The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity-Chapter 1153 - : Only Shi Xi’s Injured World Has Been Completed

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Chapter 1153: Only Shi Xi’s Injured World Has Been Completed

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Shi Xi was allergic to seafood, but the chef’s Sea Phoenix Return to Heaven looked, smelled, and tasted delicious. She dipped her chopsticks into the soup. Sob, sob, it’s really delicious!

As expected!

Chef + top-notch ingredients = peerless delicacies!

Shi Xi thought about how she was actually allergic to seafood and how she was not fated to have so many delicious ingredients. She felt that it was better to start over.


Hao Kang took a small bowl. After taking a bite, his eyes lit up. “It’s really fresh and delicious. Moreover, there are mushrooms in it. Every bite tastes endless.” Shen Hanquan said, “It’s delicious. I just watched it once. I’ll learn to make it myself when I get back.”

Shi Xi watched helplessly as they bullied her.

The strawberry pudding was not even palatable!

How infuriating!


[Only Shi Xi’s injured world has been achieved.]

[Haha, you can’t blame Shi Xi. It’s just too much of a coincidence that there are seafood ingredients in the fridge.]

[Can you not let Shi Xi off next time? Why would a person who was allergic to seafood participate in a food show? Isn’t she asking for trouble? It affects my appetite.]


[What confusing speech? What’s wrong with Shi Xi? It’s obviously very interesting!]

[Some people can’t eat grapes and think grapes are sour, right? When Shi Xi hosted the first episode, it exceeded 100 million. Someone hosted a season, and the total number of broadcasts was less than 100 million!]

[The existence of Shi Xi is just a contrast! She and Hao Kang can take jokes and interact with guests, which is much better than some people’s aloofness.] Because of Shi Xi’s seafood allergy, the audience also quarreled from barrage to Weibo, and from Weibo to Douban.

tfSeafood allergic can’t host a food show#

[Food shows are meant for everyone to taste delicious food. Shi Xi is allergic to seafood, so she can’t do this show well at all, and it’s hard to do it. It’s just not suitable!]

[What else can seafood allergies do? A gourmet show? It’s like being a lifeguard who can’t swim, and a pilot afraid of heights flying a plane. It’s difficult for others.]

[Shi Xi’s show is really full of situations, and it’s not good at all.]

[The variety show on your Father Xi, broke 100 million on broadcast.]

[Is that Shi Xi’s credit? With Qin Yun and Chu Yuan here, let a dog host it, and the variety show can break 100 million.]

[Finally someone said what 1 was thinking, Shi Xi is superfluous!]


The topic suddenly broke out, and the pressure from all parties came to Shi Xi’s side, trying to force Shi Xi to quit the variety show [Delicacies in the Freezer].

Some people even formed a group to force the [Delicacies in the Freezer] program group, wanting the program group to fire Shi Xi.

At the beginning, Shi Xi didn’t know the whole story. She only felt that she was allergic to seafood, and she blamed herself for not being able to bring them an intuitive experience.

But after seeing these people asking her to leave the [Delicacies in the Freezer] program group, Shi Xi didn’t understand.

You can’t host food shows if you are allergic to seafood?

D*mn it, discrimination was no longer limited to men and women, race, nationality, height, or appearance. free(w)ebnov(e)l

Have you started to discriminate against patients?

She didn’t want to be allergic to seafood either!

Seeing Shi Xi staring at the phone angrily, Zhu Lin quickly said, “Don’t be mad, I’ve already asked the Public Relations Department to press the hot search. The program team also said that they will never fire you.”

After all, the contract was signed.

“These people are too weird, aren’t they? They used to blackmail me because they said I was a criminal and morally corrupt.” Shi Xi was puzzled, “Can my seafood allergies be regarded as a black spot?”

“They just want to kill you in a variety show.” Zhu Lin comforted: “Don’t bother with them..”

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