The Surgeon’s Studio-Chapter 2977(END) The sun is shining.

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Chapter 2977 The sun is shining.

Zheng Ren couldn’t believe that the number was real.

His 100% surgery completion rate had already been exceeded, and now, it had actually jumped by 17.2% from the base of 110%!

He hesitated for a moment and immediately realized that it might be the effect of his specialization in organ transplantation.

Every point of the [organ transplant] mastery could increase the completion rate of the surgery by 10%. The original surgery completion rate was 96%, and after adding 10%, it would be 106%. With the addition of the 20% increase in the [organ transplant] mastery, it would be a shocking number.

Zheng Ren felt that he was already invincible. The medical group worked together to madly pile up the completion rate of the original surgery, and in the end, he could only express satisfaction, very satisfied, with the result.

“Boss, why do I feel like the ECMO can be withdrawn? Is it an illusion?” Su Yun turned around and walked off the stage. She looked at the latest blood Qi analysis and asked in confusion.

“Su, if it were my patient, I definitely wouldn’t go down with ECMO” Professor Charles looked at the test report and expressed his opinion.

Zheng Ren hesitated for a moment before saying,”let’s take her down. I’ll see how it goes and stop the cameras bit by bit.”

Su Yun looked at the various machines with worry.

There were ventilators, monitors, monitors, and 5 micro pumps connected to the radial artery and the three-channel infusion set. There were also two chest bottles, an ECMO, and a liver dialysis device.

Zheng Ren had never practiced this before in the system operating theater. After all, the operating theater in the system was just pure training. Success was success, and it was not like in reality, where there were so many troublesome things.

After the surgery was a success, how was he going to send little stone back with so much equipment?

One elevator room definitely could not fit so many things, so Zheng Ren was helpless. He had been thinking about how to successfully complete the surgery, but he did not expect that there would be problems after the surgery.

“Wait a moment, the blood exchange device can be removed first.” Zheng Ren hesitated for a while before he started to give medical advice.

Little Rock had just passed the stage of acute liver failure, and his levels of blood red had dropped to an acceptable level. It was reasonable for the helicopter to withdraw after the absorption of Ruby and blood replacement. If he couldn’t go down, he could go back to the computer, which was the best choice.

Zheng Ren glanced around and wanted to find a small stool to sit down and watch.

Through the lead glass, he was surprised to see that the operation room was already packed with 20 people, like sardines in a can.

The airtight lead door opened, and Zheng Ren walked out. A wave of heat greeted him.

“Boss Zheng, congratulations!” Vice President Yuan said with a smile.

“Director, why are you here?”

“Lin Ge will definitely report to me about such a major operation. I’ll take a look and coordinate. You’re really well prepared, there’s no accident. ” Vice President Yuan smiled.f𝘳𝚎𝐞we𝐛𝑛𝐨𝘃e𝘭.co𝘮

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I was lucky, and the surgery went smoothly. ” Zheng Ren took off his mask and took a deep breath.

“When will the patient be sent back?”

“We’ll have to wait for a while. It might take about two hours. ” Zheng Ren said,”there are too many pipes and machines on him. We have to remove some of them to get him to the ICU.”

“It’s fine. I’ve only arranged for this surgery. Boss Zheng, if you don’t feel tired, you can wait here for a few more hours and observe more. No one will snatch the operating room from you. ” Director Xu said with a smile.

Zheng Ren’s heart skipped a beat and he smiled.”Director Xu, I won’t stand on ceremony then.”

“Boss Zheng, you don’t have to be so polite with such a major surgery.” Chief Xu smiled and said,”the most important thing is for the patient to get off the stage safely and successfully.”

With director Xu’s words, Zheng Ren was even more confident. He said a few polite words before he turned around and returned to the operating theater.

Boss, are you going to shut down the ECMO before going down?”

“Yes, he’ll be under observation for six hours in the operating room. If it’s possible, remove ECMO before going down. ” Zheng Ren said with certainty,”there shouldn’t be a need for a second surgery. The sterile conditions here are sufficient, and there are plenty of resources. It’s suitable for observation.”

Everyone knew that the operating table in the operating theater was the most suitable for observation, but one also had to have the conditions. Operation room 912 was a resource. In order to ensure the smooth operation, many people worked in silence.

