The Omnistore System-Chapter 346 Secrets by the River (R-18)

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Chapter 346 Secrets by the River (R-18)

"Ahh... slow down," Emma panted, her breaths coming heavily. She wasn't even the one moving this time, but she was getting more exhausted. With her back pressed against Kevin, he held her by the elbows while thrusting his hips back and forth. His penis, nestled between her thighs, now ground against her moist panties, brushing against her vaginal lips through the thin fabric.

"I can't, I'm close," Kevin panted, his breathing heavy.

Emma's hair was disheveled, and her clothes were a mess, but she wore a slight smile. Despite Kevin's rough handling, she didn't mind and endured it, urging him, "Then do it fast..."

As she spoke, Kevin announced, "I'm cumming..." He released his semen, the first few shots escaping between her thighs. The rest, however, was trapped as Emma squeezed his penis with her thighs, causing it to leak between them and stain them both.

The semen dripped from her thighs to her pants as Kevin continued releasing, not stopping until all of her inner thighs were drenched with it. However, since they were already soaked with her vaginal fluids before, they appeared even more saturated now.

With a final, weakened thrust, he let go of her arms and placed his face heavily on her shoulder, breathing heavily. "Thanks..." he muttered, planting a kiss on her slightly sweaty face.

Keyara, caressing his face, smiled and replied, "Don't mention it." But beneath her smile, there was also a hint of disappointment, although she couldn't pinpoint its source. However, her body knew it was because of the heightened arousal hadn't been fully released.

Ignoring it, she forced a smile, feeling the semen dripping from her thighs, and asked, "But why did you finished between my thighs?" She widened her thighs, observing them sticky with his semen, trailing down along her legs and falling onto her pants. Seeing this, she continued, "Now where do I find another pair of pants and clean up this mess?"

Kevin smiled, hugging her waist, and pointed to a large body of water nearby. "You can clean up there, and I packed some extra clothes in here," he said, showing her his space ring.

"But what if someone comes while I'm cleaning?" she asked, her face showing concern. She couldn't sleep with Kevin's sticky semen on her thighs.

"I'll keep watch. You go ahead and get cleaned up," he assured her, letting her go and tucking his pants up.

Emma's disappointment was evident as she watched Kevin tuck himself back into his pants. Blushing, she averted her gaze, feeling a mix of emotions. Meanwhile, Kevin pulled out some clothes for her, including a new set of fancy underwear. Upon seeing it, she asked, "Don't you have another ones?"

Kevin shook his head and handed her the clothes. "You didn't buy more, or I would have packed them," he explained.

He had only packed items they had purchased back at Celin's and those from the local bazaar here. Emma had only bought two pairs of underwear, one of which she had worn yesterday, and the other was now in her hands.

With no other choice, Emma headed to the river to clean up, moving to a spot away from the camp where she could have some privacy. She jokingly called out to Kevin, "No peeking," to which he nodded with a smile as he took up his position as lookout.

Although Kevin could have easily taken a peek, he chose not to, knowing there would be plenty of opportunities in the future. Instead, he remained vigilant while Emma cleaned herself up. fre𝚎w𝐞bn𝗼v𝗲𝐥.𝚌𝗼𝚖

With a bit of free time to himself, Kevin began to ponder how he could advance further with Emma. Doing so back home would be nearly impossible, with someone always around. Perhaps he could take her out to hotels and such, but that might raise suspicions.

He considered asking her to make some excuse, like starting work, but that wouldn't sit well with Maria, who probably wouldn't want her to work. Plus, he was planning to give her a cultivation technique soon, but he was waiting for the right one to come by. He didn't want all of them to practice just one.

Considering the state of Maria and Riya's bodies, despite being cultivators, Kevin speculated that it might be due to the grade of their cultivation, though other factors could be at play.

Reflecting further, he concluded that they likely didn't practice any fighting techniques. While strength alone wasn't the foundation of cultivators, they required other skills and conditioning to complement their abilities.

"I should teach them some moves," he mused. However, realizing that he might be busy in the coming days, he pondered alternative solutions. "Should I enroll them in a dojo?" he considered, recalling his own experiences training in one during his time in the den.

Grinning mischievously, Kevin realized he could delegate the task to someone else. Pondering further, he devised a plan to address his previous dilemmas and grinned widely as he found a way to spend some alone time with Emma and the others as well.

Now, he just needed to inquire about their weapon preferences and hope they didn't all choose the same one.

"Why are you smiling so pervertedly? Don't tell me you took a peek at me?" Emma asked, feigning anger. Kevin, still wearing his wide grin, shook his head and replied, "Nothing, just remembered something," as he picked up the clothes she had removed. "Let's go, it's getting colder."

Emma nodded and followed Kevin. Glancing at her new clothes, she asked, "Won't they ask why I changed my clothes?" Kevin inspected the pajamas and warm, full-sleeved top he had given her. They fit her snugly, unlike her usual loose attire.

Shaking his head, he replied, "Like I said, they might still be asleep from the potions I put in their food. Even if they're awake and ask, just tell them you changed because your clothes got dirty."

Concerned, Emma pressed further, "And if they ask how they got dirty?"

Kevin, feeling a bit frustrated as he was confident they were all still asleep, sighed and said, "I'll come up with some excuse."