The Hitting Zone-Chapter 1113 V3 ch347 CIF Semifinal: Gridley HS (1)

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Chapter 1113  V3 ch347 CIF Semifinal: Gridley HS (1)

"I made plans with Adam to meet before warmups." Noah reminded me as we unboarded the bus at a community college. We were at another neutral location for the semifinals and the drive was a long one. I felt like everyone had slept on the bus but me. "Jake? Are you listening?" Noah repeated.

I hummed and then started to yawn. "Yea. Looking for Adam. I know."

"You looked wiped. Did you have trouble sleeping last night?" Noah frowned.

"No. It was just a long bus ride." I told him. I was fine all day, even talking to some of our classmates about tonight. Everyone was excited how close we were coming to being repeat champions.

Noah and I picked up our bags and started to distance ourselves from our team, keeping an eye out for the opposing team. It turned out that they had already reached the field and was sitting near a gate entrance, waiting.

"Yo! Adam!" Noah hollered.

A player stood up and started walking away from his team.

My lips twitched and I whispered to him. "No way were you able to spot him that quickly."

He grinned. "The odds were in my favor. What other team would be here waiting? Plus, why wouldn't he be with his team?"

I could only shake my head.

Adam reached us, bumping both of our fists as a greeting. "I should say that it's good to see you guys, but honestly not looking forward to playing you." He grinned. "Try not to kick our butts too badly."

Noah laughed. "You know we can't promise that. Hey, I saw your post about committing to Arizona State. Wasn't that your dream school?"

"Yea." Adam said bashfully, rubbing the back of his neck. "I didn't get a scholarship offer or anything like that. But preferential treatment will come in handy when picking classes."

"Oh yea? Do you know what you're going to study yet?" Noah asked.

"No way." He chuckled to himself. "I'll start with the gen eds my freshman year and then we'll see. I know some guys who went into sport's management in case they don't make it to the big leagues. That's an option. I also like the idea of just majoring in business. Keeps options open."

Noah patted him on the shoulder. "Good for you. Take your time in picking a major. Use that first year to find your interest and balance out your time between school and baseball."

Adam laughed. "You sound like you know what you're doing. Any colleges show interest?" He glanced at me. "Everyone should be reaching out to you, Jake."

"We're still underclassmen so there's no rush." Noah answered. "We just have older brothers and a mom that constantly repeats herself." Noah grinned. "I'll visit five colleges like I'm supposed to. Officially or whatever. But I'm for sure trying to enter the draft. No matter what round I go in, I'm heading for the minors."

"You've got two years to make yourself stand out." Adam told him before looking at me. "But Jake already has all eyes on him. I couldn't believe it when I checked out the state rankings and realized I knew someone on it. You've had an amazing year."

I shrugged, feeling a little shy. "Our whole team is doing well."

"Yea, I'll say. Undefeated." He let out a whistle, sounding impressed. "I've got to say. I don't have much confidence facing you guys today. Don't you have like three super pitchers? Just a rotation of tough guys on the mound."

"Two of them are our brothers." I smiled. "The twins."

"One of them going today?"

I nodded.

"Do you think I have a chance?"

"Chance for what?" Noah asked with a laugh. "To win? Nah. To score some runs. Ehhh. To get a hit off him? Man, I hope so."

"Yea, we'll see what we can do." Adam glanced back at his team. "Well, good luck you guys."

"I think you'll need it more." Noah waved.

Adam went back to his team and we headed back towards ours.

"Scoping out the enemy?" Garret asked us when we got back.

Noah shrugged. "Saw a friend from camp." He smiled. "He didn't sound very confident at all."

I nodded in agreement. Then I paused. "I should have asked him to make sure the pitcher pitches to me."

Noah laughed. "You'll be lucky if he didn't tell all the pitchers to completely avoid you. Maybe expect some pickoff attempts too."

I groaned. Adam would definitely remember that I'm not much of a runner. This game may be an easier win, but I don't think I'll be having anymore fun than the last one. It's crazy how fun this season started versus now. I can't wait for it to be over and do the round two tryout for the regional team. Then everyone would pitch to me.

The coaches gathered us up and had us march to the third base dugout, picking our side as we wanted as the home team. As we changed into cleats and got ready for the game, Coach announced the lineup.

1 SS Noah Atkins

2 2B Jake Atkins

3 LF Bryce Finn

4 CF Garret Knudsen

5 RF Brian Swoope

6 1B Sean Isner

7 3B Jason Morris

8 C Mitchell Torres

9 P Kyle Atkins

"I don't feel like we need Jake leading off against these guys, but want to take advantage of having him early in the lineup." Coach said. "If we do get a decent lead, I want to give a few of the others chances to hit and play."

"Define decent?" Korrey asked.

"Four runs should be enough for Kyle and the bullpen." Coach said, nodding. He looked to Garret. "I'll only use you as a closer if it comes down the wire. You feel like you can hold a one run lead?"

"Of course!" Garret smirked. "If I can do seven shutout innings, I think I can handle whatever the twins leave over."

"Which will be nothing." Kyle squinted at him. "I'm in good condition today."

"How can you say that when you haven't even warmed up?"

"I've prepared all weekend." Kyle said smuggly. "I'll crush these guys and put your game to shame."

"In your dreams." Garret rolled his eyes.

"You're not sounding like a very supportive captain." Dave poked at him.

Garret swatted him away. "Get lost."

"Alright, enough." Coach commanded. The team got silent. "Warm up properly. Let's take this game just as seriously as a rival like Servite or Golden West. We need this win if you all want to make it to the championship."

"We've got this, Coach." Garret straightened up and waved at us. "Let's take the field boys."