Aside from the needs of other departments, there would usually be at least ten medical staff members surrounding them and occupying an operating room if they did not step down after a surgery. Only the hospital director and the director of the Department of Anesthesiology would dare to think of such a thing. Before this, Zheng Ren had no such concept at all.

After saying that, he found a small stool and sat down in the corner, watching Xie Yiren wipe the surgical instruments.

“Yiren, I’m going to observe her for six hours.”

“I heard you. I’m not going down. I’ll clean up and disinfect the surgery box first.” Xie Yiren said in a clear voice.

“Boss, when will you pull out the mechanical ventilator after we go back?”

“There’s no hurry. I’ll take care of it for 24 hours first. ” Zheng Ren said,”it’s already beyond our expectations that ECMO can be offline.”

“The surgery today was really well done.” Su Yun said happily. He could also feel that the surgery today was completed at a high rate, but the system panel did not give him a specific number.

“Well, it’s done well. The situation is better than expected. The 3D printed organs do not have any rejection reaction, and there is no need to take anti-rejection drugs orally after the surgery. This is also a very important point. “

Zheng, are you really refusing to go to Mayo?” Dr. Charles looked at the values of the various equipment and made his own judgment in his heart. The operation was bound to be a success. However, the more it was like this, the more regret he felt in his heart. The doctor came to Zheng Ren to persuade him for the last time.

Zheng Ren quickly stood up and said apologetically,”doctor, if you want to watch me perform surgery, I can fly to Mayo when I have time.”

He rejected it very directly. Professor Charles sighed slightly.

Zheng Ren chuckled as he sent the doctor out of the operating room. However, he did not send the doctor out of the door. Instead, he instructed Su Yun to send him out and tell Wen xiaonuan the news of the success of the operation.

The surgery was successful, but little stone was still lying on the operating table, so he could not be careless.

If something really happened and he was not at the scene, causing the rescue to be delayed, he would have no place to cry.

Sitting on a small stool, Zheng Ren looked at various values. As bags of blood were replaced one after another, old he was still monitoring the blood Qi and liver and kidney function.

Soon, Su Yun returned.

“Boss, sister Wen fell to the ground after hearing the news of the successful surgery.” Su Yun said.

“Oh, she’s just too nervous.” Zheng Ren’s focus was not on this. He calculated the numbers in his mind and suddenly asked,”what did you mean by that?”

“Which sentence? Is the population aging?”


“There’s a game called plague company. Have you played it before?”

“Such an anti-human name?” Zheng Ren frowned.

“It’s a strategy game based on infectious diseases created by an independent gaming studio, Ndemic Creations, from London, United Kingdom.” Su Yun said,”I don’t think it’s that simple. This game is quite interesting. You can find it to play when you have time.”

Zheng Ren stared at the various values and casually chatted with Su Yun. Talking about games was much better than driving in the operating theater.

“How is it not simple?”

“Like you said, anti-human. I think that group of capitalists had the idea of using the plague to change the aging society early on so that everyone could get used to it and adapt. The game’s settings were interesting. For example, the Ebola virus was not strong and could not infect all humans at all. Boss, if you were to design a virus, what are you going to do?”

“It’s definitely a very long incubation period, so it doesn’t matter if the outbreak is intense or not. It was best to wake up slowly so that everyone would slack off. However, once it reaches a certain level, it will explode directly, which will be the most widespread. ” Zheng Ren said casually.

“Yes, this is the only way to conquer Greenland. I’m in contact with a friend from the P4 laboratory in the United States they study all kinds of viruses, but I always feel that the influenza there every year has something to do with research. “

“Don’t talk nonsense, it’s impossible. ” Zheng Ren rebuked.

“Hey,” It was rare for Su Yun to not argue. If she did, it would be too inhumane. She would be a criminal, not a troll.

Let’s change the topic. Su Yun was only guessing and was not sure. Furthermore, this idea was too inhumane. Even Su Yun’s most imaginative and darkest thoughts could not draw out such a picture.

“Little stone, you’ve gotten your life back?” Su Yun looked at the various values, her tone light and happy.

“Almost. According to the current index, ECMO can be withdrawn in more than five hours. “

“That’s good. ” Su Yun wandered around the house and felt that it was boring, so she ran out to chat with someone.

Blood Qi and liver and kidney functions were tested every half an hour, and the values were constantly improving.

Four hours later, the equipment for liver dialysis was removed.

