The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2260 - Phoenix Fire

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Chapter 2260 - Phoenix Fire

When Huang Jingyu, the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord, and Liu Yunlan soared to the sky, a dazzling saint radiance shone from them that were like three bright moons lighting up the Flame Dragon Valley.

On the head of the Flame Dragon’s skull, the fourth-stage Saint Lords frowned because they sensed trouble. The Heavenly Sage Saint Lord was amongst them. He wanted to put aside the task of breaking the array and resolve the trouble.

“You guys can just focus on breaking the array. I will be back shortly.” Huang Jingyu waved his hand, signaling that everyone didn’t have to be concerned about it before he led Liu Yunlan and the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord over.

“Who dares hurt the saint disciples of my Ming Cult?!” When Huang Jingyu said that, he stood on the skeleton of the Flame Dragon, looking at everyone.

The people in front of him gave off a powerful, ominous aura. They were all demonic cultivators and they were looking at Huang Jingyu, Liu Yunlan, and the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord.

The leaders of the demonic cultivators were four Saint Lords, all at the fourth stage, giving off powerful auras.

When Lin Yun looked at them, he soon noticed they differed from those who went after the Divine Blood Fruit. Those who went after the Divine Blood Fruit were running out of lifespan, and you could sense it from them. But these four were different. Their vitalities were active with no signs of their lifespans ending.

This meant that they were confident to make a breakthrough to extend their lifespan, so they didn’t come after the Divine Blood Fruit. They have probably been spending their time in the Heavenly Void searching for treasures, and they must’ve found something due to the ominous aura they were releasing.

“They’re all demonic cultivators on the Demonic Ranking!”

“The ones leading are the Wither Wood Saint Lord and Ghost Bone Saint Lord. The two are formidable foes, while the Blood Ape Saint Lord and Nether Whale Saint Lord possess a demonic beast’s bloodline. They’re long famous on the Demonic Ranking.”

“Your Highness, should we make a move as well?”

Lin Yun and Li Feibai were sitting amongst the Divine Phoenix Mountain’s group. They could hear those from the Divine Phoenix Mountain asking if Ji Zixi wanted to make a move.

But Ji Zixi waved her hand and said, “Since Huang Jingyi likes to stand in the limelight, we’ll just let him do it.”

Ji Zixi didn’t like Huang Jingyu, especially after learning that Lin Yun was forced to jump down the Fallen God Valley because of him. She naturally wouldn’t let the Ming Cult join in with acquiring the divine flames if she had any other choice.

“A brat like you wants to come up? Where’s the Ming Cult’s Heavenly Sage Saint Lord?!” The Ghost Bone Saint Lord sneered in disdain. “When I became a Saint, you had yet to be born.”

The Wither Wood Saint Lord coldly said, “Get lost; otherwise, I don’t mind devouring the three of you.”

Huang Jingyu, Liu Yunlan, and Heavenly Kui Saint Lord were calm before Huang Jingyu sneered, “Aren't you here because you guys want a share in the divine flames?”

Huang Jingyu knew that these people weren’t weak, but they wouldn't dare to confront a holy land head-on. They probably wanted a share in the harvest or they would’ve made a move. After all, he didn’t expect demonic cultivators to be reasoned with.

The Ghost Bone Saint Lord smiled, “Let us in since you know. Sending out pawns won’t be able to intimidate everyone else, and we’ll stand guard for you. We can guarantee that no one will dare to take a step in.”

The Wither Wood Saint Lord said, “There is more than one divine flame fragment, so we only want one to look at it. Once we’re done, we’ll return it to you guys.”

“That depends on how capable you guys are.” Huang Jingyu didn’t speak, but the Myriad Lightning Sect’s Heavenly Kui Saint Lord sneered with contempt in his eyes.

“Where did a brat like you come from to speak to me in this manner?!” The Wither Wood Saint Lord was furious as he coldly looked at the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord and his hand reached out. His palm contained a corrosive energy that released a rotting stench in the air.

This palm was sinister since it didn’t only contain corrosive power, but also poison. This poison was vicious, and only a demonic cultivator would have no reservations about using it.

When the other surrounding cultivators saw this scene, they frowned because the demonic cultivators were trouble.

“How dare you!” Huang Jingyu roared as he pointed with his finger. His saint energy condensed into a beam that shot out, piercing through the air and shattering the Wither Wood Saint Lord’s attack.

When the remnant energy of Wither Wood Saint Lord’s attack landed on the ground, a sizzling sound was being emitted from the poison, making everyone feel a chill run down their spines.

“You like to play with poison?” Huang Jingyu snorted as he waved his hand, gathering all the poisonous miasma into a bead in his hand.

“Let me see how poisonous this is… Tsk, tsk, how powerful. It would be dangerous to just come into contact with it.” Huang Jingyu sneered and flicked with his finger.

The Wither Wood Saint Lord dodged the poison bead, but many demonic cultivators behind him failed to duck in time. As a result, several demonic cultivators screamed in pain when the poisonous bead exploded.

The poisoned demonic cultivators kept rolling on the ground with pus appearing on their faces. But this let the Ghost Bone Saint Lord, Wither Wood Saint Lord, Blood Ape Saint Lord, and Nether Whale Saint Lord take a cold breath. They instantly realized that Huang Jingyu wasn’t an easy opponent.

“It looks like we have underestimated you!” The Ghost Bone Saint Lord dropped his smile and coldly said, “You better let us in now while we’re still being reasonable. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise, what?” Huang Jingyu roared, “A bunch of rats from the dark dares to be so arrogant? Get lost!”

