The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 311 - : 311. I’m having such a hard time

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Chapter 311: 311. I’m having such a hard time

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Qian Country, Imperial Palace.

Duanmu Yi received news from Jiaye City every day. Ever since he learned that Gu Ling and Su Liang had quickly repelled the army of Yin Country, not only putting an end to the war but also publicly executing Yin Country’s commander Fan Tong in a show of strength, his worries were swept away. The emperor was overjoyed and did not hesitate to praise Gu Ling and Su Liang in court, bestowing gifts and sending them to Su Mansion.

On the day he received another report, Duanmu Chen was also present. Judging by the time, Nian Jincheng’s army should be arriving at Jiaye City soon. f𝐫𝗲eweb𝗻o𝐯el.𝚌o𝗺

“It’s a letter from Su Liang.” Duanmu Yi opened it with a smile, “Surely, it’s a request for approval to attack Yin Country.”

Duanmu Chen agreed. With the current situation, Yin Country had already lost its initiative. However, he believed that launching an attack on Yin Country was not a wise move. Qian Country was not strong enough to withstand an attack from both Yin and Liang Countries, so they should not start a war recklessly.

Yet, Duanmu Yi’s face changed immediately after reading the content of the note, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Father, is there a problem?” Duanmu Chen asked respectfully.

“Those two, they are really bold and reckless! They didn’t put me in their eyes at all!” Duanmu Yi threw the note to Duanmu Chen.

Duanmu Chen took a look and furrowed his brows as well. Contrary to their expectations, Su Liang was not asking for permission to attack Yin Country but had secretly gone to Yin Country with Gu Ling to investigate the secret scroll of the Mu Family!

Of course, the latter was also significant, but the problem was that, as servants, their actions were against the rules.

Capable servants are indeed good, but when they become too powerful, what monarchs care more about is their loyalty. Adhering to the rules is essential.

As always, Duanmu Chen helped Su Liang explain, “The matter of the secret scroll cannot be delayed. If Yin Country really obtains the other half of the secret scroll, even if it’s a day late, it could lead to both Yin and Liang Countries combining the scrolls, which would be extremely disadvantageous to us! Su Liang must have made the decision to go to Yin Country immediately because of this.”

Duanmu Yi calmed down, knowing that Duanmu Chen’s words were true, and snorted, “If she can really obtain the other half of the secret scroll, I will not hold it against her.”

From this, Duanmu Chen knew that after this incident in Jiaye City, Duanmu Yi had genuinely agreed with his previous view that “obtaining Su Liang means obtaining the world; they have already obtained her.” However, the balance between monarch and servant was still a taut string.

Situ Jing, the grandson of King Yue of Liang Country who came to marry, arrived the day before yesterday. Xing Yuyan would be married off in three days, and the one who was assigned to send her off to Liang Country and bring Situ Yao back was Qin Yuheng, the crown prince from Duke Qin’s mansion.

“So, what about Yin Country?” Duanmu Chen asked.

Su Liang also enquired in the letter when to resume trade with Yin Country. Short-term trade disruption was not a problem as it only demonstrated their stance, but long-term disruption would harm others without benefiting themselves.

After pondering for a moment, Duanmu Yi said, “Let’s wait and see whether Su Liang and Gu Ling make any gains this time, and let’s discuss it when the people of Yin Country come.”

Trade could resume, but the royal family of Yin Country must have a clear stance for peace. The matter of the face was related to the dignity of the country and the cohesion of the people’s hearts, and it was by no means meaningless.

Su Mansion.

Gu Ling and Su Liang left on their wedding day, leaving only Qi Jun, Ren Dong, and the old man Bai in the mansion.

Old man Bai did not like to talk to anyone other than Su Liang. After he gradually recovered his health, he no longer needed Qi Jun and Ren Dong to serve him. He spent half a day sitting by the lake in the Garden Pavilion, lost in thought, and the other half of the day in Yuanming Pavilion on the first floor sorting out medicinal materials.

The medicinal materials that Su Liang had written down as old man Bai dictated were sent over by Song Qi. They were stored on the first floor of Yuanming Pavilion, which was almost filled up, but they were soon used up by the old man.