6 hours later, the ECMO was removed.

The medical team was escorted back to icu with a ventilator, monitor, and a micro pump.

Sitting in the intensive care unit, Zheng Ren stared at the values of the ventilator and monitor. The testing had been reduced from once every 30 minutes to once an hour.

Little Rock’s various values were stable, and his terrifyingly high total bile gauge during the surgery had returned to its pre-surgery level. His kidney function was also fine, so there was no need for him to use equipment such as dialysis.

After the ECMO was removed, the replaced lungs began to work with the help of a ventilator. The blood oxygen exchange was good, and the blood oxygen saturation level was maintained at 98 100%.

“Boss, are you no longer worried about smoking?” Su Yun chuckled and asked.

“You can do a lung transplant at any time? Isn’t this nonsense?” Zheng Ren said,”don’t think about surgery. Take good care of yourself.” You should smoke less if you can. “

“Maybe in a few decades, the whole body will be replaced. Looking at the progress of the Neurology Department, if even memories can be replaced, human beings will really be immortal.” Su Yun said.

“It won ‘t. Before tuberculosis was conquered, everyone thought that there wouldn’t be such a serious disease in the future. But look at cancer. After curing cancer, there would be other diseases in the future. This is a battle that will never end. “

“Don’t think too much. Shouldn’t we celebrate this?” Su Yun laughed.

“Little Rock doesn’t need the mechanical ventilator to help him breathe. Let’s leave the icu and go back to sea city.” “I miss old Department Director pan,” Zheng Ren said.

“It’s going to be the new year soon. By the way, you’re still planning to perform surgeries day and night this year?” Su Yun asked.

“It’s a normal holiday. Who would come to the hospital for the new year?”

“Are you going to spend the new year with uncle ning this year?”

Su Yun was really annoying. Why didn’t she speak nicely? The surgery was a success, and she was quite happy about it. Why did he have to mention uncle ning?

However, when he thought of uncle ning, his first thought was not the image of being calm and composed in Pengxi village hospital, but the little old man who failed to seek medical treatment in Sweden.

Zheng Ren smiled as if there was nothing to be afraid of.

Zheng Ren was a little dazed as he thought about it. Uncle ning? spending the new year with him this year, having a reunion dinner and setting off firecrackers ... It was a strange feeling.

Although it was unfamiliar, it was still very heartwarming when he thought about it. Zheng Ren smiled. He had already subconsciously accepted the concept of a family.

“I’m going to lie down for a while. Call me if you need anything. ” Su Yun made a phone call gesture.”Let me know if you’re tired. We can change shifts.”

“Yes.” Zheng Ren nodded.

After Su Yun left, Zheng Ren looked at little stone who was lying on the bed and a smile appeared on his face. icu No. 912 was still relatively underdeveloped. It was estimated that the renovation would only start after spring.

Would he be able to use the new icu this time next year? Zheng Ren looked at Little Rock as he imagined the brand new laminar flow icu in a critically ill patient’s ward.

If it was that kind of Ward, it could reduce the amount of antibiotics patients used after surgery and reduce cross-infection. It was probably very serious for a critically ill patient to use antibiotics for one day after the surgery, and they would not usually use them.

If he went to Mayo, he would have first-class diagnostic and treatment machines, and he would not need to assemble a liver dialysis machine before the operation.

But that was not the same.

Zheng Ren had never thought about this before. The main focus of medical treatment was on the patient, not the machine.

If he was all talk and no action, Zheng Ren would have gone to Hopkins long ago, and the conditions there were no worse than Maio ‘s.

However, Zheng Ren looked down on the medical methods of the United States. Even countries like Sweden, which claimed to have universal medical insurance and free medical treatment, looked down on them.

Logically speaking, the number of doctors determined everything. With the working hours of doctors, how could they possibly achieve all this? What a joke.

The matter of uncle ning’s fish bone removal and Wu Hui’s vermiform appendix perforation not being completed, and the matter of conservative treatment and waiting for the second stage of surgery was something that Zheng Ren could come into contact with.

The medical standard there was high, but that was ... In Su Yun’s words, it was a service for the capital. The main doors of Mayo were always open, and rich people, including some of the country’s big bosses, went for physical examinations in an endless stream.

Indeed, it was a top-notch resource.

