The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce-Chapter 1631 - Acting Up

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1631 Acting Up

Mu Qiaona was already blurry-eyed with tears.

She had thought she was going to die today. After all, given the character of her family, this was the most likely to happen.

Also, she understood what Mu Yabin meant by that last statement.

He still felt that getting the money was the most important thing.


Mu Yabin would get her addicted to drugs, and then tell the reporter about it in exchange for money.

After that, they would use the money to get a new place to live.

In this way, there was no fear of retaliation by Mu Qiaona.

After thinking about the situation here, Mu Qiaona felt ironic and alone.

This was her family! This was her brother!

Oh no, from now on, they were not family anymore!

Mu Qiaona was overwhelmed with thoughts, and she hugged Xia Xibei and cried.

However, she still had a hint of curiosity. Wasn’t this girl on the side a trainee of the company, Meng Sushan? How come she was also here?

“You! You are illegally… Trespassing into our house!” Father Mu got up from the ground, still very annoyed. “I’m calling the police!”

“Call the police.” Xia Xibei made Mu Qiaona stand to the side. “Our company’s lawyers are usually pretty leisurely. Now it’s time for them to work.”

“This… This is a family matter!” Father Mu looked stern.

“A family matter?” Xia Xibei sneered. “You illegally imprisoned a well-known figure… Do you really think this is a family matter?”

Xia Xibei looked at them, her aura amazing.

“You can rest assured, even if you do not call the police, we will call the police. I will let you know, my people are not easy to bully!”

“We… We are her parents!”

Father Mu was so angry that his neck was red, but he was getting sheepish.

Xia Xibei sounded so fierce, with her talk of lawyers and stuff!

“So what if you’re the parents?” Xia Xibei sneered. “Do you think this is still ancient times? Even in ancient times, parents can’t go against their children’s wishes! You’ll see!”

Of course, that’s what she said, but she didn’t plan to call the police at this time.

If the police were called, it would be troublesome for Mu Qiaona if the media knew about it.

Xia Xibei preferred to keep things on the down low.

While they were at a standstill, Mu Yabin’s reaction was a bit strange.

His brow furrowed, his body shivered, and he made a strange grunting sound.

He also looked a little hyper, as if he had encountered something exciting.

His movement drew everyone’s attention, and they looked over, then froze.

“He…. This guy is having a drug withdrawal, right?” Meng Sushan whispered.

This remark alarmed everyone. f𝙧𝒆𝚎𝘸e𝚋𝓷o𝘷𝚎𝒍. co𝑚

Right! He looked like he was on drugs!

As everyone watched, Mu Yabin’s hand trembled as he pulled out a needle of drugs and tried to inject himself.

“No!” Mother Mu immediately became anxious. “Stop! You said you wouldn’t do it again!”

The words made it clear to everyone.

Mu Yabin had already been addicted to drugs. No wonder the family was spending money so fast.

When you were addicted to this kind of stuff, there was not enough money to spend.

Mu Qiaona looked at them incredulously, “So that’s why you want to take money from me?”

This was poison!

Once you got addicted, you were ruined for life!

“It’s all your fault!” Mother Mu glared angrily at Mu Qiaona. “If you had given us the money earlier, your brother wouldn’t be like this!”

Mu Qiaona was speechless, and there was no longer a hurt reaction in her heart.