The Ninth Sister is a Prodigious Beast Master-Chapter 806 - : Untitled

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Chapter 806: Untitled

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When Beiting Huang heard the last part, she shouted in anger and pounced on Yan Ye. She pushed him onto the chaise longue and pinned Yan Ye’s hand on the top of his head with one hand, while her other hand tore at Yan Ye’s clothes crazily. “You bastard, how dare you say that about me? I want to see how good your figure is. Is it the legendary eight-pack, seductive lines…”

The atmosphere in the room was about to explode. In the courtyard, after Qiong Qi left, Bai Ze and the other two were still guarding it. The cultivators had sharp ears and eyes, and Beiting Huangs voice was especially loud. It was difficult not to hear her.

The three of them tilted their heads and looked over at the house. The light and shadow hit the white screen window, and the three of them could clearly see what the two of them were doing from the shadows.

“F*ck, their princess consort is so fierce!” This was what the three of them thought at the same time. When a human female was in love, she was even more powerful than a male magical beast. Could the princess consort eat their

master alive?

Was she surrounded?

Beiting Huang was so frightened that her entire body trembled and she almost rolled off Yan Ye’s body. She looked at the window and saw the shadows of two people on the white screen window. She was on top and he was on the bottom. She could guarantee that from the outside, they could see more clearly that she was pulling half of Yan Ye’s belt.

At this moment, Yan Ye’s chest was indeed naked under her. His exquisite white collarbone was simply carved out of white jade. Under the light of the illumination crystal, it flickered with a warm jade-like luster. Beiting Huang couldn’t take her eyes off it at a glance and could only stare foolishly. The delicate texture of his skin wasn’t like the rough skin of a man she had imagined, nor was it like the skin of those burly men covered in black hair she had seen in her previous life.

Beiting Huangs hand gently touched it. The smooth and delicate feeling came from her palm, and her heart trembled. This feeling, this detail, and this texture were simply better than hers. Slowly, as if she was possessed, her fingertips traced his collarbone, chest, and gently brushed across Yan Ye’s chest. His entire body suddenly trembled.

“Cough cough cough!’

In the courtyard, a cough sounded. It was an extremely suppressed sound, but the two of them heard it at the same time. Beiting Huang looked out of the window again and heard three breathing sounds. She had been so engrossed just now that she had forgotten that there were other people in the courtyard. Naturally, someone had seen everything.

Beiting Huang suddenly jumped down from Yan Ye e s body. She pulled the heavy gauze curtain and rushed towards the bed.

Yan Ye slowly adjusted his breathing and sat up on the couch with his legs apart. He tugged at his robe. He had already been ravaged by Beiting Huang until he was no different from a dried plum. When the burning sensation subsided a little, he got up and walked towards Beiting Huang..