However, all of this had nothing to do with ordinary people. People like Wu Hui were misdiagnosed and mistakenly treated ...

Just as he was thinking about it, his shoulder trembled, and there was a slap.

“Boss, what are you thinking about?” Su Yun asked.

“I’m looking at little stone. “

“I’m asking you what you’re thinking. “

“ERM, I’m thinking about rejecting Dr. Charles.” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“Boss, have you ever thought about it before? The doctor didn’t communicate with you. Your rejection was too straightforward. There’s no room for negotiation at all. “

“I haven’t thought about it.” Zheng Ren replied calmly,”perhaps it’s an instinct.”

“I guessed that with your personality, you would definitely reject me, but I didn’t expect you to reject me so directly.” Su Yun asked,”what do you mean by instinct?”

“Do you still remember the day when the imperial capital felt the earthquake?”

“Yes, I remember the rich kid standing under the car asking what we should do if we don’t make it back.” Su Yun smiled and said,”what should I do? what else can I do?”

“Yup,” Zheng Ren said,”usually, there are all kinds of voices on the internet. I feel like it’s over. When something happens, they will naturally gather together. Perhaps it’s this kind of behavior. “

“Ha.” Su Yun chuckled in a low voice.”What were you thinking at that time?”

“Nothing much, I just feel that even if I have to die, I will die in Rong city.” Zheng Ren smiled.”However, it’s good that you came back alive. I hope that the weather will be good and that the country will be prosperous and the people will be at peace. But if there’s another one, I won’t be able to go to the front line if I’m not in the country. “

“I thought you were going to say the same thing again, saying that the medical conditions in the country are the best for those of the same level. I’m telling you, it’s easy for you to be beaten to death if you say that. “

“Medical resources are scarce. If we want fairness, we still have to make technological progress. There’s too much logic in this, I can’t figure it out. ” Zheng Ren shook his head slightly.”Besides, doctors are the scapegoats. No matter how many grievances they’ve suffered, if there’s a next time, countless doctors and nurses will definitely rush over to take the blame.”

“I remember that there’s a netizen called wild crane of leisure cloud who said something that makes sense. Every time there was a great disaster, there would be the shadow of medical personnel. This was a group of people who could sing and cry. However, this group of people has no sense of existence, like a fan. They are like stray dogs, or street rats. “

“Hey, that’s a good description.” Zheng Ren smiled nonchalantly.”Panicking is like a stray dog, anxious like a fish that slipped through the net.”

“Why do you think so?”

“He took the blame, and everyone thought that...Ermm, do you remember an old professor at Tsinghua University who was scammed of more than 10 million Yuan? what did everyone say?” Zheng Ren suddenly asked.

“Yes, at that time, the public opinion was about how a teacher could have so much money!” Su Yun shrugged and said helplessly.

“Yeah, shouldn’t that be the case?”

“Later, an old professor from Tsinghua University went to Maryland, and the direction of public opinion changed to raising the treatment and retaining high-tech talents. I feel that the two groups of people before and after are the same. They change their faces faster than turning the pages of a book. “

“Everyone wants to be the best. It’s easy to understand. It was just like medical treatment. Uncle ning had stayed in Sweden for 24 hours and still could not remove the fish bones. In China, most people say that a Fishbone costs tens of Yuan for treatment?”

Boss, I think you’ve lost a lot of respect for uncle ning after the Fishbone incident.” Su Yun said with a smile.

“Don’t talk nonsense. ” Zheng Ren was leisurely looking at the various numbers on the instrument as he chatted with Su Yun.

“I think that the fees charged by the United States medical system are very reasonable. For example, if we were to perform a ureter soft tube crush, it would cost us a few hundred RMB. It’s tens of thousands in the United States, and it’s in dollars. I don’t know if I don’t compare, but I’ll be shocked if I do. “

“Don’t compete, it’s meaningless. ” Zheng Ren said indifferently.

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The medical system in our country is able to survive because of this. When there are more and more private hospitals, we can use the economic siphoning effect to attract people to private hospitals, Hey!” Su Yun coldly laughed.

