The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True-Chapter 328 - 276: Death of the Body, Disappearance of the Tao, Tremors in the Three Realms! _2

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Chapter 328: Chapter 276: Death of the Body, Disappearance of the Tao, Tremors in the Three Realms! _2

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Half a moment later.

The Jade Emperor’s mouth was slightly open, and he could only utter this sentence.

He never imagined that Xuanqing was so unyielding in character. Just as he almost got captured by Guanyin, he directly exploded his physical body and soul.

Though he knew that the boy had an undying body and could resurrect even if his body was shattered or completely obliterated,

the key point was that now not only the body was gone, but his soul was gone too – having self-destructed at its source, which was the most severe kind.

In such a situation, no matter what creatures, even if the creator god Pangu was alive, would have been chilled to the bone.

Jade Emperor had a myriad of thoughts in his mind.

Immediately after that,

He stood up, with his hands behind his back, pacing back and forth in the main hall, thinking about what kind of changes would occur in the Three Realms after Xuanqing’s death.

Leaving other things aside,

Douluo Palace’s Lord… having finally gained such a talented disciple, will not let Guanyin’s death go unpunished.

“I’m afraid it’s not just the Lord of Douluo Palace…”

The Jade Emperor frowned.

Unconsciously, the boy had already made many connections.

Apart from other factors, if Xuanqing died now at the hands of Guanyin, Longevity Mountain’s Great Immortal Zhenyuan would not let it go without making a fuss.

Even the Heavenly Court wouldn’t be able to keep a distance from the matter, let alone the many gods of the court that befriended Xuanqing, including the three human Heavenly Masters and the fairy queen Daoist friend Yaochi, who healed the Flat Peach Divine Tree, would step out.

Not to mention the many immortals.

Even he, the Jade Emperor himself, had eaten many of Xuanqing’s nine-thousand-year flat peaches. Although the karmic ties were not significant, it still felt uneasy. Besides, Xuanqing was a heavenly immortal and a first-grade high-ranking official on the verge of expanding territories.

At this point, he, as the Jade Emperor, won’t be able to ignore Xuanqing.


The Jade Emperor frowned and sighed.

Thinking of the huge impact brought about by Xuanqing’s death, he could feel his brain throbbing with pain.

As the Emperor Haotian, who ruled the Three Realms, his responsibility lied in maintaining the stability of the realms, not just exercising power or enjoying privileges.


Just when the Jade Emperor was at his wit’s end,

There was another change in the scene reflected in the Vast Sky Realm.


The Jade Emperor turned his head to look at the scene in the Vast Sky Realm, and then became stunned. it.. Is it possible to be alive?

With both the soul and physical body having self-destructed, and even causing a collapse in space, he could still be reborn?


The Jade Emperor was astonished.

Of course,

Besides being shocked, he felt relieved in his heart.

Since the boy was still alive, the chaos he had anticipated would not happen.

Even if there was a conflict with Guanyin, just short of a life-and-death situation, the powerful forces behind the scene would only maintain a wait-and-see attitude and let him solve it by himself.

Apart from the astonishment of the Jade Emperor in the Golden Palace of Clouds,

Across the Thirty-six Heavens,

In Douluo Palace,

An old man dressed in a Taoist robe with white whiskers, exuding natural Daoist aura, suddenly opened his eyes while he was sitting cross-legged.

“What audacity!”

Taishang Laojun’s eyes filled with intense murderous intent, and the originally harmonious aura on his body disappeared, becoming violent.


Affected by Taishang Laojun’s emotional changes, the entire Thirty-six Heavenly World began to tremble as if depicting the scene of the end of the world.

It’s hard to imagine that just the fluctuations of emotions could cause such commotion. If he truly took action, the entire world would tremble, and even be destroyed as a result.


Just as Taishang Laojun was preparing to take action,


It seemed as if he felt something. His expression suddenly became incredibly astonished, as if he had seen something incredible.

Moments later, rendered speechless,

Taishang Laojun held his forehead and couldn’t help but laughingly scold,

“This stinky boy, he really is… really is…”

After sighing, he closed his eyes again, sinking into the intoxication.

It wasn’t just the Heavenly Court and Douluo Palace.

