have money.”

Su Liang coughed lightly, “You might be right.”

She had crippled Duanmu Ao, which was something he couldn’t make public. However, as a lecher, he couldn’t accept his fate, so he must be seeking treatment in secret and temporarily ignoring Su Liang’s problems.

As for Nian Ruxue not having money, Su Liang felt it may not necessarily be true, but it was highly likely. She had previously hired an assassin from Yanyun Building to deal with Gu Ling, and someone might have been pulling strings behind the scenes. Logically speaking, a young lady of a prominent family shouldn’t have that much cash. Also, Yanyun Building doesn’t refund their fees even if a mission is cancelled.

Su Liang thought that Nian Ruxue claiming that the mission was canceled could be a lie to Nian Jincheng. But at that time, Yan Shiba had an accident and lost contact with Yanyun Building, making it impossible to confirm the matter.

Su Liang quickly put the matter to the back of her mind and continued to attend to her own business.

Chang’an returned and reported to Duanmu Chen that Su Liang was sick and couldn’t go out or see anyone.

“She’s a doctor herself.” Duanmu Chen frowned, but thought that it wasn’t strange for a doctor to get sick.

However, Duanmu Chen found it odd that Su Liang happened to be sick at this time.

“Duanmu Che actually refuses to see her.” Duanmu Chen snorted lightly, “She won’t give up easily.”

“But Miss Su is sick at the moment, so she can’t go to see the fifth prince for the time being,” Chang’an added.

“What a coincidence. Is she playing some trick?” Duanmu Chen’s gaze narrowed slightly.

Chang’an shook his head, “I haven’t found any flaws in this. What’s the benefit for her to fake being sick and not going out? Is she afraid that the second prince would send someone to kill her?”

Duanmu Chen shook his head, “I don’t think so. If she dares to provoke Duanmu Ao, she would not be afraid, even wishing for Duanmu Ao to cause her trouble so she can counterattack.”

“I also can’t forcefully demand to see Miss Su,” Chang’an said.

“Forget it. She will come out eventually, and she will definitely go to see Duanmu Che. We’ll talk about it later,” said Duanmu Chen.

The first day of the second month came in a blink of an eye.

After that day, Su Liang stayed indoors, focusing on martial arts practice and reading.

Ning Jing only went out once a day, to Duke Qin’s Mansion.

Old Master Qin was now able to speak normally and sit up, but he could not walk for the time being. Qin siblings and Xing Yusheng would wheel Old Master Qin to the garden to enjoy the sunshine when the weather was good.

Lin Xueqing visited frequently, getting along well with Xing Yusheng. Old Master Qin couldn’t stop smiling whenever he saw her, evidently very satisfied with this yet- to-be-married granddaughter-in-law.

Xing Ji and Qin Kang had officially proposed a marriage together with Lin Shuzhi.

The date for the Imperial Matrimonial Decree had not been set yet. Lin Shuzhi said they had to wait for his second child to return from the south to the capital before discussing the wedding date, which both the Xing and Qin families understood.

The ingredients needed by Su Liang were all arranged by Wan Hui to be delivered regularly. Also, whenever there were new materials at Yang Family’s Embroidery Workshop, they would be sent to Su Liang first. The only thing she needed to worry about in her daily life was cooking.

Wan Hui once suggested arranging a cook for Su Liang, but Ning Jing refused.

Su Liang agreed with Ning Jing’s decision. She and Ning Jing could not live with others, as their conversations would not be as unrestricted. The martial arts techniques that Ning Jing taught her, as well as the various knowledge, were not to be revealed to outsiders.

The martial arts selections would start on the fifth day and continue until mid-month.

The semi-finals for the Military Exams would be held concurrently with the Civil Examinations. The top thirty would be selected.

The finals would take place the day before the Civil Examination Palace Test, and the top three would be chosen.

Su Liang asked Ning Jing whether she must show up in person to register. Su Liang planned to visit Lin Shuzhi and Lin Xueqing and then go to Duke Qin’s Mansion to re-examine Old Master Qin after she had finished her registration. She would have dinner at Wan Hui’s place, and meeting Zhengzheng.

In this way, they could complete all the necessary social tasks within a day and continue their seclusion the next day.

