The Useless Stepmom Brings Her Kids to Reality TV Shows to Photograph Them-Chapter 615 - : 615. Son’s Craftsmanship

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Chapter 615: 615. Son’s Craftsmanship freewebnov(e)l

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Lin Wan smiled bitterly.” I forgot that Mama Bao is married to Papa Yang. No one will wait for you in Xuecheng Village anymore.’”‘

“If you want to keep Mommy, you can go to Papa Yang’s place in the future.”

“Yes, at least Mommy Bao won’t be lonely anymore. Alright, let’s go home. Xin Xin just called. He’s been waiting for us at home.”Lin Wan decided to return to Royal Water Bay.

In the villa, the boy was cooking with Auntie Huang.

Xiao Xiao watched the entire process.

“Guru, move aside. Don’t let the oil splash.”Li Zexin said as he flipped the spatula like Auntie Huang.

“Xin Xin, both of you go out. You’re in the way.”Auntie Huang said.

Li Zexin was only flipping the dishes a few times when Auntie Huang accidentally turned around and bumped into him. It was very convenient.

“Did you hear me? Get out.” Xiao Xiao rolled her eyes.

“Alright then.” Li Zexin took off his apron.” When Boss Li and the others come back, you have to tell them that I helped them cook too.’”‘

“It’s all your doing. Get out.” Auntie Huang said perfunctorily.

After the two boys left, Auntie Huang finally felt relieved. She closed the door and made the last few dishes.

Lin Wan and the others returned home when it was almost a little late.

Li Zexin rushed over.

“Ms. Lin, Mr. Li.” The boy shouted from afar.

Xiao Xiao followed closely behind and greeted him.

“We haven’t seen each other for a few days. Why are you so enthusiastic?”Lin Wan joked when she heard the deafening voice.

“A day apart feels like three years. Ms. Lin, Boss Li, you two did great. The

Almighty and I are so excited that our hands are red. Oh right, the Almighty

can only go back tomorrow. Uncle Xiao and the others are busy today.”

“Stay as long as you want. Treat it as your own home.”Lin Wan said.

“I’ll go back tomorrow.” Xiao Xiao said embarrassedly. “It’s time to eat.” Auntie Huang walked to the door and shouted. Lin Wan rubbed her stomach.” Take my luggage. Let’s eat first.”

“Oh.” Li Zexin obediently pulled the box.

At the dining table, Li Zexin pointed at a plate of spicy fried clam king and said, “”Try your son’s cooking.”

Lin Wan and Li Yanchen looked at each other in disbelief.

“It’s freshly stir-fried.”

“Really? Then I have to try it.”Lin Wan picked up a piece.” Sure. We’ve only been away for three days and we already know how to cook. It seems like we don’t have to worry about you in the future.’”‘

“It’s very simple.” Li Zexin didn’t feel guilty at all.

Xiao Xiao did not speak the entire time.

In Liuzhou, Tang Qinlei returned to the studio. Her uncle and Annie were waiting in the office.

Seeing Tang Qinlei enter, Annie warned her,””Leilei, First Uncle is quite angry. He wants you to go to his office. Don’t contradict him.”

Tang Qinlei was ready to be scolded.

“First Uncle.” She ran over with a smile and was about to hug her uncle’s shoulder.

“Stand properly.” “I spent money to send you on the show, and this is the result?” His uncle said with a serious face.’

“First Uncle, I’ve tried my best. It’s just that you’re a little unlucky to have drawn a professional lawyer all of a sudden. Tao Jingyuan is famous in the entire legal world.”Tang Qinlei lost to Tao Jingyuan and was convinced.

“If I had known earlier, I would have given you a promotion package.”

“Advance? How many chances have I fought for you? Leilei, can you fight for yourself? Even if you didn’t advance because you met a powerful teammate, what about causing trouble during the live broadcast?”His uncle tapped the table with his middle finger.

Tang Qinlei felt pain just by looking at it, so she handed a book over.””Knock on the book. The table is too hard and my hands hurt.”

“You!” If you had already realized this, would you still have caused the entire

Internet to curse?”

“If you had treated the other guests the same way you treated me, everyone wouldn’t have scolded you like that. It’s fine if you can’t win the competition, but don’t ruin your image.””l’m to blame for indulging you too much in the past. You can walk your own path in the future.’”‘

“Uncle, are you going to support the newbie?” Tang Qinlei panicked. I’m your only niece, and my mother is your only sister.”

“I’m not supporting a newcomer. I’m helping you grow on your own. Otherwise, if this continues, no one can save you. “His uncle took a puff of his cigarette.” Leilei, look, so many people have gone all out for the role of the female lead, but you didn’t cherish it after getting it. You signed up for a variety show to clear your name. Now, it’s great. You’ve become even worse. If I wasn’t your biological uncle, I wouldn’t care about you.” After finishing the cigarette, First Uncle left.

Tang Qinlei went back to her office with her head down.

“Leilei, is First Uncle very fierce?” Annie came to comfort her. He’s doing this for your own good.” 𝘧𝑟𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝒷𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓁.𝒸𝑜𝘮

Tang Qinlei didn’t say anything.

“It’s okay. Uncle has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. It’ll be fine after he’s over it. What did he say to you?”

“He said that he won’t care about me anymore and will let me fend for myself.”

Tang Qinlei lowered her head.”

“Hu! He has said this a few hundred times to scare you. I thought he scolded you.”Annie heaved a sigh of relief.

“This time, he is serious. “Tang Qinlei wanted to take a chance, but her uncle seemed to be telling the truth.

“Impossible. In less than a month, your resources will come.”Annie said confidently.

“Help me buy a book on basic acting skills. I want to read it every day and send it to my uncle. I want him to see my hard work.”Tang Qinlei said impulsively.

Annie was speechless. “Hurry up and go.”


Chen Xue, who was the complete opposite of Tang Qinlei, received a bouquet of flowers from her colleagues when she returned to the studio.

“Congratulations to Xiaoxue for successfully advancing.”

“Xiaoxue is so lucky. What did I say? Good people get good rewards.”

“Little Xue, our studio has received a few jobs. Because of you, everyone knows how hard it is to be a supporting role.” “I think we can agree, even if it’s a Short videos.”

There was too much information.

Chen Xue was a little embarrassed.” I was just lucky. I advanced directly and got into trouble. I offended Tang Qinlei.””

“Xue ‘er, you’re speaking up for us. Who in our studio has played the female lead before? No, it was just that they lacked the opportunity. The opportunity was snatched away by those people. They clearly had no acting skills at all.”

“Yes, it’s so satisfying. What’s there to be proud of? He was eliminated in the first round. It’s this kind of person who has led the atmosphere astray.”

“Yeah, it’s completely over this time, right?”

“But Xiao Xue, will she take revenge on you?”

“Would she dare? Now everyone knew that she disliked Xuexue. If Xuexue’s resources were snatched away in the future, everyone would think of her immediately.”

“What if we play dirty?”

“I’m not afraid.” Chen Xue said.

“Don’t talk about unhappy things. Aren’t we celebrating Xiaoxue today? Let’s

“Celebrate?” Chen Xue was surprised.

“My treat.” The studio assistant Yu He said.

“Boss is treating us, we have to go..”

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