Qi Jun bought hundreds of big and small porcelain bottles as Bai requested.

Although old man Bai did not allow Qi Jun and Ren Dong to disturb him when making medicine, they would always check how many medicinal materials had been used and how many bottles had been used when he left Yuanming Pavilion each day, and they even kept records.

“These must be the gifts that Senior Bai wants to give to the Master,” Qi Jun said.

Ren Dong agreed, but she was worried about old man Bai’s zombie-like state, “Will Senior Bai leave when he finishes using the medicinal materials?”

Qi Jun didn’t think so, but just in case, he asked Song Qi to continue buying medicinal materials according to the list, with no limit, the more, the better.

Old man Bai seemed not to care that the speed of his consumption of medicinal materials was slower than the speed of the increase in the number of materials and did not say anything. Seeing this, Qi Jun and Ren Dong felt that they might be overthinking the situation.

As for old man Mu who left earlier, he had not yet returned.

When news of Su Liang and Gu Ling quelling the conflict reached the capital, Qi Jun told old man Bai, who simply nodded and said, “As long as she’s fine.”

Jiaye City.

Six days had passed since Gu Ling and Su Liang left.

Che Yun’s injuries had healed well. Lian Shun’s arm would take at least another six months to fully recover, according to Su Liang. The three of them, Che Yun, Lian Shun, and Nian Jincheng, got along well. They discussed and further improved Jiaye City’s defenses together, and they did not slacken in their daily military training. Even if they knew that the possibility of fighting was low in the short term, they made full preparations.

Occasionally, Lian Shun would invite Che Yun and Nian Jincheng to drink together, sometimes Che Yun would bring Che Xiao, and Lian Shun would call his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Yuan Pei, whom he had grown up with since he was little.

Yuan Pei and Lian Shan, Lin Shun’s younger sister, had a marriage arrangement set by their grandparents and were childhood sweethearts. Now that the Yuan family was left with only Yuan Pei, Lin’s father and mother were very concerned about him, often inviting him to their home.

Everything was fine until this day when Lin Shun’s younger brother, Lian Chen, said he wanted to talk to him.

“What’s going on?” Lin Shun laughed and tousled Lian Chen’s hair, “You’re so young, and you always look serious. You look older than me!” Lian Chen frowned, “Big Brother, stop joking. I have something serious to say.”

“Did you fall in love with someone?” Lin Shun chuckled.

Lian Chen’s face turned dark, “Big Brother!”

“Alright, alright, go ahead, I’m listening.” Lin Shun finally sat down seriously.

“Something’s wrong with our sister.” Lian Chen said with a serious expression.

Lin Shun was stunned for a moment, “Shan Shan? She’s been looking better these days, and she’s willing to go out, isn’t that a good thing?”

Lian Chen shook his head, “That’s not what I mean. I unintentionally saw Sister talking to Brother Shen in the garden. Although I didn’t hear what they said, the look in Sister’s eyes when she watched Brother Shen leave… anyway, I think something’s wrong!”

Lin Shun was completely dumbfounded, “You mean… Shan Shan has fallen for Che Yun? That can’t be! Haven’t she and Apei always been close?”

“It might be because she lost her memory and forgot about her past with Yuan brother,” Lian Chen sighed, ‘What if Sister really falls for Brother Shen? What will we do?”

In Qian Country, it is customary to mourn for parents for three years after their death. Yuan Pei and Lian Shan were originally set to get married this year, but Yuan Ye passed away, and Yuan Pei wanted to mourn his grandfather for a year. The wedding was postponed to next year, and the Lin family members had no objections.

Lin Shun furrowed his eyebrows, “I’ll go ask Shan Shan. You didn’t tell Mom and Dad, did you?”

Lian Chen shook his head, “Not yet. Big Brother, please persuade Sister not to like Brother Shen, or else Yuan brother will be so heartbroken!”

“What do you kids know? Go read your books.” Lin Shun tousled Lian Chen’s hair once more and strode out the door.

By the time Lin Shun found Lian Shan, she was daydreaming by the window.

“What are you thinking about?” Lin Shun extended his hand and waved it in front of her eyes.

