The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2220: Here Comes A Big One! (1)

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Chapter 2220 - Here Comes A Big One! (1)

Lin Yun had suffered torture for the past seven days before he made a breakthrough in the Azure Dragon Divine Physique, allowing his bones to transform into Dragon’s Bones. Then again, this wasn’t a natural transformation,m and it couldn’t be compared to the bones of pure-blooded dragons. Even so, this was enough to increase the power of his divine physique by several fold.

Now, relying on the divine physique, he could easily move freely under ten times gravity without activating the Dragon’s Blood or thunderstorm energy.

Ye Guhan moved and released the restriction on Lin Yun’s Astral Sword Intent. This made Lin Yun breathe a sigh of relief as the pressure on him decreased. He moved his limbs and discovered that he had restored half of his movement technique’s speed.

It suddenly felt like it had been a long time since he had adapted to having his saint aura and sword intent sealed for the past seven days. In the past, he could only use the power of his Azure Dragon Divine Physique and couldn’t even reach one-tenth of his movement technique’s speed.

“Senior Brother, since we’re going to practice sword techniques, release my saint aura as well,” Lin Yun smiled as he tried to negotiate.

Ye Guhan chewed on the Divine Dragon Fruit and smiled, “You must be dreaming. Long Yun, don’t be in a hurry to leave so quickly and seal his Azure Dragon Divine Physique.”

Lin Yun awkwardly smiled, “Senior Brother, you don’t have to be that harsh, right?”

“Junior Brother, you have chosen this path yourself. Since you believe me, you should listen to what I say,” Ye Guhan smiled. “It’s already too late to regret it.”

The Dragon Origin Great Saint frowned, “It’s not easy to deal with divine physique unless he cooperates willingly. Furthermore, it can only be accomplished with the help of a pellet, and that’s only for a short period.”

The reason why body-refining Saints were powerful was because it was hard to restrain their strength. After all, a divine physique’s power came from the blood, bones, and internal organs.

Lin Yun saw a glimmer of hope and smiled, “See? It’s too troublesome.”

But Ye Guhan said nothing as he turned to look at the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint.

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint took out the base of a pellet, and said without any emotions, “This is the base of the Blood Devouring Pellet. After consuming it, it will consume the vitality of your divine physique. For seven days, the Blood Devouring Pellet will start forming within your body, so your divine physique will be restricted.”

The Dragon Origin Great Saint looked at it with fear and exclaimed, “You still kept this damned thing refined by Radiant?”

The Heavenly Jade Sword Saint glared at the Dragon Origin Great Saint, and she said, “How is this damned? Didn’t you use it in the past? It can temper your physique and saint pill, two stones with a bird.”

Lin Yun was baffled when he heard that, and soon figured out that this was the same as refining a pellet within the body, and the divine physique would be greatly restricted during this period.

“Furthermore, the pellet produced will be of perfect quality, and even the best alchemists can’t reproduce it,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said.

The Dragon Origin Great Saint took the pellet, and smiled, “That’s for sure. After all, using the divine physique as a cauldron and the blood as flames to refine a pellet. It cannot be found by other alchemists.”

The Dragon Origin Great Saint approached Lin Yun, and sighed, “That was a terrible history. Back then, that damned Radiant bluffed me to consume over a hundred of these Blood Devouring Pellets. I practice the Dracophant Saint Purgatory Art, which refined the Dracophant Saint Purgatory Pellet. If it appeared, it would cause a huge uproar since its recipe was long lost.”

The corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched, and he comforted, “Master, it has been tough for you.”

But the Dragon Origin Great Saint wore a playful smile, and said, “Haha, I also benefited from it. Furthermore, aren’t you around? You can atone for your master’s sins.”

Before Lin Yun could react, the Dragon Origin Great Saint shoved the pellet into Lin Yun’s mouth. As the Blood Devouring Pellet coiled around his body, it sank into his violet palace with his vitality being lured over. His vitality kept being consumed by the Blood Devouring Pellet. Lin Yun tried to use it, but discovered that he couldn’t circulate his vitality.

His current physique was no different from an ordinary Quasi-Saint or even worse. Now that Lin Yun could only rely on his sword intent to withstand the pressure, he immediately fell onto one knee.

“Back then, I took the Blood Devouring Pellet when I was already at the Saint Realm, so this pellet is best for those at the Quasi-Saint Realm. So you can enjoy it,” The Dragon Origin Great Saint said, and he left satisfied.

Lin Yun bitterly smiled because they were all here to mess with him.

“Stand up like a sword. The Radiant’s lineage will never lower our heads!” Ye Guhan’s indifferent voice resounded.

Lin Yun gritted his teeth and tried to support himself. But after losing his divine physique, his physique was too weak, so he couldn’t properly stand up even if when using the Astral Sword Intent. He would've long collapsed onto the ground if he didn’t have his Astral Sword Intent.

“You can’t hold on when it’s just ten times the gravity?” Ye Guhan sneered. “I’m not using my saint aura and have restrained my sword intent at the Astral Sword Intent.”

