The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife-Chapter 1741: Sorrow & Pain

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Chapter 1741: Sorrow & Pain

Ah, after ten years, I finally got to eat it again. I’m so blessed. *Sob~*

Xi Yue watched in amusement as the giant beast devoured the food. She then reached out and rubbed his neck again.

Tao Tie nuzzled up to Xi Yue obediently. With his big head pressed against her, he revealed a coquettish expression on his face like screaming, “I’m so well-behaved. Please feed me.”

The two maids watching on the side were stunned.

Lord Tao Tie had been known to swallow people whole even without much provocation, but they had never seen him wagging his tail so pitifully for affection. He acted like a big loyal dog. It was utterly unbearable to look directly at him!

Xi Yue took the other food Tao Tie handed over. She made a simple modification to the barbecue grill and resumed grilling skewers on it.

While brushing the sauce, a hint of nostalgia appeared in Xi Yue’s eyes. She said softly, “Among the friends I knew before, there was one just like you, with nothing but food on his mind. To get delicious food, he could pester me for three days and nights. He would constantly babble without stopping until I had no choice but to prepare food for him.”

Xi Yue lowered her head to look at Tao Tie and gently leaned her head against the soft fur, with indescribable sadness and pain in her voice, “At that time, I always disliked him and found him annoying. Those fellows in the King of Hell Mansion are annoying. But now they have left and will never come back. But I feel so sad.”

“If possible, if Wu Yu, Bai Hu, and the others could come back, I would be willing to make a lot of delicious food for them every day. There are also many new varieties that they haven’t tried yet! Why can’t they come back?”

Xi Yue’s voice was calm, but anyone listening would feel a melancholy so profound it could bring them to tears.

Tao Tie raised his head, no longer paying attention to the fragrant food before him. Instead, he made a purring sound and gently licked the girl’s hand with his tongue.

Tao Tie didn’t know who the troublesome people Xi Yue was referring to. However, for the first time, he felt emotions beyond gluttony – reluctance, sadness, and a desire not to see the girl cry.

“Hey, are you licking me with your mouth that just ate barbecue?” Xi Yue reprimanded with a smile and pushed his hairy face away.

The skewers on the grill were quickly cooked, becoming even more fragrant and delicious than the meat grilled earlier.

Xi Yue picked up a skewer, took a bite, and immediately showed a satisfied smile. She then said to the two maids, “Come over and eat together!”

The two maids glanced at Tao Tie timidly. Although they were scared, the aroma of the grilled meat was so enticing that they couldn’t resist their desire to eat. Swallowing their saliva, they realized they couldn’t refuse the offer; they really wanted to taste it!

Just as they were about to walk towards Xi Yue, they suddenly felt a chill in their hearts, sensing a cold presence coming from behind them.

Both turned around simultaneously. Their expressions drastically changed as they bowed deeply, saying, “Lord Divine Venerable!”

Xi Yue and Tao Tie lifted their heads at the sound. They saw a man standing ahead. He wore a dark purple robe with a jade crown adorning his hair and his face obscured. His eyes, as black as inkstone, glinted with a piercing light as they fell upon Xie Yue before shifting coldly to the fierce beast whose white fur bristled all over. Ji Mingyu slowly approached Xi Yue. The light in his eyes flickered. His aura was icy and chilling, making the two maids tremble involuntarily and could hardly even stand.

Tao Tie felt an instinctive fear welling up from the bottom of his heart, prompting him to immediately and instinctively step back from the girl. He retreated, one step at a time, swiftly raising both claws to cover his face, assuming an ostrich-like posture.

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