The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2432 - I Seemed To Walk On The Wrong Path

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Chapter 2432 - I Seemed To Walk On The Wrong Path

Ye Guhan came to the Divine Firmament Peak while the Dragon Origin Great Saint drank. The ones who welcomed him were Peak Master Mu Chuan and Feng Jue.

“Senior Brother!” Mu Chaung and Feng Jue bowed. Mu Chuan looked serious, while Feng Jue looked happy. It had been long since he had last seen Ye Guhan, since he had been staying in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect with Jian Jingtian for the past few years.

After they greeted each other, Feng Jue sighed, “Senior Brother, do you have any news of Senior Sister and Junior Brother? I’m starting to miss them.”

The second senior was the young mistress of the Hidden Sword Pavilion. Back then, she went against her father’s wish and married a Great Saint of the Demon Clan, causing her to be kicked out by the Radiant Sword Saint.

When Feng Yu was still in the sect, she took great care of Feng Jue, and they had a good relationship. When Lin Yun joined the sect, Feng Jue was his guardian for some time to ensure his safety. Feng Jue thought he could meet Feng Yu again, but she didn’t come.

“Junior Sister must’ve come here. She probably didn’t appear inside the Sword Sect because of her husband’s situation,” Ye Guhan said.

“Senior Sister told you about her arrival?” Feng Jue’s eyes lit up.

Ye Guhan fell into silence as a form of acknowledgment. Feng Yu’s husband was a Great Saint of the Demon Clan, and his background was sensitive. As a result, he couldn’t appear in the Sword Sect. If he showed up, this would give the Divine Dragon Empire an excuse to join in, and Feng Yu had to be cautious.

“Where’s Junior Brother? Is he really making a breakthrough to the Saint Sovereign in the Divine Dragon Empire?” Mu Chuan asked.

“I’m not too sure about that. Since Junior Brother managed to convince the Divine Phoenix Holy Master, they must’ve formed some sort of a transaction. But jJunior Brother should be safe. After all, Lord Phoenix isn’t a pushover,” Ye Guhan said calmly.

Ye Guhan and Lil’ Purple came to the Divine Firmament Peak, and Ye Guhan tried to find more information about Lin Yun. But Lil’ Purple only gave a rough answer and didn’t share the truth with him. When they parted, Ye Guhan came to look for his junior brothers while Lil’ Purple went to the residence where Lin Yun once stayed.

Feng Jue’s thoughts were flexible, and he said, “She must be wanting to protect Junior Brother, not wanting Junior Brother to participate in this fight.”

Ye Guhan’s eyes lit up, and he smiled, “I never thought of that before, and there’s a high possibility.”

On Scarlet Firmament Peak, the Divine Phoenix Holy Master and Azure Python Great Saint were playing a chess game, but their attention wasn’t on it. They looked calmer than the other Saints because they had no path of retreat.

Ji Zixi had become the Heavenly Barren Ancestral Deity’s disciple, fulfilling the wish of the Divine Phoenix Mountain for the past hundred thousand years, which was why the Divine Phoenix Holy Master was willing to help, and he had no regrets even if he died here.

As for the Azure Python Great Saint, he wanted to bring Lin Yun away in a critical moment because Lin Yun’s life was more important than the Sword Sect. The Azure Python Great Saint asked, “Is Lin Yun trying to make a breakthrough for the Saint Sovereign?”

“Most likely, and he might even be a Saint Sovereign by now,” the Divine Phoenix Holy Master smiled.

“Time is the sovereign while space is the king, and your cultivation is stronger than his. So you should be able to suppress Tian Xuanzi by right,” the Azure Python Great Saint said as he placed the chess piece down.

“Time and space complement each other, and they don’t curb each other. It still depends on someone’s attainment in Eternal Dao,” the Divine Phoenix Holy Master said. As he spoke, he frowned, “Logically speaking, Tian Xuanzi is a junior, and I should be able to easily crush him. But there’s something weird about him, even weirder than Lin Yun. Lin Yun cannot be judged with logic, but I can somehow see through his origin. But I can’t see through Tian Xuanzi. In our meeting, it's as though there’s a fog between us.”

“His origin is a mystery, and he’s not someone from the Qin Clan. That was a fake identity the Empress forged for him,” the Azure Python Holy Master said.

“Only the Nine Emperors might know his origin. The Radiant Sword Saint should know a thing or two. This is why the Radiant Sword Saint didn’t kill him back then,” the Divine Phoenix Holy Master said.

The Azure Python Great Saint sighed, “The Radiant Sword Saint was too softhearted back then. He could tell how talented Tian Xuanzi was, and yet he still allowed him to join the Profound Sky Sect.” 𝗳𝐫𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

The Divine Phoenix Holy Master smiled, knowing that the Radiant Sword Saint wasn’t a softhearted person, so there must be a reason why he spared Tian Xuanzi. He raised his head to the sky and said, “Tonight is a little too peaceful.”

“A storm is coming,” the Azure Python Great Saint said.

