The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss-Chapter 2736 - : Operation Mixed-race (2)

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Chapter 2736 - Chapter 2736: Operation Mixed-race (2)

Chapter 2736: Operation Mixed-race (2)

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The fierce attack of the experimental subjects changed the situation of the whole battlefield. The twelve devil generals, who were fighting a bloody battle with the alliance army, soon discovered the abnormality of the battlefield.

Their eyes immediately looked at Satan. Their arrogant king was frowning at this time, and the battle with the War God became more and more intense.

“Ouyang Huanyu, that kid, is indeed up to something!” Tian Jue gnashed his teeth and looked at the chaotic battlefield. The self-explosion of the experimental subjects did not differentiate between friend and foe. Many devil soldiers were not repelled by the alliance army. Instead, they were affected by the self-explosion of the experimental subjects. In just a few minutes, more devil soldiers had died in the hands of the experimental subjects than in the hands of the alliance army!

Shen Siyu also noticed the unusual movements of the experimental subjects. That kind of reckless self-explosion was not helping the Devil race at all. It was more like they wanted to destroy everyone on the battlefield.

If they continued to allow the experimental subjects to cause trouble, both the devil army and the allied army would be blown up by them.

Almost at the same time, the twelve devil generals, Shen Siyu, and the others understood the changes on the battlefield. The battle on both sides had yet to end, but a third party that was even more troublesome had appeared. If they continued to fight with each other, Ouyang Huanyu would only reap the benefits.

Both sides stopped fighting. At the same time, they withdrew from the battle and entered the chaotic camp.

At this moment, the devil army and the alliance army had the same goal.

Taking the lead to deal with the experimental subjects could ensure that their forces would not be completely destroyed.

Satan was furious. The current situation made him wish he could drag Ouyang Huanyu over and dismember him into pieces.

He had always known that Ouyang Huanyu’s schemes were terrifying. However, he did not expect Ouyang Huanyu to be so bold as to scheme against him.

This was absolutely intolerable to Satan.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her golden eyes as she looked at the continuous explosions on the battlefield.

Ouyang Huanyu was a double-edged sword. Be it those he regarded as enemies or those who used him, he would eradicate them mercilessly.

He must have planned for the experimental subjects to self-destruct.

He was not here to help the Devil race, but he had other plans!

Shen Yanxiao remembered what Ouyang Huanyu had said before. He said that as long as she was willing, he could let her have more than what she had right now. It was evident that Ouyang Huanyu had planned to reap the benefits from tho etnrt

The experimental subjects did not perform spectacularly in the previous battles. Obviously, they were deliberately conserving their strength. When the devil army and the alliance army suffered heavy losses, it would be the moment Ouyang Huanyu revealed his plan.

Up until now, the devil army and the alliance army had suffered heavy casualties. If it were not for the awakening of the God race bloodline in Shen Yanxiao’s body, the battle would have gone as Ouyang Huanyu had planned.

But now that the gate of the Illusion Realm had been opened and the alliance army had reversed the situation, everything had completely changed.

Ouyang Huanyu could no longer sit still. He wanted the entire battlefield to turn into hell so that he could take the opportunity to achieve his goal.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. If her guess was right, Ouyang Huanyu’s objective should be her!

All of a sudden, Shen Yanxiao felt a powerful force coming towards her. She leaped and dodged the fatal attack. Not far away, she finally saw that white figure.

Ouyang Huanyu had appeared before her once again!