“Big brother is here, I wasn’t thinking about anything.” Lian Shan shook her head and smiled.

Lin Shun seemingly casually said, “Apei has been having a hard time lately. You should keep him company more often. Didn’t the two of you like going for boat rides on the lake before?”

Lian Shan furrowed her eyebrows upon hearing this, “Big brother, I…”

Seeing her reaction, Lin Shun had a bad premonition. Before he could ask, Lian Shan confessed she wanted to be with Che Yun, “Big brother, I know Yuan brother is very good, but my heart only belongs to Brother Shen now.”

Lin Shun frowned, sat down next to Lian Shan, and looked her in the eyes, “Did you tell Che Yun how you feel?”

Lian Shan shook her head slightly, “No. I want to talk to Yuan brother clearly and break off the engagement as soon as possible. Big brother, you must help me.”

Lin Shun massaged his forehead, “Apei has been having a hard time lately… Sigh, if you really don’t like him, it wouldn’t be good for both of you to be together. I’ll ask Che Yun first.

Lian Shan’s eyes lit up, “I understand. Thank you, big brother.”

When Lin Shun found Che Yun, he had just returned from inspecting the south city gate.

Before coming, Lin Shun thought Che Yun would say he only regarded Lian Shan as a sister.

However, to Lin Shun’s surprise, Che Yun remained silent when he heard the question.

“What do you mean? Just say it!” Lin Shun frowned.

Che Yun looked down, “I do like your sister, but because she has an engagement, I never revealed my feelings. I’m sorry, I never intended to hurt anyone.”

Lin Shun felt a headache coming on, “You haven’t done anything wrong, why apologize? It’s just that I never expected you to… In fact, I’ve always thought you had a secret crush on Su Xiaoliang!”

Che Yun did not speak, and Lin Shun sighed repeatedly, “If it weren’t for Apei, I would, of course, be happy to see you and my sister together. Now that things have come to this, all we can do is inform Apei as soon as possible and see what he has to say.”

When Lin Shun found Yuan Pei, he was repairing the vase that Yuan Ye had loved the most. When the General Mansion was occupied by the Fan family father and son, Fan Gang had shattered many items in the mansion, but Yuan Pei kept them all, hoping to restore their original state.

After drinking a cup of tea, Lin Shun finally told Yuan Pei that Che Yun and Lian Shan were in love, “I found out just today. If Shan Shan hadn’t been injured and forgotten you, this would never have happened.”

Yuan Pei paused for a moment upon hearing this, put down the shards of the vase in his hand and quickly regained his composure, “Actually, I’ve known for a long time.”

Lian Shun was shocked, “You knew?”

“Shanmei didn’t lose her memory and forget about me before falling in love with Brother Shen.” Yuan Pei shook his head, his eyes dim, “Before the incident in Jiaye City, I could see that Shanmei was interested in Brother Shen. She went out alone that day to look for Brother Shen and was captured. I saw it from afar. I thought that after such a catastrophe, she would forget everything, and perhaps we could start over. But I didn’t expect that the person who was truly forgotten was me.”

Lian Shun frowned, “Shanshan liked Che Yun before? How come I never noticed?”

Yuan Pei picked up the broken porcelain, looked at the half-repaired vase, and shook his head, “Maybe we were just fated but not destined to be together. It was just an arranged marriage by our elders. She probably treated me as an elder brother. Her real destiny is Brother Shen. He is outstanding, and they are a good match.”

“Apei, you…” Lian Shun looked at Yuan Pei’s appearance, his face full of worry.

“I’m fine.” Yuan Pei forced a smile, “Let’s dissolve the engagement. I will talk to my uncle and aunt. Even if my grandfather was alive, he wouldn’t stop it because he always treated Shanmei like his own granddaughter.”

Lian Shun wanted to say something to comfort Yuan Pei, but when he opened his mouth, he felt that everything was superfluous. He just patted Yuan Pei on the shoulder and left.

Two days later, Yuan Pei and Lian Shan formally dissolved their engagement, and Che Yun got engaged to Lian Shun, with their wedding set for mid-May.

On the night of the engagement, Che Xiao brought a late-night snack to Che Yun in the study.

