The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm-Chapter 555 - : Fainted

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Chapter 555: Fainted

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Wang Nian, grappling with inner conflict, expressed his predicament to Chen Lin’er. “You know I’ve severed ties with my wife’s brother. I’ve committed to turning over a new leaf and being a better person.”

“My wife’s brother has made it clear that he doesn’t want to see me again. He even threatened to kill me if I lingered. Now, when I need his help, I’m uncertain if he’ll receive me. Even if he does, I don’t know if he’ll resort to violence.”

Observing Wang Nian’s dilemma, Chen Lin’er, tearfully kneeling before him, pleaded, “Brother Wang Nian, please help me for the sake of the child’s father!”

Wang Nian hesitated, but his wife, Ms. Zhang, intervened with a tearful plea, kicking him and saying, “Saving a life is more crucial than building a seven-story pagoda! You must help, even if you’re reluctant!”

Ms. Zhang further entreated Wang Nian, offering him another earring. “Take this earring with you. My brother won’t harm you if you have this.”

Reluctantly, Wang Nian agreed to Chen Lin’er’s request. “I’ll try my best to persuade them to reduce the ransom. If that’s not possible, I’ll plead for a few more days.”

Despite warnings about Wang Nian’s unreliability, Chen Lin’er had no alternative. He was the sole person capable of communicating with the mountain bandits.

Wang Nian returned the next day with devastating news—both children were already dead. The abductors had rendered them unconscious with a palm strike, subsequently placing them in cloth bags for transport to the mountain. Upon reaching their destination, the assailants discovered the children unresponsive, possibly succumbing to suffocation or an excessively forceful strike.

Chen Lin’er lost consciousness on the spot.

Upon awakening, she heard Wang Nian recounting, “I pleaded extensively before those people allowed me to meet my wife’s brother.”

“However, my wife’s brother denied involvement, claiming it was another group responsible.”

“I implored my wife’s brother to take me to speak with this other group, and after much persuasion, he agreed.”

“Upon meeting them, I observed that they were fierce-looking individuals, seemingly ready to devour anyone. They differed significantly from my wife’s brother.”

“I gathered my courage and proposed lowering the ransom to 800 taels, citing the limitations of the value of your shop and house. Surprisingly, the leader readily agreed, granting us additional days.”

“Yet, something felt off. Why were these malevolent individuals so cooperative? I couldn’t shake the strange look in the leader’s eyes. It made my heart skip a beat. Could something be amiss?”

“I immediately requested to see the child. He grew furious, shouting, ‘What are you looking at? Hurry up and go back to get the money. Do you believe that I’ll kill them immediately?”‘

“Frightened but concerned, I discreetly tugged at my wife’s brother’s clothes, pleading for his assistance.”

“My wife’s brother intervened, telling the leader, ‘As bandits, we have our own rules. It’s not excessive to allow the hostages’ family to see them.”‘

“However, the boss adamantly refused to comply. Just as the tension peaked, another man entered, inquiring, ‘Should we bury the corpses of the two children first, or wait until we receive the ransom before returning them to their families?”‘

“I was stunned to hear this revelation: Were they already dead?”

“As the truth unraveled, the boss had no choice but to admit the tragic reality..”