“The reason why a University is called a University is not because of the school itself, but because of the master.” Zheng Ren said slowly,”the old President of Tsinghua University, Mr. Mei Yiqi, is right. The reason why the hospital is a hospital is because of this. “

“Speaking of which, back then, Ms. Yan ning decided to resign from Tsinghua University and jump ship to Princeton University in the United States. She was hired as a tenured professor for sherlie Tillman in the Molecular Biology Department. Based on this logical deduction, it’s only natural that you go to Mayo. “

“There’s nothing logical about it. How many years has it been since the saying ‘God smashes lightning when persuading people to learn medicine’ has been popular?”

“I forgot. It seems to have been popular for a long time.”

“There are fewer and fewer children who do clinical work, and the pressure is getting greater and greater. There will come a day when things will fall apart. Although everyone’s ability is limited, if I go to the emergency department, I can also reduce general manager Zhou’s pressure a little. “

“Don’t make yourself sound so noble,”

“It doesn’t involve nobility. When I go to school, I have to swear an oath on hippocratee. Medical capitalism is a rip in itself. However, in the face of the current of the times, it was not something that could be reversed by one person’s strength. The tear of the era, the tear of knowledge, how does that saying go?”

“Which sentence are you talking about? This was the best era, but also the worst. Or is despicableness the pass of the despicable, and nobility the epitaph of the noble?” Su Yun asked.

Zheng Ren laughed. Su Yun was really smart. He had directly revealed all his thoughts.

“Brother Yun.”

As the two of them were chatting, a nurse came over and whispered.

“Yes.” Su Yun’s eyes narrowed and she smiled.”What’s wrong?”

“We have a problem on our side. Please see if there’s any solution.”

Zheng Ren saw a few medical staff surrounding a patient on the other SICU bed, discussing something. His field of view was limited, so he could not see the patient’s system panel. 912’s critical condition was very strong, and Zheng Ren was not willing to worry.

However, taking the initiative to see what was going on and having someone ask for help were two different concepts.

“The patient is a male, 56 years old. He was admitted to the Department due to the loss of consciousness caused by a car accident. He was diagnosed with a very severe brain injury, brain herniation, and right frontrum Prajna eductus hemorrhage. In the emergency department, the right frontrum Prajna Prajna Prajna eductus hemorrhage and encephalon hemorrhage were cleared under general anesthesia + skull valve pressure reduction. ” The young nurse began to report the medical history in a soft voice. She was professional and skilled.

“The gastric tube was not inserted before the surgery. We want to insert it after the surgery, but stopping it for one minute is too short and too difficult!”

Er ... Zheng Ren felt a little helpless when he saw the lady who was a little dazed when she talked to Su Yun.

The patient was in a coma, and his reflex to swallow and cough had weakened or disappeared, so he could not cooperate. The windpipe and the airbag pressed down on the esophagus, causing the diameter of the esophagus to shrink and affecting the penetration of a gastric tube. If the tracheal intubation was removed for too long, it would lead to laryngeal edema, esophageal spasm, or esophageal mucous membrane edema.

These were the reasons why it couldn’t go into the stomach.

“How much wax oil did you get?” Su Yun asked.

“A lot ...” The nurse blushed after saying a few words.

“Let’s go take a look. ” Zheng Ren took a glance at Little Rock’s vital signs and reduced the dopamine pump speed by 1 ml.

Su Yun came to the side of the patient with cerebral hemorrhage and stopped the ventilator. She then took a look at the patient with a laryngoscope. As expected, the esophageal spasm and edema were very serious, much more serious than he had expected.

Because the gastric tube was soft, no matter how well lubricated it was, it would crease when it touched the cramped esophagus, and it could not go in at all.

Su Yun muttered to herself for a moment. Zheng Ren said,”deep vein puncture ...”

“Eh? You think so too?” Su Yun asked.

The chief resident of the Icu was stunned. What did inserting a stomach tube have to do with deep vein puncture?

“I’ll try. ” Zheng Ren had no intention of extending his hand and merely said calmly.

“Do you still have the guide wire for deep vein puncture?” Su Yun asked.

“I’ve already thrown it away. ” The chief resident of the Icu said.

“Call another one.” Su Yun said,”if you use our guide wire, it’ll be more expensive.”

The Icu chief resident was a little confused, but Su Yun had explained it very clearly. He was going to use a slightly harder guide wire to guide the guide wire for deep vein puncture first, and then he would insert the gastric tube.

This was the typical thought process of an interventional services doctor, but he did not expect to apply it to nursing.

When Su Yun saw that the chief resident of the Icu was preparing the guide wire, she smiled and said,”boss, if we were in Mayo, we would have professional equipment to solve this problem.”