Everyone was shocked because they didn’t expect Huang Jingyu to immediately cause cause fall out.

“Cripple this brat now!” The Ghost Bone Saint Lord said with murderous intent on his face and charged at Huang Jingyu. He was a fourth-stage Saint Lord, not to mention that he was a demonic cultivator who slew his way out from the masses and stood out. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t put Huang Jingyu in his eyes.𝓯𝙧𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝙗𝙣𝙤𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝓬𝙤𝙢

Huang Jingyu couldn’t be considered his junior, even though he was one generation lower. He unleashed three attacks, which were all dodged by Huang Jingyu.

“Is that the best you can do?” Huang Jingyu said with a cold, mocking expression.

The Ghost Bone Saint Lord had never felt such humiliation before. He became furious as he brought out his constellation without any reservations. As his saint energy began to rumble, a dragon and an elephant appeared on both sides of his body as he threw his punch forth.

This powerful low-grade dragon spirit martial technique exhibited a terrifying power in the hands of a fourth-stage Saint Lord.

Huang Jingyu didn’t hold back either and raised his hands to the sky with the sun and moon shining brightly. As a ‘Ming’ word appeared, Huang Jingyu clashed head-on with the Ghost Bone Saint Lord. But in this clash, blood dripped from the Ghost Bone Saint Lord’s lips as he took a few steps back in surprise.

“How is this possible?!” The Ghost Bone Saint Lord was shocked with disbelief.

“Someone who had just become a fourth-stage Saint Lord dares to act with such arrogance before me? Get lost if you’re tactful, or I’ll kill all of you!” Huang Jingyu waved his sleeves and stood with his hands behind his back, looking overbearing.

The Blood Ape Saint Lord wanted to make a move, but a blade ray came at him before he could retaliate, slicing off his left arm from the shoulder. As blood splashed, the Blood Ape Saint Lord screamed in pain.

“Old man, stay where you are, and don’t interfere!” Liu Yunlan smiled, wielding his blade. His Astral Blade Intent bloomed around him, releasing ten-odd galaxies, each reaching over a hundred feet, creating a domineering aura.

“Get lost!” The Heavenly Kui Saint Lord didn’t stand to the side and did nothing either. He soared to the sky with lightning gathering in his palm. As the lightning runes began to shine, an ancient aura spread out.

Before the Wither Wood Saint Lord and Nether Whale Saint Lord could make a move, they were sent flying away and couldn’t withstand this attack.

With a flash, the three hovered in the air before Huang Jingyu coldly said, “Others might fear you guys, but not me. Return to where you came from!”

The four fourth-stage Saint Lords from the demonic cultivators' faction had shame on their faces after they realized that they had thoroughly embarrassed themselves. They didn’t even dare to say another word as they retreated. This scene left everyone shocked.

“The times have changed. The world now belongs to the younger generation.”

“Those four demonic cultivators are ruthless and vicious and yet they have actually received a one-sided beating.”

“To defeat someone who's two stages above them, these three can be considered geniuses.”

“With Flower Burial’s fall in the Fallen God Valley, does this mean that the Eastern Desolation will belong to them in the future?”

Discussions resounded from the surroundings, with everyone filled with shock.

Huang Jingyu said, “I know what you guys are thinking. But the restriction is still around, and our five holy lands are trying to break it. So we can’t afford any mistakes. This is why we’re forbidding anyone from approaching, but please be rest assured. If there are extra divine flame fragments, we won’t monopolize them and will allow everyone to comprehend them.”

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Li Feibai looked at Lin Yun, and said, “Those three have received a huge benefit from the Blood Flame King’s den. Huang Jingyu didn’t even use the Sacred Moonlight Ring to defeat his opponent. The same goes for the other two. Each of the five holy lands has brought a secret treasure with them, so they cannot be underestimated.”

Lin Yun smiled, “Well, I feel that you didn’t treat them seriously.”

“I’m someone with a Sovereign Constellation. Do you have one?” Li Feibai said pridefully. “Furthermore, I’m a disciple from one of the Eight Imperial Clans. So even holy lands will have to give me face.”

“A Sovereign Constellation? I do have one,” Lin Yun said.

“Carry on boasting,” Li Feibai said. She didn’t believe what Lin Yun said.

Lin Yun merely smiled it off, since he was speaking the truth.

Right then, Huang Jingyu, Liu Yunlan, and Heavenly Kui Saint Lord were recognized as geniuses from the surrounding clans.

“They’re coming,” Li Feibai said softly.

Lin Yun noticed that the three were coming in Ji Zixi’s direction. Even Qu Wushuang couldn’t continue watching anymore and quickly came over with those from the Divine Dao Pavilion.

“Your Highness, there’s only the last restriction left, so it’ll soon be time to break it,” Huang Jingyu politely said with a smile as he looked at Ji Zixi. The last restriction required Ji Zixi’s Phoenix Fire.

Ji Zixi had the purest phoenix bloodline in the Divine Phoenix Mountain. So there was no one more suitable than her.

Ji Zixi sat in her carriage and said, “Didn’t you decide to let everyone observe the divine flame fragments? So why ask for my help?”

“We need to give them hope, or chaos might break out,” Huang Jingyu smiled. “I know the holy maiden wouldn’t lower yourself to this level, so I might as well help you with the dirty work.”

Ji Zixi opened the curtain to her carriage before stepping out, displaying a noble air around her. Even if she didn’t like Huang Jingyu, she still had to break the last restriction.

“What a beauty,” Li Feibai praised.

Lin Yun echoed with her in his heart.

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