The Ruined Death Knight-Chapter 430: Forsaken and The Proud

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Leading the new arrivals with different racial traits towards the gathering hall or rather their shelter for the freezing times.

Though as of now, the big building with the big table in the middle was used as their gathering hall to enact the meeting with the new arrivals.

"Make the representative of "you" people sit on the table?"

An old man whose name was Miyu beside the priestess said with his staff pointed at the big table.

The priestess frowned at old Miyu from his words implying that the new arrivals were outsiders.

Many of the new arrivals also picked up and frowned at that, few even were close to yelling at the old man, but before that happend the many-tailed fox standing in front and spoke for everyone.

"Thanks for your hospitality, old Miyu. We will take up your offer." As soon as she finished her words, the 4 strongest of the new arrivals went and seated at the table, making the old Miyu frown at that.

"You 4 ...-"

Before he could finish, the black and white-haired girl stopped him.

"We 4 are the chiefs of our respective groups. There is no representative as you say. Got a problem with that, old forsaken?"

Hearing that, old Miyu raised his eye brown at the word forsaken before frowning.

"So you people are foolish-"

"Old Miyu!" The priestess underpinned before things started to escalate.

"We aren't here to talk about past grievances of our ancestors. We are here to discuss the future of everyone involved here. Let's sit first and talk..." The priests with the white wooden mask said.

With her working with both parties, despite her technically being a member of one of the parties, the leaders cheated to the table while the majority of the villagers of Vashara stand to watch the show together with the newcomers.

"Now, before we talk about our future together, let me introduce myself. I am the priestess who worships the 3 primordial gods of the Vashara village and this here is old Miyu, someone that helped administrate our daily base." The priestess said while staring at the 4 leaders in silence.

What her stare implied was clear to the four.

The first to speak was the many-tailed fox.

"My name is Sernatta and leader of 6 broken tribes. It's a pleasure meeting you, people of Vashara." She said with a warm smile and calm voice.

"Name is Gilgamash, leader of 6 broken tribes saved by the primordial. It's a pleasure." The man with the golden tail said while blankly staring at the people of Vashara.

"Leader of 10 broken tribes, Herlin." The man with the claws said in a deep voice.

"Hmpf, Leader of 8 broken tribes, Kuroshi. Forsaken who abounded the primordial's great lands." The black and white-haired girl said while staring at the Vashara people with a frown.

"..." The priestess at Kuroshi in silence before opening her mouth.

"Please stop calling our people by such title, leader Kuroshi. If we are to live to" The priestess said.

She wanted to continue, but old Miyu interrupted her.

"Priestess, it would be unwise to make a hasty decision without knowing their connection to Harsh Death. What're your connections with him?" Old Miyu said while staring at the leaders who were clearly more powerful than him with an unshaken gaze.

"There is no decision to make elder, the primordial god of Harsch Death has already given his will to you people. Going against his will means becoming our enemy." Herlin said with his eyes looking at old Miyu as if he was prey.

Seeing that, Shin'Yen who was standing behind the seat of the priestess walked a step forward while staring at Herlin.

"Drop it Herlin, there is no need for bloodshed." Shin'Yen said.

"No, I would have to agree with Herlin on this, Shin'Yen. We follow the primordial's will and will alone. You were there when we pledge." Gilgamash said while staring with his blank gaze at Shin'Yen.

The three of them put an aura around them as if they would jump and reap the throats of each other and any moment was becoming more intense by the second.

Shin'Yen slowly lowered the grip of his staff, ready to draw the black ice spike hidden in the staff while the other two were ready to bounce at him if he ever did.

At the moment when the tension peaked, someone spoke out loud.

"Sigh, men. Stop it already you two. And you two Shin'Yen. Do you want to open a conflict and drag the primordial here?" Sernatta said while shaking her head at those two before looking at old Miyu.

"As for your question, we own our lives to the primordial. He saved the lives of everyone here from certain death or a much worse fate. I hope this answers your question, elder Miyu?" Sernatta said with her calm voice.

"Saving everyone's life..? How exactly?" Old Miyu said with a frown, making Sernatta frown.

Before she could respond, someone else did.

"Tch, Everyone here that you see has been a slave from the ice trolls old man. Subjected to work till they die, being the toys to relieve their urges of those animals and used as food when they felt like it. If it weren't for the primordial of Harsch Death, some of us would have already been eaten."

"And all he asked us in return for our salvation was us pleading at his will and even offered us power while the second primordial healed our wounds and even recovered the limbs that we have lost against that beast." Kuroshi said while staring at the villagers with disdain.

"I saw you lots hate towards the primordials once he arrived, unworthy of the primordial's protection. Just like you ancestors who run away from the holy lands dictated by the primordial's will, you lot don't take the will of the primordials seriously."

"Kuroshi!!! That's enough!" Sernatta raised up from her seat while yelling at Kuroshi.

Kuroshi gave Sernatta a look before raising her hand that pointed towards the priestess.

"Many tails, you know that I am right, don't you? Heh, after all. The supposed priestess who is supposed to worship the 3 primordial has the same doubt in her eyes as her own people."

Her words brought a wave of shock to the villagers of Vashara.

"Stop spouting nonsense outsider!"

"The priestess is the holiest of all, how dare you doubt her!?"


Kuroshi ignored the yells of the villagers and stared directly at the priestess's eyes behind the mask.

"Ain't right? Forsaken?

"..."The priestess frowned in response.


At the same time, in the blacksmithing workshop, completely ignorant of the chaos which he resulted with his simple order towards the priestess.

Danzel followed behind Bolrorg into the workshop.

"Where do you want the ore to be placed." Danzel said in his cold voice.

"Please tell them to put it over there." Bolrorg the smith said while pointing to a small corner.

Gazing at that corner, Danzel stared at his undead who were carrying the ore.

'This all ore won't fit inside here, place whoever much you can, then go and call others to carry the rest. For now, place the remaining ore the wagons.' Danzel said the Draugrs with a mental command.

The Draugrs nodded their head and did exactly as commanded, all that while under the gaze of the old blacksmith.

Once the Draugrs had left, only Danzel and Bolrorg remained inside the workshop.

Shiro had long gone with the Anabast to study magic. With Shiro attempting to learn [Lesser Raise Undead] and the Anabast the lesser version of [Necromatic Restoraction].

He would also have been with them if it weren't for taking care of the ore they had gathered.

"So Bolrorg, do you know what I need you to do?" Danzel said.

"To smith and create weapons for your army?" Bolrorg asked while tilting his head at the question.

"Yes, but that won't be everything that I will need you to do. First of all, weapons won't be enough. I will also need armor to be made. Do you know how to make armor?"

Hearing that, Bolrorg frowned.

"Forgive me Harsch Death...I have never practiced making armor similar to yours. Armor such as yours is usually extremely cold for our people to wear..." The old man paused before continuing.

"But...I can learn if given the time and a few examples that I can take inspiration of. Forgive this incompetent smith, Great one." He lowered his head.

Danzel in turn shook his head.

"I am not blaming you for not knowing what you have never tried. Though I would need you to learn now. I will also provide a few armors for you to study." Danzel said before continuing in his cold voice.

"But that won't be all that I will need you to do. I will have to ask you to teach a few of my creations you craft Bolrorg."

Hearing that, Bolrorg's eyes widen in surprise.