“It’s fine. We’re in 912. It’ll be easy to deal with them.” Zheng Ren smiled.”The principle is similar, but it’s a little more troublesome.”

Su Yun raised her eyebrows but did not say anything.

Very soon, the chief resident prepared a gastric tube and a nasal feeding bag, which contained wax oil, cotton swab, gauze, a 20 ml syringe, and an internal guide wire for a deep vein. A stethoscope.

Su Yun did not explain. Instead, she smeared the gastric tube with wax oil, measured the length of the gastric tube, and inserted the guide wire into the gastric tube. The tip of the guide wire was folded into a small circle, and it was inserted from the side of the nostril. The gastric tube was inserted from the nostril to a position of 14 – 18 cm.

When it reached the throat, before Su Yun could say anything, Zheng Ren had already lifted the patient’s head so that his chin was close to the handle of the sternum. He positioned himself.

The assistant was quite skilled, and Su Yun criticized him in her heart. Then, he made sure that the gastric tube smoothly passed through the swollen part of the throat and inserted into the predetermined depth. He then pulled out the guide wire.

Fixing the gastric tube, extracting the contents of the stomach, injecting air, and listening to the sound of water would indicate the successful insertion of the tube.

“There, I’m done.” Su Yun gently said.

The chief resident of Icu was dumbfounded.

She and the nursing group had performed surgery on the patient’s gastric tube six times, and it had been around the patient and the gastric tube for almost the entire day.

However, he did not expect Su Yun to solve the problem immediately.

This time, it was really an eye-opener for him. Not only could he do lung transplants, but he was also very good at such an unpopular small operation. The chief resident could not believe that a guide wire for deep vein puncture could solve a problem that had been bothering him for the whole day.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.” Su Yun said in a carefree manner.

“Big brother Yun, boss Zheng, you’re busy.” The chief resident of icu quickly said.

“Boss, if you don’t need me, I’ll lie down for a while.” Su Yun said,”when do you think the catheter will be removed?”

” 24 hours,” Zheng Ren said seriously,”it might not even be 24 hours. It depends on the situation.”

“That was fast.” Su Yun’s tone was a little uncertain, as if he also found it hard to believe his boss’s judgment.

After Su Yun left, Zheng Ren sat quietly in front of Little Rock’s bed, looking at the various values, drainage, urine volume, and calculating in his heart.

He was like a hard and Silent Hill, standing beside little stone, sheltering him from the wind and rain.

‘This is a war. Fortunately, I don’t have to be wary of being shot from behind,’ Zheng Ren sometimes thought to himself. If he could concentrate on treating and saving people, and all the patients were very cooperative, he would not have to worry about the cost or the psychology of the patients ‘family members. How good would that be?

Although this was impossible, Zheng Ren would still occasionally think this way.

In the end, all the great principles could not be compared to the words ‘treating illnesses and saving lives’. Zheng Ren was too lazy to think too much about it. He looked at little stone silently, at the various machines and numbers around him. He was like a computer, tirelessly importing data and turning the cold and boring data into illness for analysis on the central processing unit.

As time passed, the five micro pumps were removed one by one. There was about 50 ml of clear urine in the urine bag per hour, and the respiratory tract pressure value of the ventilator ...

It was late at night, but Zheng Ren was still observing all the numbers vigilantly, not showing any signs of fatigue.

As the machines stopped one by one, Zheng Ren calculated the amount of intake and output precisely to maintain the balance of the body fluid. He tried his best to make little stone’s condition better and better.

He adjusted the parameters of the ventilator and looked at the fluctuation of the end-breath positive pressure. As little stone’s vital signs stabilized, the sky gradually brightened.

Zheng Ren rejected Su Yun’s request to change shifts. He was gentle and focused on taking care of little stone.

As the sky gradually brightened and it was time for work, the number of people in the icu increased.

Director Cai of the Icu changed his clothes and came in. He saw boss Zheng still in the same position as when he left yesterday, looking at the patient without moving.

He walked over in surprise and took a look at the various values. Then, he asked in a low voice,”boss Zheng, you didn’t sleep all night?”

“Director Cai, it’s time to go to work.” Zheng Ren turned around and chuckled when he saw him.

“Hmm, is the situation alright?”

