The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2-Chapter 403

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Chapter 403


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Inside the blazing Void Training Room.


The owner of the Arena looked around.

The flames, which had turned from white Sacred Flame to red, were devouring the void.

“You got the Administrator’s hand and put it to immediate use. The training hall is collapsing.”

“……I didn’t know it would be this strong.”

“That’s a typical excuse from an arsonist.”

“There’s nothing to ignite, yet it’s burning like this.”

The life energy had not been supplied for a long time since the Sacred Flame initially spread.

Even so, the raging red flames burned madly, making Seong Jihan wonder why they were burning so fiercely.

The interior of the Void Training Hall, with no map settings, was in a state of dark nothingness.

There should have been nothing to catch fire.

Yet, the owner of the Arena responded as though it were evident.

“Nothing to ignite? The void is right here.”

“In the void?”

“Yes. The Administrator’s fire can burn even the void.”


The face of the Arena’s owner grew larger in an instant.

The shape of the universe quickly filled the space.

A stronger void began to suffuse the area intensely.

“However, with a much larger amount of void, this fire can be extinguished.”


As he said, the flames began to dwindle slowly as the overwhelming void poured in.

Watching the power of the Arena’s owner, Seong Jihan’s eyes sparkled with interest.

‘So there is merit in him being a higher-ranking void entity.’

Usually, he just came to maintain the training hall, so Seong Jihan did not fully appreciate his strength.

Seeing the overwhelming void being unleashed like this, the evidence of his high rank was palpable.

The fire was extinguished thanks to the Arena’s owner, but.

“Now this place is unusable…….”

Having reabsorbed the void and reverted to his universal face, he looked around with a bitter expression.

“This training hall, which I personally upgraded, has completely burned down…… What a shame.”

“The fire’s out. Can’t we use it again?”

“No, the internal system of the training hall is utterly ruined. Repairing it would be about as good as creating a new one.”


Seong Jihan glanced around the training hall.

With the fire out, it was just the dark void space, same as before.

The Sacred Flame seemed to have damaged something unseen to himself.

At that moment.

[Void +50]


The void stat suddenly spiked.

[The void has exceeded its limit. Your body can now be consumed by the void.]

[Your body is being consumed by the void.]


Seong Jihan’s body started turning purple from his fingertips.

“Why the sudden change…… Are you thinking of joining the void?”

“No, that’s the last thing I want.”

Seong Jihan frowned.

What’s going on?

Why did my abilities suddenly spike like this?


[?? Did you absorb void with Sacred Flame?]

A message hastily came from the eye.

[How on earth…… even if you used Sacred Flame, how did you ingest the void?]

“I don’t know either. It just happened all of a sudden.”

[It’s impossible not to know! Absorbing void with Sacred Flame… That’s theoretically possible but practically unattainable! Even at its peak, my main body couldn’t absorb it this fast… How did you do it??]

“Shut up. I told you, I don’t know.”

Whisk whisk.

Seong Jihan brushed away the text with his hand and frowned.

While he knew Sacred Flame could plunder energy, he didn’t expect it to consume the void too.

The energy of the void, seeping into his body, turning it purple from the fingertips.

Not just crossing the void threshold of 200, a sudden rise by 50 had quickly brought it to 245, making void infusion almost inevitable.

Is that why?

“Hmm. It wouldn’t be bad if you replaced me. Just need to be thoroughly trained to stop causing mishaps. In that case, you’ll see a completely different side of me.”

The Arena’s owner was already convinced that Seong Jihan would become a void being and had announced a rigorous training regime.

Until now, the owner had been polite since Seong Jihan wasn’t void-affiliated.

But once affiliated, he would be drilled hard.

“Arena’s owner. So, you’ll discard this place?”

“Well, I’ll have to.”

“Then can I break it further?”

“……Just what are you planning to do now?”

“I have to get rid of the void somehow.”


A Taiji pattern rose behind Seong Jihan.

“Deleting the void.”

He poured all the void energy he had into it.

Attempting to delete the void through the creation of the Taiji Sword.

The Arena’s owner, seeing this, raised both hands.

“……I have changed my mind. I will not be educating you.”


“I don’t want to clean up mishaps caused by a rookie right before retirement.”

As he said that, the Arena’s owner slowly disappeared.

“When you’re done, log out. That function still works.”

“Got it.”


As the void exploded inside the Taiji.

[Void decreases by 10]

Although the void stat decreased by 10 and the Taiji sword started to take some form.

‘While the sword form is completed, what’s more important is shedding the void.’

Without worrying about form, Seong Jihan poured the void wildly into the sword.

The goal was always to delete the void.

As he kept pouring and pouring.



Instead of diminishing, the sword form maintained its shape and grew stronger within.


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[Void decreases by 10]

When the void stat reduced twice by 10, dropping to 225.

[Your body is no longer being consumed by void.]

An alert that the consumption had stopped appeared.

‘……Managed to get through it.’

If he had come this far but ended up being consumed by void, it would have been a catastrophe.

Feeling relieved, Seong Jihan withdrew the Sword from the Taiji.

