The First Lich Lord-Chapter 198

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Chapter 198

“And then what?” Marissa demanded as Ezekiel trailed off.

“Well…” Ezekiel smiled at her. “I guess you get to wait until you have gone through the process yourself to know what happens.”

“No! I want to know what happens with your friends,” Marissa protested.

“I know, I’ll tell you once you have gotten your phylactery made nearly indestructible.”

“That’s not fair. You’re a bastard,” Marissa snapped. They were sitting by a fire in the main hall of Ezekiel’s castle.

“Who is a bastard?” Raven asked, walking in followed by Matthew. “Zeke? Yea, he’s a total bastard.”

“He wouldn’t tell me what happened after the altar and city blew up,” Marissa said, then looked at Matthew. “Wait a second… Matthew, like, Theonis Matthew? Surely your oath has long since expired.”

Matthew winced as if remembering bad memories. “You of course are right, Ms. Carter. I have chosen to remain with my lord. Those times are a long passed in memory that I wish to never revisit.”

“Now who’s the asshole,” I said. “Tormenting poor Matthew.”

“I-I-I’m sorry,” Marissa stammered.

“There is nothing to forgive, you did not know,” Matthew responded as smoothly and properly as ever. He then looked at Ezekiel. “It is truly cruel of you to not tell her how the story ends.”

“You do understand the point of that last part, right? Of absolution’s steps,” Ezekiel asked pointedly. “Me telling you complicates things in a way, but if you hadn’t realized it required something like that to start with, then you weren’t paying attention.”

“No, I did,” Marissa said. “The trick will be what would even count. Causes like that don’t just show up to get caught up in all the time. Trying to force one would feel wrong.”

“And it would be wrong,” Ezekiel agreed. “In fact, there have been several people who have attempted that exact thing and ended up dying. It is not always as simple as a life-and-death sacrifice, every story a little different.”

“Since it doesn’t appear that Ezekiel is going to finish the story, I will for him.” Raven stepped in front of the fire and struck a pose.

“Hold up,” Ezekiel protested. “Let me add just a little bit before you start.” He sighed, knowing that he would be defeated. “When I opened my eyes, Vito was standing over me. I didn’t resurrect immediately, which gave him plenty of time to prepare. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him quite so angry.”

“What? When you accidentally destroyed the dead continent?” Vito asked, coming into the room. “I’m still mad about that one, so is Damien.”

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“No, when I blew up the holy city of Olattee and resurrected,” I explained.

“Oh, that time. Quite so, I was pretty mad,” Vito agreed.


“May we see the prisoner?” I asked Vito, my long, fluffy tail twitching at the tip.

Standing with me were Maxwell and Jess. She had finally gotten over being freaked out and worried and panicking—that part was really annoying. Everyone had thought Ezekiel was dead. The friar even said that the lady was going to ‘assuredly kill him.’ I of course knew better, as any great werecat would, and had not been the least bit surprised or worried in the slightest when word from Vito arrived that Ezekiel had resurrected at his phylactery.

We rushed back to check on him though. The annoying human, Tyler, insisted on coming with us. He seemed to be worried about Ezekiel. Rhea also came, which was nice, she gives good scratches.

“Yes, but you cannot distract him for too long, he has much studying to do,” Vito said, letting us through the door and into the complex.

Because I’m awesome, we didn’t need Vito’s directions to find our way through the mazelike complex. “Are you here to save me?” Ezekiel begged when he saw us. “Did you change your mind at last?”


“I did not beg,” Ezekiel protested.

“Be quiet you. I didn’t interrupt your story,” she said, conveniently forgetting all of the times that she did in fact interrupt the story.


“No, we have come here to deliver a message and a package to the ungrateful prisoner,” I said. “Kellnock says if you do that again, he will rebel and take the dungeon with him. He was also angry that you hurt his armor. He would like to know how you managed to destroy all of it.”

“Tell him I promise to do better,” Ezekiel sulked. “Did you find the thing I was looking for?”

“We did,” Jess said, handing over the small black skull. She’d been the one carrying it because the nasty power it gave off did not affect her like it did us.

“Good.” Ezekiel tucked the skull away, his eyes darting around fearfully. “Maybe Vito will let me go once I use it.”

“As if,” Vito’s voice echoed out of the caverns. My hair stood straight up, Vito had that effect sometimes. He’s a true predator. Even one as magnificent as myself knows when I was in the presence of a greater predator. “Once you can beat me, I might consider letting you go.”

“Be strong, Zeke,” Jess said, giving him a hug. “We’re rooting for you. The projections Vito puts up are quite entertaining, and the entire city comes out to watch them.”

“He what?” Zeke was of course surprised that Vito was recording and projecting his struggles. His instincts were far too dim to tell when he’s being watched.

“Right, it’s not that bad.” Maxwell shrugged. “Jessica and I watch most of the time from the inn. We got a projector for the room.”

“For the room?” Ezekiel demanded. “What do you mean room?”

Mercy split into its twin sickle form in Ezekiel’s hands as he shot towards Maxwell. Vito appeared in his dragon armor, bloodred sword already clashing with the sickles. “Visiting time is over,” Vito said, casually parrying every pathetic blow Ezekiel rained down.

“I’m going to hurt you when I get out, Max!” Ezekiel called as we made our way back out of the complex.

As we left, I made sure to knock over the vase of flowers Vito had next to the door. He might be a superior predator to me, but I could always show my overall superiority.

We passed Tellkin coming down the tunnel. He had been helping Vito with Ezekiel’s training. Behind him was Freya. I didn’t like that she got to spend time with Ezekiel when Vito kept kicking us out. But it was for the best. By the end of it, he would be far stronger.


Four years later, Vito let me out. I was indeed far stronger. I had passed second soul compression, and tier 3 death energy was truly spectacular.

I couldn’t wait to show Max.

The End

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