The Steward Demonic Emperor-Chapter 824: Lunar Peak

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Chapter 824: Lunar Peak

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As the sun set on the third day, the cover of night swallowed the last traces of twilight as it heralded the moon’s brightest peak.

Beast Taming Sect’s higher ups returned to the edges of Crescent Pool. Sect Leader stood on the stone platform, awaiting the night to settle in with a smile.

“Elders and venerables, we’ll soon be able to enjoy the purifying water. But first, we shall address the three brats that invaded our sect three days ago.”

Sect Leader looked at his people as he spoke, settling in on one elder.

The elder waved and two disciples brought the three hostages forward.

The sixth prince looked around with malice. Lian’er and her brother looked afraid.

Tuoba Liufeng was deeply regretting coming here. He should have just taken his sister and left. Now that they were in the Beast Taming Sect, they were done for.

Grinning, Sect Leader spoke, “Who are you? Where do you come from?”

The trio was silent.

“Ha-ha-ha, keep your silence then. I already had you investigated anyway.”

Sect Leader turned to his elders, “From Elder Chai’s investigation, they have entered via the secret tunnel by breaking its array.”


Everyone looked stunned, then their faces fell.


One elder stomped, his eyes filled with bloodthirst, “That means Quanrong knew about that tunnel? That inept ruler knows what we’ve done in his lands through the years?”

“I wager it’s sooner than that, just that he was faking it. But now that cover is blown, ha-ha-ha…”

Sect Leader smiled, “Not only Quanrong’s humiliation will come to light, but also the Beast Taming Sect’s image will take a huge blow. If Double Dragon Manor catches wind of it, that an empire’s guardian sect…”

“Then make sure it never gets out!”

The elder spat before Sect Leader finished. “Didn’t Zhuo Fan pop up in Quanrong? We’ll just have to remove all that know of this and just dump it on his head. This bastard has committed such atrocities, killing and pillaging, before he was finally put down, ha-ha-ha…”

The other nodded, their minds set.

Sixth prince was outraged, “Damn hypocrites, stooping so low yet not even having the nerve to own it. What’s laughable is that you preach yourself to be a righteous sect. Sir Zhuo’s a saint by comparison. One day you’ll get yours, in the worst way imaginable. Beast Taming Sect will be crossed out from western lands’ nine sects!”


An elder slapped him, “What can a filthy bastard like you possibly do? Humph…”

Sixth prince spat the blood in his mouth, his eyes bloodshot, his face a mask of rage at how weak he was.

The man snickered in disdain. Lian’er was confused, “What’s going on here? What’s so special about that tunnel? Why would you go as far as killing all who know of it? Even His Majesty, father, and whole court…”


Tuoba Liufeng shouted over her, hinting her with his eyes. Clueless as he was about the tunnel, one thing was obvious, it was Beast Taming Sect’s taboo. Any that knew of it would have one ending, certain death, and the emperor was most definitely included.

Now he realized why His Majesty was so nervous.

Sect Leader mocked, “Oh? Here I thought you came here knowing but you’re just as clueless.”

“We don’t know anything, nor do father and the rest. Please, don’t drag them into this.” Lian’er pleaded.

All she got for her efforts was mockery.

Sixth prince sighed, finally turning serious for once in his life, “Miss Lian’er, these pricks are savages. It doesn’t matter if the tunnel was found, just by being close they’ll end up being killed. This is the disaster befalling Quanrong that none can escape!”

“Right you are!”

Sect Leader snickered, “Any and all related to this will be silenced, for good!”

Sect Leader spoke such hair-raising words with a smile, making the trio feel he was a demon from hell.

Lian’er’s face fell and crumbled, “That means father and everyone…”

Tuoba Liufeng sighed, feeling just as dejected.

Only sixth prince closed his eyes, having seen it coming, “This gamble was lost. Sir Zhou could’ve won if these degenerates hadn’t fooled him. So close…”

Sixth prince lamented.

Sect Leader sneered and turned to look at the night sky. The full moon hung above, bathing the swamp in its gentle glow.

It was as if the moon was cleansing the sludge, breaking it away and transforming into a clear pool of impeccable beauty.

The trio watched this spectacle in awe, The thick spiritual energy that came after stunned them, feeling as the Yuan Qi within moved three times as fast.

“Ha-ha-ha, Crescent Pool is here!”

Sect Leader laughed, “These flowers are an Abyssal Swamp normally, deadly to anyone that comes near, but once the full moon comes out, it turns into Crescent Pool, a paradise for cultivation. Cultivating here for one day equals a year outside. Only nature could give birth to such a marvel, ha-ha-ha…”

Everyone nodded, looking excited, “Sect Leader, time waits for no one. This is more important than a wedding night. Let’s go in and train!”

Sect Leader nodded and took the lead to jump in.

“Wait, Sect Leader, what about those three?” Someone pointed at the hostages.

Snickering, Sect Leader glanced over, “Each time the full moon came, we always cultivated alone. How do you think we’d fare if we’d dual cultivate…”

Their eyes lit up, showing repulsive smiles.

“Sect Leader is wise. That’ll be even faster, ha-ha-ha…”

“Girlie, you’re in luck. You’re about to bring joy to Sect Leader, he-he-he.”

An elder clutched Lian’er’s neck and threw her at Sect Leader. Lian’er cried out while the other two hostages cursed.

“Is that how the Sect Leader of the righteous Beast Taming Sect acts, resorting to these vile acts? Let go of my sister before words get out how rotten your sect is!”

“Beast Taming Sect is nothing but a mob of degenerates who dissolute women. Even the glorious Sect Leader is reduced to a disgusting pig, so what can be said about their image?”

The two kept cursing in anger.

The Elders laughed.

Sect Leader held Lian’er in his embrace, “Righteous, image? What can any of them amount to when enough clout gives you both? You think you’ll have the chance to leak this? Ha-ha-ha, just like the tunnel, all will go as I say it will. If I say I’m righthous, that’s what I am. What could dead people possibly do? Humph, how naive!”

Tuoba Liufeng and sixth prince’s brow shook and they gnashed their teeth.

“Missie, let’s enjoy cultivating, ha-ha-ha…” With a positively repugnant smile, Sect Leader’s dirty hand traced Lian’er’s soft cheek, his eyes shining with desire. He then ripped her clothes in one move to uncover her pristine skin.

Sect Leader’s desire spiked, panting like an animal.



Lian’er shrieked in tears, “Someone help me, please!”

“Girlie, this is the Beast Taming Sect, no one’s ever going to save you.” Sect Leader cackled.

“Zhuo Fan…” Lian’er struggled, calling for the person the swamp swallowed a few days ago. Even though she knew the call was in vain.

But in her moment of greatest despair, she didn’t call for her father or brother, but him.

Sect Leader laughed and mocked, “Dumb girl, the guy’s dead. You’ve seen it yourself so why call him? Or are you calling his ghost to save you? Ha-ha-ha… “

The others joined in his laughter. Yet Lian’er still cried out for Zhuo Fan, holding the last hope in this pit of despair.

Unknown to anyone, the clear pond took on a black luster, as it spread all over…