“Mother made it. I can’t finish it, so I’ll share half with my big brother.” Che Xiao smiled and put a bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup in front of Che Yun.

Che Yun shook his head, “I’m not hungry.”

Actually, father and mother just wanted to compensate me.” Che Xiao looked serious.

Che Yun’s face darkened, “Don’t pretend in front of me.”

Upon hearing this, Che Xiao’s previously “well-behaved and sensible” face suddenly revealed a meaningful smile, “Big brother, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.’

“I’m not your big brother.” Che Yun said coldly.

“Then,” Che Xiao laughed, “Do you want me to call you Master or Young Master? Either is fine.”

“It was Situ Xie who brought you back. You were taken away by him back then.” Che Yun looked coldly at Che Xiao.

“The Master is the Young Master’s grandfather, and the Young Master should not call him directly by his name. The Master let me come back to assist the Young Master, and meeting Su Liang first was for security and to avoid arousing their suspicions. The Young Master getting injured and poisoned was for the same reason.”

Che Xiao looked at Che Yun, his eyes deep, “Is the Young Master upset because he doesn’t want to marry Lian Shan? But there’s no way. She accidentally overheard your secret back then and should have died. If you insist on letting her live, you can only give her medicine to make her lose her memory and fake the appearance of being injured. If her memory recovers one day, it would be very unfavorable for you. If you don’t want her to die, you have to make her fall in love with you, be devoted to you, and be with you. Only then will she not betray you. ”

“It’s all your design!” Che Yun’s eyes were icy.

Che Xiao shrugged, “The Young Master needs to take the first step, or else how can the Master be at ease to entrust a major mission to you? You were already involved in the kidnapping of the Lin family members and indirectly caused Yuan Ye’s death, so don’t hold any thoughts for those so-called friends. If they knew what you had done, they would never forgive you.”

Che Yun clenched his fists, “Besides asking you to spare Lian Shan, I have not participated in plotting anything!”

Che Xiao smiled, “From the beginning to the end, you knew who was behind it all, but you never told Lian Shun or Su Liang, and they wouldn’t believe you. In Nanshan City, you also killed a servant who eavesdropped on your conversation with my parents and faked his accidental death without arousing suspicion. It’s better for the Young Master to give up unnecessary illusions early so that he can achieve great things. The Master has great expectations for the Young Master, who is a prince of Liang Country, not a person of Qian Country. Remember this.”

Che Yun’s face looked extremely ugly, “Don’t you hate Situ Xie?”

Che Xiao’s smile deepened, “Young Master is joking. The Master took me away, raised me, taught me to read and practice martial arts, and let me come back to help the Young Master. He has regenerated my life; why should I hate him? What would be the future for me staying with my parents? Inheriting the family’s small shop that wouldn’t make even a few broken silver coins?” Upon hearing this, Che Yun clenched his fists again and said, “Get out!”

Che Xiao didn’t get angry or upset, stood up, and looked at Che Yun, “The sooner the Young Master faces reality, the less pain he’ll have.”

As his words fell, Che Xiao turned and left. Che Yun waved his hand, knocking over the bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup that was still steaming hot…

After Su Liang and Gu Ling left Jiaye City, Gu Ling was able to stay calm all the way, thanks to her disguise. Busyness temporarily reduced the heat of their love.

As it was Su Liang’s first time in Yin Country, everything along the way felt novel to her, and her mood was pretty good. She agreed with Gu Ling that if nothing important happened on the way back, they would relax and have some fun.

Gu Ling was naturally very happy. He had long planned to consummate their marriage once their business was done, and then go on their honeymoon.

The two disguised themselves well and acted cautiously. They encountered no trouble on the way, and they even learned some news: the new Prime Minister of Yin Country was Mu Ya’s uncle, Mu Chang, who had already rushed to the northern border to replace Fan Gang.

Mu Ya, who had tried to kill Su Liang and almost killed Gao Jiabao, was spared from assassination by Ren Dong because she was pregnant. Later, Su Liang was busy with other matters and did not pay attention to Mu Ya’s condition. She accidentally overheard someone talking about it and found out that Mu Ya had given birth to a stillborn child, and many people called her an ill-omened person.

