The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich-Chapter 1524: False Evidence!

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Chapter 1524: False Evidence!

If they didn't seek death, they wouldn't die!

There's a path to heaven, but they don't want to take it, and they want to go to hell!

If they did not enter the eighteen levels of hell, they would not know what hell was like.

Lin Yuelan was extremely beautiful. With such a beautiful face and smile, she was simply mesmerizing.

Many people around couldn't take it anymore and fainted.

When the first person fainted, it was a shock.

However, when they were sure that their lives were safe, no one cared about them anymore.

Lin Yuelan glanced at the kneeling Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua and asked with some doubt," If I remember correctly, half a year ago, you were struck by lightning and couldn't move your lower body. How can you walk now?"

Then, she glanced at their feet and said, "Wait. I see that you still can't walk. But here's my question. It's a thousand miles from Lin Family Village to the capital. How did you get here? Could it be that you were carried here by someone?"

Lin Yuelan's sharp gaze swept across the people behind them.

It was obvious that they were carried there by someone.

When people heard Lin Yuelan say that the two of them had been struck by lightning, they were shocked.

In their understanding, only those who had done evil things would be struck by lightning.

So, these two people who were complaining had done something wrong or had done something evil?

It seemed that these two pitiful people were not good people.

Lin Yuelan's words greatly reduced the good impression of Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua.

But what was even more speechless was what followed!

"You... Are you that wretched girl?" When Li Cuihua came back to her senses, she pointed at Lin Yuelan and asked in disbelief. However, she could not accept it and said, "How is this possible? How could that wretched girl be so beautiful? You...

"You are a demon!"

She simply couldn't accept the fact that Lin Yuelan was getting more and more beautiful. Moreover, her beautiful face could mesmerize everyone at a glance.

Not to mention, men, even women, couldn't move their feet when they saw her. If she wasn't a demon, what was she?

"Presumptuous! How dare you be so disrespectful to the princess of Guguo? Men, slap this woman and chop off the hand that is pointing at the princess!" The Crown Prince's sharp cry woke everyone up.

The moment the Crown Prince snapped out of it, his face darkened, and his eyes turned cold. He wanted to get someone to punish Li Cuihua.

In the beginning, everyone heard Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua talk about how much they loved the princess of the Guguo. Later, when the princess of the Guguo got close to the general, she became ruthless and did not recognize her family. They talked so emotionally that people almost thought that everything they said was true.

However, when Li Cuihua saw Lin Yuelan, her first sentence countered everything that they had said earlier.

If they really loved the princess of Guguo in the past, no matter how much she changed, they wouldn't call her a demon, right?

Also, they had noticed that when they were talking about the princess of the Guguo, they had been calling her " Lin Yuelan ". They even seemed to be calling her "a bitch" or "that wretched girl". Was this how these relatives addressed the princess of the Guguo?

Looking at how they were not afraid of the princess at all and their arrogant attitude towards the princess, this was probably not the so-called love, right?

Lin Yuelan didn't stop the Crown Prince's order.

Therefore, when the Crown Prince's guard saw that the Princess of Guguo had no intention of opposing, he immediately walked in front of Li Cuihua and raised his hand to slap Li Cuihua's face.

"No, you can't hit me. You can't chop off my hand!" When Li Cuihua heard that they were going to cut off her hand, she was flustered and terrified. "I'm the grandmother of the princess of Guguo. You can't do this!" Now, she remembered that she was the grandmother of the princess of Guguo.

Then, who was the one who pointed at the princess and scolded her?

Seeing that Lin Yuelan seemed to be indifferent to the Crown Prince's orders, Lin Laosan was instantly enraged.

Seeing that the people around the Crown Prince were about to make a move on Li Cuihua, he could not help but fly into a rage.