This self-destructive explosion of the Five Qi Chaoyuan Stage caused such an uproar that it could be heard throughout the Three Realms.

Countless powerful beings turned their gazes to this place.

Those who observed earlier could even see Guanyin’s escape, and they were utterly astonished.

Those who arrived later tried to deduce the course of the events by making finger gestures, but only found a mist in their deduction. Clearly, the secret had been hidden.

Let’s not focus on how the Three Realms were shaken by this event.

On the other hand,

in the Real World,

inside the Taoist temple on Qingping Mountain,

Xuanqing opened his eyes and awakened from the Game.

Before he detonated his God Soul and Physical Body, he had already put his

Duster into his Game Backpack to avoid losing equipment after dying.

His cultivation had not diminished, nor had he lost anything in the process.

This was his ultimate trump card in the Primordial World.

“Guanyin dared to use the sealing technique on me, this grudge… I shall remember it,” Xuanqing’s eyes flashed with a hint of coldness.

To be honest,

for someone like him who can resurrect infinitely, even death doesn’t create much resentment.

But being sealed is different.

Once sealed, he can only forcefully exit the game, delete his account, and recreate his character.

At that time, all of his cultivation, innate talent, and the efforts he made over the past decades would vanish.

Of course,

there is another possibility: after being sealed, he waits for Ancestor Master to rescue him. However, even if he is rescued, it would be too embarrassing.

In short, whoever dares to seal Xuanqing will invite deeper hatred.

At the same time,

Xuanqing had made up his mind.

He must detonate himself without hesitation whenever he encounters a powerful figure from Shimen. There can be no doubt.

Now it’s only Guanyin, and he can still react, just able to detonate himself to escape before being sealed.

But what if it’s not Guanyin, but the even more powerful Tathagata Buddha, or maybe Randeng or Maitreya?

He doesn’t want to end up being rescued by Ancestor Master and, even more, doesn’t want to delete his account and start anew!


Xuanqing took a deep breath, looked into the distance, and muttered to

himself, “In the future, I have to be more resolute!”


He moved his thoughts.

“Return to the city and resurrect!”

Game World.

Wuji Kingdom, Baolin City.

In a remote alley, the air suddenly began to ripple, and a young Taoist priest in Daoist Robe and cloth shoes slowly appeared.

This Taoist… happens to be Xuanqing, who chose to resurrect in the city.

By choosing to resurrect in the city, he would automatically appear in the nearest human town.

Upon resurrection,

Xuanqing immediately spread out his divine thoughts and enveloped the entire city, acquiring information about the location of his resurrection.

What he saw,

from the outside, was an ordinary city, but under his powerful divine soul, he discovered something out of the ordinary.

There was a temple in the city, and interestingly, in addition to enshrining the Buddhist statues, there was also the statue of a Dragon King.

What’s even more bizarre was that beneath the Dragon King statue, there was an ancestral tablet, which read… Xuanmiao Huangjing Dragon King.

“Well Dragon King? Wuji Kingdom?”

“Wuji Kingdom… Baolin City, there’s a Baolin Temple in the city…”

Xuanqing’s mind stirred,

From his vast knowledge and study of countless documents, he instantly recognized the place.

Among the eighty-one hardships experienced by the Fetching the Scriptures team, one took place in the Baolin Temple of Wuji Kingdom.

In this hardship, the King of Wuji Kingdom lost his authority to the mount of Manjushri Bodhisattva – the Qingmao Lion Boar Monster – who forcibly seized national luck. It wasn’t until the Fetching the Scriptures team arrived that the king was rescued.

Of course,

Xuanqing saw this as merely a tactic employed by Shimen.

Firstly, they could arrange the eighty-one hardships to gain Heavenly Merit after accomplishing the mission.

Secondly, after rescuing the king, he would be immensely grateful to Shimen, thus promoting Shimen’s teachings.

Thirdly, even Manjushri himself benefited greatly, as the decades of national luck from a country was not a trivial treasure.

“Hehe, you dared to seal me, now I’ll start by collecting some interest from this Wuji Kingdom!” Xuanqing sneered coldly, his eyes flashing with an indescribable color.

The next moment!

He used the Earth Leaping Golden Light..