The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 336 - : 336. Little God is lazy

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Chapter 336: 336. Little God is lazy

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Qiao Cong took off his straw hat, glanced at the two people huddled together on the shore and let out a small sigh. He also got ashore, pulled up the small boat, and picked up his and Gu Ling’s bundles, along with the food ingredients they had purchased halfway.

“Old Qiao?” Cen Man called out in the direction where Qiao Cong was.

“Hmm.” Qiao Cong responded, “Let’s go back first.”

Cen Man then started following the sound of Qiao Cong’s footsteps and left.

After walking some distance, she started talking, “That girl looks forward to seeing Gu Ling every day, and I was genuinely worried that you might not find him.”

Qiao Cong asked, “How is Qianqian doing?”

“I can’t see for myself, but she should be a lot better than when you first left.” said Cen Man.

“Hmm. Thank you.” said Qiao Cong, “You can go if you have something else to do.”

Cen Man paused, “I’m not leaving.”

Qiao Cong frowned, “You want to stay?”

Cen Man nodded, “Su Liang likes the view of the lake and plans to build a house with Gu Ling and live there separately. For the sake of your granddaughter, you should not object, right?”

Qiao Cong shook his head, “It’s their choice.”

“The boat is there, aren’t you afraid that Gu Ling will run away with Su Liang?” Cen Man asked.

Qiao Cong looked back, Su Liang and Gu Ling were still huddled together.

He looked away, “He won’t. Su Liang is my disciple.”

“Forgot to mention, she’s also my disciple now.” Cen Man hinted with a slight smile.

Qiao Cong scoffed, “You’ve been living well alone for so many years, why the sudden change?”

Cen Man sighed softly, “I am alone, just alive but what’s so good about it?”

Qiao Cong frowned, “Whatever you say.”

The two walked into the bamboo forest one after the other, with just Gu Ling and Su Liang remaining on the shore.

“What does it feel like?” Gu Ling gently placed his hand on Su Liang’s still flat belly, his handsome eyebrows slightly furrowed.

After thinking, Su Liang said, “Actually, I don’t feel any different physically, but mentally, I feel like I’m not alone anymore.” She suddenly laughed, referring to the “friend”, Little God of Bamboo Shoots, she had found when she was first brought here.

Gu Ling sighed softly, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Su Liang leaned into Gu Ling’s chest, watching the waves slowly coming in, then receding.

“I should have been more careful.” Gu Ling spoke in a low voice.

Su Liang was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Gu Ling, her fair brows knit, “Are you saying, you hadn’t actually planned on having a child?”

Gu Ling shook his head, “I like children, but for this, we haven’t made a decision yet.”

Su Liang covered her belly, “Little God, you didn’t hear anything.”

Gu Ling looked helpless, “The baby is so small, it can’t hear.”

“Oh, I was just teasing you.” Su Liang chuckled lightly, “Honestly, I was quite taken aback too, I wasn’t prepared to be a mother. But these kinds of things, don’t require much preparation, it’s probably fate.”

“Are you really okay?” Gu Ling placed his hand on Su Liang’s, looking somewhat worried.

“Great God, you’re too nervous.” Su Liang pulls her hand out and places it on Gu Ling’s, “Everyone’s body conditions vary. The age I told you about when women in the past became adults doesn’t need to be so stringent. I’m fine.”

“I just…” Gu Ling finds it hard to describe his current feelings. He’s very excited, very happy, yet he thinks this unexpected child may be a hardship for Su Liang, he worries it will harm her body.

Su Liang turns her head, and gives a light peck at the corner of Gu Ling’s lips, “I understand. But I am the doctor, if I say it’s ok, then it is. You must not show any doubts or denials about the baby, babies can actually sense it.”

Gu Ling sighs softly, “How could I ever deny the child, I’m very happy, really. When I saw the letter, I instantly thought it would be great if there were an airplane.”

Su Liang laughs, “Great God, you might just wish you had wings, why are you even thinking about taking a plane?” You seem more like a transmigrator than I do.

“A plane is faster than a bird,” Gu Ling explains earnestly.

“That is true,” Su Liang admits, “It’s showing sense. The master has left, and it’s just us two with a boat, are you sure he isn’t worried we’ll escape?”

Gu Ling answers casually, “He believes you wouldn’t leave.”

Su Liang raises an eyebrow, “What have you two talked about?”

“Nothing.” Gu Ling succinctly summarizes everything that happened from the moment he met Qiao Cong to the present day.

Su Liang lightly coughs, “Okay then, it’s good you guys didn’t start a fight, there’s no need to force yourselves to get along if you don’t see eye to eye. Great God, do you think we should leave this place and return to the Qian Country?”

Gu Ling glances at the small boat not far away and shakes his head slightly, “It might be better to stay.”

“Why? Is it too dangerous out there? How’s the situation?” Su Liang asks.

Gu Ling tells her about how he had hired Yan Shiba to wreak havoc in Yao City in Liang Country and about the succession drama he covertly facilitated in Liang Country.