Su Liang felt that the rumors about the “ill-omened person” were probably nothing more than a means of power struggle and intrigue. Since she had come this far, after her business was done, she would surely meet with Mu Ya in person and settle the old scores.

Nangong Lin’s home was located in Hefeng City, the closest city to Xiangyue City. The Nangong family was a famous big family in Hefeng City. Nangong Lin was the illegitimate brother of the Nangong family’s chief and usually resided in a villa on the outskirts of the city, almost invisible. If you inquire about Nangong Lin in the city, many people haven’t heard of this name.

Su Liang and Gu Ling arrived in Hefeng City on the evening of March 5 and went straight to the Nangong Family’s Mid-hill Villa on the outskirts of the city.

The road leading to the villa was in a quiet, serene forest.

As the sky darkened, the evening breeze rustled the leaves. Both of them led their horses, and Gu Ling also held Su Liang’s hand.

“Should we give the letter and hairpin we found in Liang Country to your master?” Su Liang suddenly thought of it and asked Gu Ling.

Gu Ling shook her head, “I didn’t bring them, never mind.”

Su Liang sighed lightly, “That’s true. He already knows about those things.”

When they arrived outside the villa gate, Su Liang knocked, and an old man with white hair and beard politely invited them in.

Halfway through, Nangong Lin came to meet them. He looked tired, with wet hair, explaining that he had just taken a bath.

“How is Nangong Sister?” asked Su Liang.

Nangong Lin shook his head, sighed deeply, “You two have come a long way, you should have rested first, but Qianqian is not doing well, Xiaoliang, you better go see her now.”

“Alright.” Su Liang nodded, “Master lead the way.”

When they saw Nangong Qian, she was leaning on a maid, coughing nonstop, while the maid held a handkerchief to catch her phlegm, but she ended up coughing blood.

Nangong Qian’s appearance and demeanor reminded Su Liang of Lin Daiyu in “A Dream of Red Mansions”. Born weak due to congenital deficiencies, she had depleted liver yin, depleted heart qi, and her face looked utterly pale.

As the daughter of Situ Han and Situ Xiang, Nangong Qian had delicate features and was a beauty, but unfortunately, her health was very poor. Seeing Nangong Lin, she called “Dad” and then fainted weakly.

Nangong Lin helped Nangong Qian lie down, sighed deeply, and waved for the maid to leave.

Su Liang walked to the bedside, Nangong Lin stepped back to let her take Nangong Qian’s pulse.

As expected, this kind of illness had no specific miracle cure and needed to be carefully nursed back to health.

“Master, let me see what kind of medicine Sister usually takes, ” Su Liang released Nangong Qian and said.

Nangong Lin took out the prescription and the unfinished medicine, “At first it had some effect, but then it became useless.”

Gu Ling took them, while Su Liang gave Nangong Qian acupuncture, saying that a treatment plan needed further thought.

Nangong Lin asked a maid to take Su Liang and Gu Ling to rest, and he stayed to wait ror mangong (llan to wake up.

Su Liang removed her disguise, cleaned up, and had dinner with Gu Ling.

Gu Ling asked Su Liang, how long would the treatment for Nangong Qian take.

Su Liang shook her head, “I will check her condition tomorrow when she wakes up.”

“Tonight we can only sleep together.” Gu Ling glanced at the inner room, implying his intentions.

Su Liang was considering Nangong Qian’s illness, ‘What did you say earlier?” “Sleep together tonight.” Gu Ling repeated it.

This time Su Liang heard clearly but frowned slightly, “It might not work.”

Gu Ling was puzzled, “Why not? Why might it not work?”

“I think my period is about to come.” Su Liang shrugged slightly.

Gu Ling shook his head, “It’s not the time yet.”

“It might be because my life has been irregular recently, causing it to come early again.” Su Liang said. She always had a faint feeling in her lower abdomen before her period, so she was sure it was coming.

“Alright then.” Gu Ling sighed lightly, “I will hold you tonight, just to warm you up.”

Su Liang smiled, “I agree, as long as you don’t feel uncomfortable.”

Gu Ling held his forehead, “I’m so frustrated, I really want to kill Nian


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