“It’s pretty good. The values are normal. ” Zheng Ren said,”she’ll probably be able to get the patient hooked up to an off-line and have spontaneous breathing by noon.”

Noon ...

Director Cai was stunned for a moment. Did he have to be so fast?

Using a ventilator for three days after a lung transplant was a very whole thing. Boss Zheng was being too anxious.

“Boss Zheng, do you want to observe for another day? If you’re tired, I’ll be here to watch. ” Director Cai tried to sound him out.

“I’m not tired. My condition has evolved and I’m allowed to go offline. Try it. If it doesn’t work, use medicine to assist your breathing for two days. ” Zheng Ren said very gently.

Director Cai still could not understand. He gave the chief resident a look and asked him in a low voice,”what’s the result of the emergency investigation this morning?”

“Chief Cai, I’ve been looking after the patient by myself. Fifteen minutes after the surgery yesterday ...”

Zheng Ren saw that chief physician Cai was not at ease, so he asked about the treatment process and began to talk about the post-surgery process.

Monitor 24-hour access and record it every 30 minutes. On average, he had to check his liver and kidney function, blood analysis, blood routine, and D2 bodies every two hours. The time when all the drugs were removed, the reasons, the vital signs at that time ...

As the director of the icu, he felt strange. It would be great if the chief resident under him could report the changes in the patient’s condition clearly according to the timeline and be detailed to the minute level.

However, director Cai laughed awkwardly after that. He knew that he was dreaming. Boss Zheng as a chief resident? Who in 912 had the right to do so?

Zheng Ren spoke for about twenty minutes before he smiled gently.”Director Cai, I don’t think there’s any problem.”

“Alright, then.” Department Director Cai said politely,”with you around, we won’t be taking care of this patient. If you need anything, feel free to let us know.”

“I’ll have to trouble you,” Zheng Ren bowed slightly to express his gratitude.

Zheng Ren saw that the icu doctors had started a new day of work. He smiled and sat down on the chair to continue observing the changes in the patient’s condition.

Little stone’s chest heaved up and down under the ventilator. The new lungs were working well, and the blood oxygen exchange was perfect. Zheng Ren also thought that there was no problem. After all, he had achieved a 127% surgery completion rate, and he had been taking care of her all night after the surgery. It would not be right if there were any problems.

If little stone could wake up and overcome this obstacle, he hoped that he could recover faster after the surgery.

This child was very sensible. It was unknown if he was panicking or calm when he was “floating” in the endless darkness in a calm state.

If he stopped calming himself down, it would be equivalent to removing the seal. He didn’t know if he would wake up and become agitated due to excitement and fear.

Zheng Ren’s mind started to run wild. The closer it was to the 24-hour post-surgery period, the more nervous he was.

This kind of nervousness was completely without reason, and Zheng Ren also knew it in his heart. All kinds of objective indicators had been clearly placed in front of him. He had run through them countless times, but he had not found any problems. However, emotions were emotions. Even Zheng Ren, who was as calm as a mountain, found it difficult to control his emotions.

As time passed, Zheng Ren reduced the speed at which sedatives were being pumped in and began to wake up.

It was a simple operation, but Zheng Ren was very nervous.

There were many things to worry about, and no one was 100% confident. Zheng Ren was afraid that something unexpected would happen, so he observed little stone’s condition without blinking.

With a slight disturbance, the Qi path pressure instantly increased.

“Little stone, don’t panic when you wake up. Calm your breathing.” Zheng Ren whispered into little stone’s ear.

Zheng Ren wasn’t sure if little stone had heard everything he said. He could vaguely see little stone’s eyelids move slightly, then little stone quieted down and didn’t resist. It was unexpectedly smooth.

‘What a good doctor.’ Zheng Ren heaved a sigh of relief.

Usually, it would take some time to wake up. After all, most people were not used to breathing with the help of machines and would subconsciously fight against them.

However, he had only said one sentence, and little stone’s slight agitation had disappeared without a trace. His blood oxygen saturation level had also returned from 92% to 99%.

“If all the patients ‘obedience to the doctor is this good, then it would be a paradise for doctors.” Zheng Ren’s lips curled into a smile.

A few minutes later, little stone gradually got used to the breathing assistance of the ventilator. It also gradually gained strength as the metabolism of the tranquilizer accumulated in his body and the concentration of the tranquilizer reduced. His entire body was very relaxed, only his eyelids were constantly twitching.