While Su Liang isn’t surprised by the first bit, she is curious about the latter.

Gu Ling tells her that the new crown prince of Yin Country is someone he had rescued once after witnessing the black fog, someone with extraordinary intelligence and talent, who always remained low-key. The man was indifferent to power, but empathetic, he had many plans for the common people’s welfare which were hard to achieve.

“It seems the new prince was ‘enlightened’ by you, Great God. He realized that he needed power first, to do what he wanted to do. If he wishes to prevent the common people in Yin Country and even all over the world from suffering in the war, he should make sure he is qualified to sit at the negotiating table, otherwise, all his efforts would be in vain,” Su Liang says.

Gu Ling nods, “He knows it and has a plan, but he has been waiting for the right opportunity.”

“So, you helped him, Great God. But with him suddenly leaving Xiangyue City, can he hold on to his position?” Su Liang asks.

“He has his own men and horses,” says Gu Ling. “If he can’t even hold onto a position he acquires, then he isn’t fit for responsibility.”

That makes sense to Su Liang. A person who is praised by Gu Ling must have real skills. To stand out in the royal family and not be overthrown, you can only rely on others for protection for a while, but you can’t last long unless you stand firm yourself.

“As long as Yin Country does not truly ally with Liang Country, Qian Country will not face a real crisis,” Su Liang concludes. The new crown prince of Yin Country is a staunch opponent of war, and the emperor of Yin Country is a typical opportunist; there is very little chance they will truly ally with Liang Country to attack Qian Country.

Next, Su Liang fills Gu Ling in on all that had happened since she arrived on this island.

Speaking of how Qiao Cong had given Nangong Qian a drug to erase her memory, almost killing her, Su Liang sighs, “That old man really isn’t bad; he was just blinded by family affection in the past. Everything he has done was at Nangong Lin’s instigation, except for capturing me, which was Situ Jing’s idea.”

Gu Ling does not want to comment on Qiao Cong, only saying, “It’s me who can’t be without you. You could lead a good life without me.”

Su Liang plays with Gu Ling’s fingers, “Of course not, I’d be very lonely without you.”

“You have the little God,” Gu Ling looks at Su Liang’s belly.

Su Liang blinks her eyes, “Great God, you’re not going to fight with the baby over anything in the future, right?”

Gu Ling shakes his head, “No, I will love the baby. You need to care more about me.”

Su Liang: …Her aloof and abstinent Great God is really just a dream of the past…

“So… we just stay here for now, without getting involved in what’s happening outside of here?” Su Liang asks.

“Yes,” Gu Ling agrees. If Su Liang was not pregnant, he would not want to hang around in Qiao Cong’s territory. But now, nothing else matters, he just wants Su Liang to be safe. If they leave this place and return to Qian Country, Su Liang will surely become a target of many people’s attention. The royal family of Qian Country would surely need their help again with this and that.

Qiao Cong was relieved to see Nangong Qian’s condition improve.

When Nangong Qian asked if Su Liang’s husband had arrived, Qiao Cong nodded.

“I wonder how remarkable a man her husband must be to deserve her?” Nangong Qian asked curiously.

Qiao Cong frowned, “Why bother about it? You should focus on your recovery and not think too much.”

“Mm.” Nangong Qian nodded.

When Gu Ling carried Su Liang into the courtyard, Qiuyue cast a glance at Gu Ling and quickly withdrew her gaze, “Master, Miss Su is back.”

Gu Ling brought Su Liang back to her room, where his luggage had already been placed by Qiao Cong.

“Great God, you’ve lost weight. You must be hungry, right? Qiuyue’s cooking is decent, I taught her.” Su Liang said, “If you don’t want to eat with them, just bring your meal here, so we can eat together.”

Gu Ling nodded, that was exactly what he thought.

So, Su Liang and Gu Ling had lunch in the room, Nangong Qian and Qiuyue ate in their room, while Qiao Cong and Cen Man sat in the courtyard.

With more people around, it was quieter than before.

In the afternoon, Su Liang felt a little weary. She knew Gu Ling mustn’t have had proper rest as he journeyed here, so she asked him to join her in her nap.

At the bedside, Gu Ling noticed the limp bamboo shoot and looked puzzled, “Is this, the little god?”

“Yes, it’s my friend.” Su Liang laughed and picked up the bamboo shoot, “Greetings from Great God.”

Gu Ling waved his hand, “Hello… bamboo shoot.”

Su Liang laughed and fell onto the bed. She had told Gu Ling that in her previous life, “bamboo shoot” was used as an adjective because it sounded like “damaging”.

As the two of them laid on the bed, Su Liang whispered into the crook of Gu Ling’s arm, “Actually, I’ve discovered a secret.”

“What?” Gu Ling stroked Su Liang’s belly, thinking about the child growing inside was simply miraculous. Even though Su Liang had explained the entire process of conception to gestation, experiencing it oneself felt utterly different.

