The Villain and the Cannon Fodder’s Mother-Chapter 279-282: END

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Ch 279 - 282 (End)

Chapter 279 - They had been rivals their entire lives and would even compete with their grandchildren when they got old (2)

For the very first time, Lu Mingzhe and Lin Yuran were on the same side. Both of them had a cold look on them.

“You have a boyfriend?” Lu Mingzhe’s voice was ice cold.

Lin Yuran: “Do tell.”


What was there to tell?

Lin Shanshan wanted to cry!

“Aye, fool!” This was the little kiddo Lu Siyuan who had sneaked downstairs at some point.

The 12-year-old Lu Siyuan was much more mature than he appeared. He had always thought that this sister of his was somewhat foolish, but he didn’t think she could be that stupid. She dared to have a romantic interest under her two controlling brothers?

Nevermind that she was in a relationship. She had to let them know about it?!

Most importantly, she told them herself!

Please don’t tell anyone that this is his sister!

He refused to admit to it!

The next day, Lin Shanshan returned to the production team with dark circles under her eyes.

Lin Shanshan almost leapt up when someone bumped into her again.

Was she doing this on purpose?

Zhang Xiruo apologized the exact same way that she did yesterday.

Lin Shanshan seemed to have her memory jolted when the girl looked up.

This girl looked so familiar! She looked a lot like Zhang Xiying!

Zhang Xiying had already retired. She was a decent actress back in her days. She had earned the title of television empress then went onto making movies.

She had a child too soon, though. Meng Yan needed to work away from home, and somebody had to take care of the child. Zhang Xiying had not gotten any good scripts in two years, and Meng Yan had her spend two years at home taking care of the child.

That wasn’t what Zhang Xiying had in mind. Her focus was still her career. That did not please Meng Yan nor did her work take off.

That was the story of many actresses. Having a child would always have some impact on their career unless one has a background or a lot of resources. Then, perhaps, the impact could be minimized.

As such, many actresses would rush back to work a month after having a child.

It would have been better had Meng Yan helped her out some. Unfortunately, he wished that Zhang Xiying would spend a little more time at home. Not only did they have her sister with them, and they had added an infant daughter.

The two’s ideas could not be further apart, and they were destined to not see eye to eye with each other. Over the course of several years, the two barely had any couple life. That ought to show how irreconcilable their problem was.

Nevertheless, none of these had to do with Zhang Xiruo.

She loved to act and wanted to have a career in acting.

Her goal was to be more successful than her sister!

Looking at Zhang Xiruo’s very ambitious eyes, Lin Shanshan was dazed.

They were too alike!

Her eyes looked exactly the same as Zhang Xiying’s the day she came to Number One Restaurant years ago!

Lin Shanshan told everyone in her family that night about running into Zhang Xiruo at the production team.

Had Lin Shanshan not brought her up, Lin Yiyi had already completely forgotten about Zhang Xiruo, the female lead.

Mainly a long time had passed and in addition to that, their lives could not have diverged further apart from the original story plot. One could even say that they were like two completely different stories. As such, the longer the time passed, the less Lin Yiyi thought about this.

And the truth was exactly the way she thought. Many things had diverted from its original path.

Nothing even happened when the original female lead showed up.

Precisely because of her curious status, being related to Meng Yan and Zhang Xiying, Lu Mingzhe had never been a big fan of hers.

Of the few times that the two had crossed paths, he had avoided her cautiously and never had the chance of learning about what a wonderful person she was.

Lin Yuran might not be a fan of Lu Mingzhe, but he wouldn’t try to set him up when it came to work either. Quite the contrary, as both of them were in the entertainment business, the two of them worked together a lot.

The same could be said about Lu Mingzhe. He quite enjoyed how Lin Yuran found him annoying but didn’t actively try to get rid of him.

They had been rivals their entire lives and would even compete with their grandchildren when they got old.

Chapter 280 - Their story would only end when they had tagged on a final touch to the end of the original novel

When Ms. Lin Ping took off, she handed all of her assets over to Lin Yiyi and watched Lin Yiyi take them over pressure-free.

While Ms. Lin Ping might be a carefree one, Lin Yiyi did not forget that this lady also had another son!

With that, Ms. Lin Ping waved her hand in disdain. “He will inherit his father’s assets.”

Mr. Gu Chengyi’s company was located overseas and his son, naturally, also stayed overseas ever since he had taken over the family business.

Gu Jiashu, the name that had appeared only twice in the novel, almost never returned to China. He had only returned to China twice – once for Lin Yiyi’s wedding and the other time, Lin Shanshan’s. He didn’t even bother to travel back for Lin Yuran and Lu Siyuan’s weddings.

Neither Lin Yuran nor Lu Siyuan wanted to say much about this tall and handsome uncle of theirs who sounded like a person right out of a novel.

Lin Yiyi was the only one who knew the role of this man in the original novel. He had saved Lin Yuran and Lin Shanshan’s lives!

Mr. Gu Chengyi passed away before Ms. Lin Ping. After Lin Yiyi had put Ms. Lin Ping to rest and returned to China, she divided up both Ms. Lin Ping and her own assets.

Lin Shanshan was a simple one and did not like to be tied down. Lin Yiyi gave her the real estate and all of the cash on the books along with the shares from Ms. Lin Ping’s company.

