The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother!-Chapter 342

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Chapter 342

I have returned to my original world.

"What's wrong?"

"Is something the matter?"

The Creator God is truly amazing.

Even I or Mommy Ishtas, cannot create a sword like that.

I have to work harder and harder.

'Create Divine Sword'

"What do you both think when you compare these two swords?"

"I don't see much of a difference."

"Is there something different?"

"Daji-san and Carmilla-san, these two swords are completely different... see?"

When I clashed the sword I received from the Creator God with the sword I made, my sword was easily cut.

It didn't break, it was cut.

It's like a completely different thing.

How can I create such a magnificent sword?

"As expected of Serena, no other sword can compare."

"It's amazing, truly amazing, Serena-sama."

"No... the one that got cut was my sword."

"Really, is that true?"

"Did Serena-sama's sword end up cutting in reverse?"

I thought the sword I made was the second strongest after the one made by Mommy Ishtas...

Even my sword can withstand being struck by Mommy Ishtas' about 10 times.

But when it clashed with the sword of the creator god, this happened in just one strike.

Mommy Ishtas is also a monotheistic creator god.

But even among creator gods, there's a difference to this extent.

I can't even reach Mommy Ishtas.

So, how can I create something like this?

"Maybe Serena wants to create swords beyond that."

"That's a divine sword, isn't it, Serena-sama... It's not so easy to create a sword that surpasses it."

"Yeah, you're right..."

"In my country, we have specialized swords called katana that are different from swords in their focus on cutting... Would you like to see one?"

"Can I really see it?"

"Of course, I don't mind. Actually, I don't particularly want it, so I'll give it to you as a present... here."

This is something I've never seen before.

It's incredibly beautiful, with a thin blade, specialized for cutting.

Swords are amazing.

"Daji-san, it's amazing, isn't it?"

"Muramasa is a cursed sword, superior to swords from other worlds."

However, if this sword were to clash with a sword created by a creator god, it would break.

"Daji is so unfair... I could easily prepare something of that caliber too... How about this?"

"It's quite a sinister sword, Carmilla-san"

"After all, its name is the Bloody Sword... a sword that drinks blood."

Both are cursed, but they don't affect me, as I have the blood of a god.

I've examined it from various angles, but even with this technique added, the strength of the sword I can create now probably won't change.

"What do you think? Did you find it helpful?"

"How about it, Serena-sama?"

"Yeah, I think both are amazing, but sorry, they're not helpful for reference."

"I see... I apologize."

"Is that so..."


"Serena... Serena can create anything with magic, but what if you prepared the materials before creating it?"

Preparing the materials... I've never thought about that before.

"That's right! In this world, there are metals like mithril and orichalcum. How about trying to use 'Create' with those materials, Serena-sama?"

I had never thought about such a thing before.

It might be worth a try.

"That sounds really good. If that's the case, I should go gather some metal."

""I'll accompany you.""

First, I need to search for valuable metals.

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