“I suspect that Master Cen has feelings for Master Qiao,” Su Liang said.

Gu Ling was not particularly interested in this, but still indulged her by asking, “How did you come to that?”

Su Liang, with nothing to do here and unable to practice martial arts due to her pregnancy, spent a lot of time with Cen Man and was now somewhat interested in gossip. She explained why she thought Cen Man was interested in Qiao Cong.

The most obvious piece of evidence was that Cen Man, knowing that Qiao Cong might return in a few days, had changed into a dress much prettier than her usual attire. The hairpin she wore today had changed from wooden to jade.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence.” said Gu Ling.

“Great God, don’t you understand that a woman changes for the one who cherishes her?” Su Liang insisted on her belief, “Today, I wore my prettiest dress when I went to the seaside to wait for you.”

A smile lit up Gu Ling’s eyes, “You’re the prettiest.”

“You’re the one who’s the prettiest.” Su Liang traced Gu Ling’s face with her fingers, “I dreamed about our baby before. I initially thought it was you in the dream because the baby had your face, but then I realized it was a tiny baby who looks just like you.”

Gu Ling furrowed his brows slightly, “But I dreamed about a baby who looks just like you.”

Su Liang expressed surprise, “Really? You’re not trying to tease me, are you?”

“Really.” Gu Ling said.

“Oh…” Su Liang started to laugh, “That’s because we’re lovesick. I’m constantly thinking of you and you’re constantly thinking of me. Now that we know we’re having a baby, we can only dream of each other.”

Su Liang closed her eyes, “Let’s sleep.”

Gu Ling’s lips met her’s, and their light kisses served as a remedy for their longing for each other. Anything more, now, would be inappropriate.

Cen Man wished to discuss with Qiao Cong about their living arrangements, but after he put down his chopsticks, he headed to the backyard to check on the vegetables they had planted, and then took his axe and sickle and left.

By the time Gu Ling and Su Liang woke up, it was dusk.

“I’m becoming lazier and lazier recently.” Su Liang said while yawning.

Gu Ling shook his head, “It’s the little god who is lazy.”

Su Liang giggled, “Right. I was never lazy. It’s all because of the little god.”

The bamboo shoot beside the bed rolled onto the floor with a gurgle. Gu Ling picked it up, “Let’s send it home.”

The two of them got ready and stepped out. The courtyard was quiet and empty.

Su Liang wanted to show Gu Ling the lake she liked and discuss building a house.

Gu Ling held Su Liang close as they stepped into the bamboo forest. Not much further in, a beautiful lake came into view.

The area Su Liang wished to build a house on was cleared away. The bamboo had been chopped down and laid on the ground.

Qiao Cong rolled up his sleeves and positioned himself to chop a thick bamboo stalk.

Cen Man kicked the bamboo and bent down to drag it towards one side, forming a pile. Although she couldn’t see, she was making slow progress.

Su Liang felt a sudden wave of gratitude and called out, “Master.”

Both Qiao Cong and Cen Man turned to her.

“Xiaoliang, you’re here?” Cen Man was first to react, “Is this the right place? I can’t see, so I feared I might choose the wrong spot.”

“No, it’s correct.” Su Liang replied with a hint of laughter, “You’ve both worked hard, it’s getting late. Let’s head back.”

“You two go back.” Said Qiao Cong, who then immediately swung his axe again. The bamboo snapped with a crack and fell to one side.

Gu Ling chose a spot in the bamboo forest to bury the wilted bamboo shoot and then used a small knife to carve two words into the bamboo beside it, “Good Bamboo”.

Su Liang:… Her Great God was becoming more and more adorable.

After dinner, Cen Man wanted to ask Qiao Cong about their living arrangements, but he put down his chopsticks and went back to chopping bamboo by the lake.

Su Liang showed Gu Ling her drawings of the house she wished to build. It was supposed to be simple due to the limited resources, but it needed to be comfortable and beautiful.

Gu Ling said it was possible.

After Su Liang fell asleep, Gu Ling quietly left the room and went back to the lake.

He found Qiao Cong still working alone, with a fire for illumination.

Upon hearing footsteps, Qiao Cong turned back and saw Gu Ling emerging from the bamboo forest. He squinted, “Why are you here?”

Gu Ling did not reply, so Qiao Cong huffed but did not inquire further. Like before on the road, the two of them formed a tacit agreement for Su Liang and busied themselves under the cover of night.

The next morning, when Su Liang opened her eyes, Gu Ling was beside her, watching her.

“Great God, why are you awake so early?” Su Liang hugged Gu Ling’s arm, “Let’s rest a bit more. We need to discuss a name for the little god.”

After a moment’s thought, Gu Ling said, “Let’s find a name with the water radical.”

Su Liang laughed, “Stop, we have plenty of water now, no need to be so rigid.”

Gu Ling shook his head, “I can’t think of any.”

“I didn’t expect there would be something that could stump the Great God.” Su Liang chuckled, “Don’t worry, it’s still early. We have plenty of time to think.

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