Compared to the nervous Sword Sect, the Profound Sky Sect was bustling with people. Tian Xuanzi drank all the wine in the Profound Sky Sect, drinking happily. Compared to others, the back mountain of the Profound Sky Sect was a garden. Tian Xuanzi was alone, playing chess with a cat by his side as though everything else outside had nothing to do with him.

Tian Xuanzi was alone, but a chess piece would land on the chessboard whenever he placed a chess piece down like he was playing with someone. The white chess piece held the advantage while the black chess piece continued to attack like a black dragon trapped in a cage.

But for some reason, Tian Xuanzi couldn’t obtain a victory, no matter how he tried. The black dragon was covered in wounds in the next few rounds, but the white chess piece didn’t gain any advantage either.

Just when Tian Xuanzi wanted to place a chess piece down, his hand stopped as the black dragon came to life and charged out of the chessboard, with reinforcements on the back of the dragon, fighting with the Saints manifested by the white chess pieces.

The black dragon struggled and chased all the white chess pieces down. Many people were on the white chess pieces, but those on the black dragon were filled with fighting spirits, fighting to their last breath.

Ultimately, the white dragon roared as the white chess pieces failed. Tian Xuanzi lowered his hand and didn’t put down another chess piece. He had played this game multiple times, failing every time.

A brief moment later, Tian Xuanzi took up a chess piece and placed it down without hesitation, and the two dragons began biting at each other’s necks. The two dragons suffered heavy injuries, and the chessboard fell into chaos.

They fought for a long time before everything ended, and a golden chess piece fell. Golden chess pieces also appeared around the chessboard, and it didn’t take long for them to devour the black and white chess pieces with the chessboard controlled by the golden chess pieces.

Tian Xuanzi had sacrificed himself for the golden chess pieces to obtain a huge benefit.

“You will stay beside me for eternity after this chess game,” a prestigious feminine voice resounded.

Tian Xuanzi had no joy on his face but a hint of sorrow and relief. He nodded and bitterly said, “It should be so.”

The person Tian Xuanzi was playing chess with had left, leaving behind Tian Xuanzi, who held some anticipation. As for the Nine-Tailed Fox, it jumped onto the table and looked at the chessboard with its brows furrowed.

Tian Xuanzi stood blankly as the Nine-Tailed Fox jumped off the stone table, heading to the garden's center. The bell on the Nine-Tailed Fox’s neck resounded as it chased after Tian Xuanzi. Its brows were furrowed, looking at Tian Xuanzi unhappily as though it was saying that Tian Xuanzi went the wrong way again.

When Tian Xuanzi came to his senses, he smiled, “Lil’ Nine, I walked on the wrong path again. I seemed to have walked the wrong path each time.”

When Tian Xuanzi smiled, his smile made everything in the garden pale. He quickened his pace and carried the Nine-Tailed Fox to the garden's center. Waving his hand, a cloth flew away, revealing a throne. This throne emitted a powerful aura with seven swords at the back of it, each looking sharp and powerful.

This throne was a treasure of the Divine Dragon Empire, the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne. This was used by the Empress when she traveled throughout the Kunlun Realm. It could be used to summon the divine dragon and suppress everything. Paired with the seven swords behind it, it was a Sovereign Artifact set, and it was an artifact of the dragon clan forged by the Mo Clan, and each sword represented a divine dragon.

Golden Divine Dragons were coiled around the armrests, and the dragon’s head looked prestigious. The entire throne gave off a powerful aura as the Nine-Tailed Fox jumped onto the throne. Tian Xuanzi didn’t stop it and smiled as he squatted down.

The Nine-Tailed Fox looked around curiously before looking bored as it looked at Tian Xuanzi.

Tian Xuanzi smiled as he reached out and covered the Nine-Tailed Fox’s paw, which the Nine-Tailed Fox drew out its paw and placed on Tian Xuanzi’s hand instead, and they played along just like that. When the sky became bright, Tian Xuanzi carried the Nine-Tailed Fox and sat on the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne.

When he sat down, the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne emitted a dazzling radiance with three golden crows at the front, dragging the throne into the sky. Saint radiance also exploded from the mountain range and lasted for some time as all the Saints gathered in the Profound Sky Sect respectfully appeared before Tian Xuanzi.

There were over twenty Greater Saints, forty Saint Sovereigns, and hundreds of Saints. With such a huge formation, the aura that they gave off was unimaginable. They rode on saint beasts or artifacts as they looked at Tian Xuanzi.

Tian Xuanzi sat on the Golden-Purple Dragon Throne with a flower on his shoulder. There was no emotion on his face as his golden hair scattered about, revealing his outstanding appearance that no words could be used to describe his beauty.

“Greetings, Holy Master!” freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

“The Profound Sky Great Saint, invincible in the Ancient Barren!” All the Saints cupped their fists together as they looked at Tian Xuanzi sitting on the throne.

Tian Xuanzi caressed the Nine-Tailed Fox, and said, “Let’s go! On this trip, we’ll wipe out the Sword Sect and kill the Radiant Sword Saint!”

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