“Slow down, don’t be in a hurry. Your breathing should be steady.” Zheng Ren patted little stone’s shoulder and whispered in his ear.

Zheng Ren did not know if Little Rock heard him, but he could vaguely feel that Little Rock’s breathing had stabilized after he finished speaking.

Zheng Ren did not continue talking to little stone. He was looking into little stone’s eyes. He had promised little stone that he would see him when he opened his eyes. He had to keep his promise.

After another ten minutes, little stone slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and lively, without the confusion of sedatives.

As their eyes met, Zheng Ren heaved a long sigh of relief and smiled.

“You’re recovering well. Now close your eyes and continue to breathe steadily. ” Zheng Ren said softly,”in another hour, I’ll take off the ventilator. You can feel the fresh air.”

Little Rock obediently blinked twice, using his eyes to tell Zheng Ren that he understood. However, he didn’t close his eyes. Instead, he blinked twice.

“Can you move?” Zheng Ren asked.

Little stone’s fingers moved slightly. He could move, but he definitely couldn’t write and communicate.

“You want to go offline now?” Zheng Ren tried to ask. After saying that, little stone blinked again.

Zheng Ren hesitated for a few seconds and said gently,”okay, but if your breathing function can’t keep up, you’ll have to use a ventilator to help you for another 12 hours.”

Zheng Ren was the only one who spoke. Little Rock simply blinked his eyes to express his thoughts. However, Zheng Ren felt that he could understand what little stone was thinking. The two of them communicated in this strange way without any obstacles.

His heart rate increased slightly, just like his reaction when his phone rang in the middle of the night and he was called for surgery. Zheng Ren first took a deep breath to calm himself down, then removed the ventilator joint from the tracheal tube.

The alarm of the ventilator rang, but Zheng Ren ignored it. His attention was all on Little Rock, and he had to make sure that his blood oxygen saturation level did not drop.

To Zheng Ren’s surprise, without any hiccups, little stone closed his eyes and ‘breathed’ with his heart.

A breath of fresh air was something normal people would not be able to feel, but it was the most precious thing to Little Rock.

His chest was moving up and down, his blood oxygen saturation level was 98%, and his breathing rate was 22 beats per minute. His heart rate did not fluctuate too much and was maintained at about 110 beats per minute.

Success! Zheng Ren shouted in his heart.

At this moment, after Little Rock took two to three breaths, a complicated expression appeared on his face. The air he breathed in was unbelievably sweet. After it entered his lungs, it immediately participated in the exchange of blood oxygen, and then followed suit with hemoglobin to provide an endless supply of oxygen to the body.

Disbelief and relief were written all over little stone’s face. Many complicated emotions were written on his face. However, he didn’t get emotional, which would cause his condition to worsen. Instead, he quickly closed his eyes and began to breathe greedily.

The sound of the air hitting the wall as he breathed through the tracheal tube was so pleasant to the ear. This was the sound of life. Zheng Ren listened carefully, using his ears to determine if there was a lot of secretion in little stone’s lungs.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much phlegm, but little stone’s expression was particularly interesting.

Zheng Ren knew that the new lungs were definitely different from the ones that had severe fibrous tissues. However, this was only in theory. Zheng Ren was not sure to what extent his breathing would be smooth after the lung replacement.

After observing for a few minutes, everything was stable, and Zheng Ren was finally relieved.

From the looks of it, there should be no problem for him to be offline for 24 hours. If everything went well, the catheter would be removed by tomorrow morning.

The alarm of the mechanical ventilator was a little noisy. Seeing that little stone was in a stable state, Zheng Ren turned around to hang the pipe and shut off the mechanical ventilator.

The sunlight shone in from outside and was a little piercing. Zheng Ren squinted his eyes and looked at the blue sky in the winter, feeling safe and happy.

Zheng Ren packed up the machine at the fastest speed and turned around.

Little Rock’s eyes were wide open as he tried his best to raise his left fist. The infusion tube hanging on his arm was like a piece of armor that had been torn after a great battle. “He survived a hundred battles. This child’s life is quite good.” Zheng Ren recalled the time they met on the mountainside. This was the promise he made with little stone.

He clenched his left hand into a fist and lightly touched little stone’s thin and weak fist.

The sun was shining brightly in the afternoon.