The Malevolent Female Villain Turns Out to Be Me-Chapter 173

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Chapter 173

Because of the precious gift given by Shi Shuning, Xiao Yuanning's view of this prospective brother-in-law improved somewhat, even if not entirely.

Hmm, at least he no longer tried to stop him from holding his sister's hand.

Shi Shuning also sensed that Xiao Yuanning had less hostility towards him now, secretly delighted. As long as his little brother-in-law could accept him, then he had succeeded.

After lunch, Xiao Jinmeng hugged Shu Fen, continuing to watch the "Meng Meng Cringe Memoir" with her mom and brother, while Shi Shuning followed Xiao Yongze to the study.

The two men sat facing each other, the atmosphere slightly awkward.

Xiao Yongze sighed, breaking the tension first: "Shuning, how did you and Meng Meng get together?"

Shi Shuning rubbed the back of his head, "Uncle Xiao, I liked Meng Meng for a long time, especially because she's so innocent, you could lure her away with just a lollipop.

I was afraid she'd be deceived by boys with ill intentions, I wanted to protect her, wanted her to stay a sweet and innocent little foodie forever."

"At first, I thought my feelings were just like the sibling bond between Xiao Jin and Meng Meng, until later, when other boys tried to pass her love letters I'd get jealous, and when she fawned over other boys I'd get jealous too. That's when I realized my feelings for her had surpassed friendship."

Shi Shuning smiled and continued, "I was afraid back then, of developing feelings for the little girl I grew up with like a sister. I even thought I was a beast.

I tried keeping my distance from her on purpose, but I found I still couldn't control thinking about her, paying attention to her."

Later when Meng Meng asked him tearfully why he kept avoiding her, the dam in his heart immediately broke. To hell with being a beast, there's nothing wrong with liking someone, it's not like he violated morals or ethics, why can't he like her.

"After that I stopped repressing my feelings, but I also knew that as a goofy slacker back then, I wasn't worthy of the excellent, well-behaved Meng Meng. So I started working hard, studied properly, got into Hai City University, and to cultivate a sense of responsibility and fix my flaws, I even joined the military."

"After returning from the military, that's when I confessed to her."

Recalling Meng Meng's embarrassed nosebleed back then, Shi Shuning couldn't help but laugh again.

"Uncle Xiao, my feelings for her weren't love at first sight or just physical attraction, but what my heart belonged to, true love."

Xiao Yongze nodded, young love really was that sudden yet pure.

"And Meng Meng, towards you? She accepted your confession just like that?"

Shi Shuning rubbed his nose, "For Meng Meng, it was probably 30% dependence, 70% like."

The remaining 90% was probably just liking my body...

Xiao Yongze didn't know Shi Shuning's inner thoughts, nodded with satisfaction. It seemed the two were mutually in love, just like him and Xi Xi.

But he still reminded him: "You two young lovebirds, as parents we won't interfere much of course, but Meng Meng's still young, so you should exercise some restraint in certain matters, you understand what I mean, right?"

Shi Shuning's ears turned slightly red as he nodded, "Don't worry Uncle, I won't do anything improper."

Xiao Yongze was finally satisfied, and began discussing work matters with Shi Shuning.

On the other side...

Jian Hongmei and Liu Lawyer spent the whole night disposing of Xiao Fang's body, and today during the day they thoroughly cleaned the entire house.

The two collapsed on the living room floor, panting heavily, looking at the spotlessly clean living room. Jian Hongmei couldn't help but burst into tears.

Jian Hongmei had lost her senses when Xiao Fang beat her, which led her to want to get rid of the person. But now that she had calmed down, she started feeling a bit of fear.

Liu Lian was also trembling all over his body. Not only had he killed his own wife with his bare hands, he had even chopped her into pieces of meat - part flushed down the toilet, part thrown into the moat, and part buried in the forest.

Thinking of it, Liu Lian couldn't help but rush to the bathroom and vomit.

But one look at the toilet made him recall the bloody mess that had been flushed away, and Liu Lian felt nauseated and horrified, almost going insane.

Still, the two were grateful that this place had few residents, especially this building. Apart from Jian Hongmei living here, there were only two or three other households, so nobody would notice what had happened in this room.

Liu Lian finally recovered and came out of the bathroom. Seeing Jian Hongmei still sobbing, he asked, "Madam, what should we do now?"

Jian Hongmei trembled, panicking, "Leave this place, hurry and leave, I don't want to stay in this room anymore!"

Liu Lian took a deep breath, "Okay, let's quickly pack up and leave then."

The two took Jian Hongmei's luggage and drove to Liu Lian's house in Liu Lian's car.

"Xiao Liu, if someone asks where she went, what will you say?" Jian Hongmei looked at the large photo of the couple hanging in the living room, unable to help asking.

"No one will ask about her," Liu Lian couldn't bear to look at the photo, reaching to take the frame down and flipping it over on the ground.

"She defied her family's advice years ago to follow me, cutting off all contact with them long ago. For so many years, no one has ever come looking for her.

Plus her personality was rather reclusive, she didn't like making friends, even the neighbors around here only had a few who were acquainted with her. So there's nothing to worry about on that front."

"Unless it's a population census or resident registration or something, no one will notice her disappearance."

Only then did Jian Hongmei finally relax completely, the last bit of panic in her heart disappearing.

Jian Hongmei sat comfortably on the sofa, looking up at Liu Lian, "Liu Lian, from now on we're bound together, as long as you listen to me, I'll keep you safe!"

Liu Lian frowned slightly, "Madam, what do you mean?"

She's not planning on having him do something else, is she...?

Jian Hongmei laughed lightly, "Liu Lian, don't be afraid, I just want to take revenge on Wenyao."

Liu Lian felt a bit anxious, quickly sitting across from Jian Hongmei with a worried expression, "Revenge? Madam, please don't tell me you plan to take revenge on Xiao Yongze!" 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝖜𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝖒

Jian Hongmei smiled, "Xiao Liu, you're a clever one. I do indeed plan to take revenge on Xiao Yongze!"

At this moment, Liu Lian was somewhat devastated, the veins on his forehead throbbing as he hurriedly tried to dissuade her: "Madam! I beg you, don't provoke them anymore. With our current capabilities, how can we confront Xiao Yongze head-on? Isn't that just seeking death?"

Jian Hongmei's face suddenly darkened.

"Liu Lian, are you defying me?"

Liu Lian's face also grew solemn. "Madam, I'll say it again, don't go against Xiao Yongze. If you insist on doing this, then I won't serve you anymore. Find someone else if you want!"

Jian Hongmei abruptly stood up, roaring, "Have you forgotten your current predicament? Aren't you afraid I'll expose the fact that you're a murderer?"