The Taiji Sword, formed by wildly pumping void energy without regard for sword form, had.

‘It has actually grown.’

It was larger than it had been when it was just a dagger.

Subconsciously, thinking that the Taiji Sword needed to form a sword shape.

It may have been obstructing its further development.

‘This turned into an unexpected benefit.’

Believing it all worked out for the better, Seong Jihan swung the Taiji Sword.

The dark space was instantly torn apart.

Not just that, but the space where the sword scars were left began to distort and suck everything inside.

‘……Time to log out.’

Staying longer would only make it harder to escape.

Seong Jihan decided to leave and swiftly put the red eye into the black storage box.

Now realizing the gravity of the situation, the Administrator’s hand didn’t ask to stay out longer.


[Using the black sword to prevent void contamination…… changed my mind. You are not void-affiliated bait.]

“And you’re only realizing that now.”

[……Listen. Speak honestly.]

“What? I’m logging out now, so say what you have to quickly.”

[Are you the main body?]

“If I were the main body, I would be the red Administrator…… Are you joking?”

The red Administrator who ran away not wanting to surrender its seat.

As far as Seong Jihan remembered, the closest connection was to the Martial God.

Why on earth was it insisting it was him now?

[I figured it out. Main body. Let’s merge quickly.]

“I’m not transplanting you anyway.”

[Ah…… Not ready yet? Understandable, understandable. Great acting. I’ll wait. We’ll merge later and become a constant Administrator.]

Doesn’t seem inclined to listen.

Seong Jihan’s curiosity increased to why the hand acted this way.

“Why do you think I’m the main body?”

[The Sacred Flame code can’t be utilized by just anyone. Especially not someone as weak as you using it with such mastery. There’s only one except the code’s creator.….]

The Sacred Flame code, which had incinerated the training hall.

Indeed, when it evolved into a flame of a significant level.

The Sacred Flame showed outstanding performance compared to other codes.

Moreover, possessing the ability to absorb power from what it burned.

The Sacred Flame code was certainly effective compared to other codes.


‘How did Pythia use this Sacred Flame?’

The Sacred Flame Pythia handed to and reclaimed from Sophia while a sponsor constellations.

Even though its power was nowhere near what Seong Jihan now wielded with the Sacred Flame code.

The basic concept, upon reflection, was similar.

Thinking of the Sacred Flame Sophia summoned.

‘……Wait. Why am I wielding this so easily?’

The question redirected towards himself.

Thinking back, his fluency in reading the codes and interpreting the specialized characters created by the eye as if it were his native language was odd.

‘I don’t think there’s any hidden secret about my birth.’

Though his sister Seong Jiah, possessing a divine eye, became the Witch of Void.

Could there be a remarkable lineage in their ancestry?

Pondering briefly, Seong Jihan realized.


The sword scars left by the Taiji Sword increasingly wrenched the space.

Staying here would be fruitless for finding answers.

“……I’m going.”

[I’ll wait. Main body!]


Seong Jihan sealed the persistent eye insisting he was the main body into the storage box, logging off with a sense of unease.

* * *

Returning to his room, Seong Jihan pondered over what just happened.

‘I’d like to inquire further about the red hand…….’

Not in the training hall but recklessly pulling out such a dangerous item in the real world was unthinkable.

It had been amicable, calling him the main body just moments ago, but might behave differently here.

‘Thinking back, my sister mentioned a bloodline…….’

When the Succubus Queen was being sealed away in the Myriad Ghost Sealing Gods and was about to perish.

Seong Jiah, appearing in person, halted Seong Jihan’s actions and mentioned the ‘bloodline.’

– What is a chosen bloodline?

– ……It’s complicated to explain now. Simplified, it means a being capable of housing the void, like me.

When asked about the chosen bloodline first mentioned by the Succubus Queen, she answered briefly without elaborating.

At that time, he thought he would eventually find out and let it be.

‘It’s not a situation to be idle about. I’ll ask Seah to inquire with my sister.’

With this thought, Seong Jihan left the room.

Heading to the living room, the enticing smell of food was in the air.

Normally, his mouth would water from the delicious scent, but.

‘Eating the World Tree’s fruit has ruined my appetite.’

After consuming all the World Tree fruit in his inventory to increase his stats.

His appetite hadn’t returned.

If this continues, he might end up eating only World Tree fruit.

Thinking about this, Seong Jihan headed towards the kitchen.

“Oh, Uncle! You came back quickly from checking the rooftop garden?”

“……What are you talking about?”

Seeing Seong Jihan, Yoon Seah made a cryptic remark.

“Huh? Didn’t you say earlier you wanted my cooking after a long time? And when it would take some time, you said you’d go to the rooftop.”

“When did I say that?”

Just then.

“That’s right.”

Step. Step.

Someone walked in from inside the house.

And the voice heard was.

“I asked her.”

Matching exactly with Seong Jihan’s.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

Hearing this, Yoon Seah craned her neck to see who was coming and widened her eyes in shock.

“Tw-Two Uncle Jihans?”


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