At the Military Exam registration site, a long queue had formed early in the morning.

The queue was filled with men from beginning to end.

Similar to past years, women who wanted to participate in the Military Exams had a separate registration point, which encouraged women to participate without having to queue up.

This was because, as Ning Jing had mentioned to Su Liang, there were female generals in other countries who had openly mocked Qian Country’s women for only knowing how to embroider. Due to this, the royal family hoped more female martial artists would stand out.

It wasn’t that they really wanted women to fight, but rather to save face. Most people in Qian Country did not genuinely advocate for women to learn martial arts, as women were still tightly bound by strict doctrines and rules.

One slender and delicate-looking young man in the crowd was ridiculed and urged to go to the women’s registration area instead.

Unaffected by the ridicule, the young man remained emotionless.

When Nian Ruxue appeared near the registration site with her maid, it immediately caused a stir.

“Is the fourth Miss Nian very skilled in martial arts?”

“Who knows?”

“Very skilled! I heard that she hides her abilities well and has been trained by

General Nian!” “Could there be a female Martial Arts Champion this year?”

“Who knows!”

Nian Ruxue seemed to be completely unaffected by the Imperial Matrimonial Decree. When she appeared in public, she was meticulously dressed, and with a smile, she walked straight towards the women’s registration point.

Looking at the empty registration book, Nian Ruxue asked gently, “Are there no other people coming?

The officer in charge shook his head, “No. Miss Nian, do you want to participate?”

Nian Ruxue nodded, “Yes.”

After registering Nian Ruxue’s information, the officer handed her a number plate.

After the registration ended, the participants would be assigned to groups according to their number plates through a draw.

With a faint smile on her face, Nian Ruxue listened to the compliments from the surroundings.

Just as she was about to leave, she saw a familiar face entering her line of sight, causing her expression to change in an instant!

“Miss, isn’t that…” The maid recognized Su Liang, who had been with Qin Yujin before.

Nian Ruxue stayed near the registration table without leaving, watching Su

T .ian? annrnach

Su Liang hadn’t expected to meet Nian Ruxue here, and the onlookers were all inquiring about her identity, but no one knew who Su Liang was.

“Miss Su, are you also here to register for the Military Exams?” Nian Ruxue’s smile deepened.

Su Liang nodded, filled out the registration form, and received her number plate, number 111.

“Miss Su, since we happen to meet here, would you like to join me for some tea? My treat,” Nian Ruxue said softly.

Su Liang turned away, “I don’t have the time.”

Nian Ruxue’s eyes dimmed slightly as she watched Su Liang walk away. She left with her attendants soon after.

News of Nian Ruxue’s participation in the Military Exams, along with Su Liang, the granddaughter of the allegedly deceased Su Yuanzhou, soon spread throughout the entire capital city.

At the Fifth Prince’s Mansion.

The old Imperial Physician took Duanmu Che’s pulse, wrote a prescription, and urged him to take the medicine on time.

“Thank you,” Duanmu Che’s expression was always indifferent.

After hesitating for a moment, the old Imperial Physician said, “Does Fifth

Prince remember Su Yuanzhou from before?”

Duanmu Che’s eyes narrowed, “Why mention him now?”

The old Imperial Physician said, “I thought everyone in his family was gone, but it turns out that he has a granddaughter who is still alive. When Old Duke Qin had a stroke and asked me to go over, I saw the girl at Duke Qin’s Mansion.

Her name is Su Liang.”

Seeing the old servant frowning by his side, the old Imperial Physician continued, “To my surprise, the medical skills of that girl from the Su family are quite outstanding, particularly her acupuncture technique. It’s truly amazing. Yesterday, I went to see Old Duke Qin, and his recovery was quite good. He will be able to get up soon.”

Duanmu Che furrowed his brows and remained silent.

“Should I invite that girl from the Su family to come and treat Your Highness? Perhaps she might have some helpful methods,” the old Imperial Physician said respectfully.

“No need,” Duanmu Che replied coldly.

The old Imperial Physician turned around and sighed.

After he left, the old servant hesitated before finally asking, “Should I investigate that Su Liang again? If her medical skills are indeed outstanding, maybe…”

“For the last time, I don’t want to hear that name again,” Duanmu Che’s gaze turned slightly cold..

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