His words triggered Lin Yun as he gritted his teeth and stood back up, bearing the pressure. Anyone could hear the cracking sounds coming from his body, which didn’t feel great. Before he could raise his head, Ye Guhan flicked his finger, and Lin Yun was sent flying away, smashing against a boulder.

Lin Yun held onto his chest and threw out a mouthful of blood, his face becoming pale and a hint of rage flashing across his eyes. Ye Guhan had launched a sneak attack against him.

Ye Guhan looked as though he had changed into an entirely different person, and shook his head, “It looks like you’re too weak, Junior Brother. Do you really want to challenge a Saint with only this much? If you didn’t have those encounters and the Sovereign Saint Artifact, the finger of a Saint, I mean a strand of hair, is enough to immobilize you.”

Lin Yun’s face sank unconvincingly, but he couldn’t refute it since he was already having difficulty gasping for air. He always believed in using his sword to speak, and that he wouldn’t waste time talking if he could speak with actions, even if this person was his senior brother.

“What’s the matter? Unconvinced?” Ye Guhan sneered. “Am I wrong? Others didn’t have a powerful master like the Radiant Sword Saint, and they weren’t like you, who could always have someone helping you. Jiang Jingtian helped you in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect, and our master helped you in the Sword Sect. As for the Heavenly Dao Sect? You have two mistresses, your senior brother, your master, and a Sovereign Saint Artifact.”

Lin Yun’s blood boiled as he suppressed his rage. That wasn’t fair since he had experienced countless life-and-deaths along the way. It wasn’t as simple as Ye Guhan had described.

“The Horizon Hawk Saint Lord didn’t have that, so are you not bullying him?” Ye Guhan mocked, and his smile looked sarcastic in Lin Yun’s eyes.

“Shut it!” Lin Yun unleashed his anger as he drew the Flower Burial Sword, thrusting it towards Ye Guhan. This sword was fast, and Lin Yun had been waiting for a long time. If Ye Guhan had sealed his saint aura and his sword intent was similar to his, this attack would be able to defeat Ye Guhan.

As the sword ray reached Ye Guhan, it tore apart Ye Guhan’s clothes. As he said, the latter had sealed his saint aura, making Lin Yun look smug. So what if this person was his senior brother?

But Ye Guhan took a step back as he waved his hand. The Flower Burial Sword flew out, and the sword pierced his sleeves.

“That’s more like it!” Ye Guhan smiled and sent Lin Yun flying with a wave of his sleeve. As he smiled, he took a fruit and started gnawing on it. “Junior Brother, it looks like you’re still lacking.”

Lin Yun fell onto the ground and couldn’t even struggle back onto his feet.

“Let’s stop here,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint shook her head.

When he heard that, Lin Yun had joy flashing in his eyes, and he looked at Ye Guhan with resentment. Even if he knew that Ye Guhan did it on purpose, he was still furious because of what he said. In the end, it was the mistress that treated him better.

But just when he was about to thank the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint, the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint waved her hand, and he was sent back to the foot of the mountain. “We can’t teach him now. Let him take a trip back up here again.”

“Holy…” Before Lin Yun could say the second word, he already rolling to the foot of the mountain. Without his divine physique, the pain made his entire body ache, and he finally understood that those who didn’t speak were the most ruthless.

“Look at that resentment in his eyes,” Ye Guhan said.

“What you said was a little too much,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint said.

“I’m tempering his heart. After all, some Saints are really terrible, and they like to mock their opponents,” Ye Guhan said righteously.

“Not as bad as you,” the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint replied.

For the next period, Lin Yun was tortured. While his sword intent adapted to the gravity, Ye Guhan moved as they fought. Lin Yun faced two opponents because the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint also joined in.

Most importantly, the Heavenly Jade Sword Saint used the Divine Firefly Sword, while Ye Guhan used the Great Profound Sword Canon. As a result, Lin Yun had to divide his attention into two and faced the two Great Saints. But he never lasted more than ten moves between them.

Although the two didn’t use their full strength, he didn’t hold back and was terrifyingly fast. Lin Yun even suspected if the ten-fold gravity had any effects on them.

“This won’t do! I can’t hold on any longer!” Three days later, Lin Yun barely endured through fifteen moves before he waved his hand, gasping for breath.

“Junior Brother, a man can never say he can’t hold on any longer.” Ye Guhan smiled as he was prepared to ‘comfort’ Lin Yun. But just when he was about to make a move, the powerless Lin Yun suddenly stood up with his sword and thrusted towards Ye Guhan.

Lin Yun’s sword spiraled in mid-air as though there were two people, one executing the Divine Firefly Sword while the other executed the Carefree 9 Swords. This was completely different from splitting himself into two in the past. The Divine Firefly Sword was performed through the Dragon-Phoenix World Annihilating Sword Canon, while the Carefree 9 Sword was performed with the Great Profound Sword Canon.

He might seem to have split his heart into two, but he had split his heart into four instead or even more because he had to seal off Ye Guhan’s path of retreat.