They would be managed by professionals, and all Lin Shanshan needed to do was to collect the dividends and nothing else.

Most importantly, Lin Shanshan enjoyed acting and propping up a company was not the pressure that should belong to a teenage girl.

By the time Lin Shanshan was of age and had the ability to make her own decisions and take on the responsibilities, Lin Yiyi would be supportive of whatever decisions that Lin Shanshan would make.

As for her two sons, Lin Muran already succeeded Xinri Media, and he had his own public company on top of that. There was nothing for her to worry about.

Lu Siyuan was still young. Not to mention that Lu Xun had also started a few other companies.

Even without Lu Xun’s arrangements, it wouldn’t hurt a boy to carve his own path. Lin Yiyi wasn’t going to let herself be bothered by that!

She was to enjoy good food and happy moments in this lifetime and be a little fairy with sons and daughter.

Settling Lin Yuran, who was destined toward a tragic end, and saving all of the money for Lin Shanshan, Lin Yiyi felt that she had concluded the original novel nicely.

However, their story would only end when they had tagged on a final touch to the end of the original novel.

Chapter 281 - Until the day that Lin Shanshan announced that she would be bringing home her boyfriend! (1)

It was a big deal that rattled the entire family when Lin Shanshan brought her boyfriend home. Even Ms. Lin Ping and her husband said they’d return to China and must meet Shanshan’s boyfriend and offered up their advice to her.

Lin Shanshan, being the only girl in her generation, had been doted upon by everyone her entire life. Who would ever dare to mistreat her, even oh so slightly, ever?

How would she be happy if she didn’t find a man who would be nice enough to her?

As such, when she brought home her dentist boyfriend, it was like a 3-party interview scene coming straight out of a historical drama. It was sufficient enough to scare many away.

Lin Shanshan was the little princess of both the Lin and Lu families. Many famous celebrities with a lot of followers also followed her of their own accord. Regardless of her fame or her family background, everybody thought she would either pick someone who was also in the entertainment circle or in the business world.

But this lady here, went and picked a dentist for herself!

Lu Mingzhe and Lin Yuran didn’t say anything out loud, but both of them had the same idea – how dare a little dentist dream of marrying their little sister! Only when pigs can fly!

By this time, the two of them had already arrived at the Lin’s mansion. Before Lin Shanshan got out of the car, she had even encouraged her boyfriend. “Don’t worry, my family is very easy going. I am sure they will like you.”

Is that so?

That surely did not look like the case!

Lu Mingzhe and Lin Yuran occupied both ends of the couch. One of them had a cup of tea in his hand. He looked past the couple and didn’t say a word. The other one had his arms crossed in front of him and had a cold look.

A certain dentist even acutely picked up killing intent from the expressionless faces of these two big brothers.

This was what his little foolish girl referred to as “easy going”?

He wondered whether she truly understood the concept of “easy going”?

Finally, Lu Mingzhe put down his cup of tea. Sighing to himself, he was the first to break the silence. “How long have you two been together?”

Everything was fine and dandy until he opened his mouth. As soon as he had started, Lin Yuran was displeased. He raised his brows and mocked, “Who is Shanshan’s brother here? You or me?”

Then, turning toward the dentist who was sitting there properly, he lifted his very reserved chin and said in a cold and noble tone, “Speak. What is going on with the two of you.”

“You are Shanshan’s brother, of course,” said Lu Mingzhe without any grievance.

And, right when Lin Yuran relaxed his brows and eyes and seemingly feeling a bit prideful, Lu Mingzhe added, “But, legally speaking, so am I.”

“You sure know how to make your presence known.”

This person was still as much of a jerk as the first day they met!

A certain dentist, “… …”

He watched as the two bosses started battling each other as though there was nobody else. They seemed to have already forgotten all about him completely.

Finally, Lin Shanshan, who had left him to field artillery fire from her brothers all by his lonesome, had brought her parents and her grandparents downstairs. She was practically his savior right now, okay? He was so touched that he could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

Truth was, Lin Yiyi was quite looking forward to meeting this little boyfriend.

Unlike the others, she was greatly relieved by the fact that, as opposed to the original novel, Lin Shanshan had become siblings with Lu Mingzhe and only developed feelings for a brother toward Lu Mingzhe. That being said, as long as the two of them were still single, Lin Yiyi had always felt that things were not yet concluded and not all of fate had been altered.

Until the day that Lin Shanshan announced that she would be bringing home her boyfriend!

Chapter 282 - Until the day that Lin Shanshan announced that she would be bringing home her boyfriend! (2)

Lin Yiyi had known about the two of them.

As a public figure, Lin Shanshan's social circle was actually quite limited. On the work front, there was Lu Mingzhe and Lin Yuran watching over her. She was destined to be far away from any hidden agendas. One could say that her life, even in the entertainment circle, was as pure as a piece of white paper.

All of a sudden, a girl that was practically living under the scrutiny of the entire family the entire time announced that she somehow had a boyfriend?

Never mind about Lin Yiyi, even Lu Mingzhe and Lin Yuran had looked up the background of her boyfriend going back 18 generations!

As surprised as Lin Yiyi was, she didn’t care too much about family status. She was, after all, not an original Rich, White, and Pretty. She was for sure more open than the two boys when it came to something like this.

The little dentist was clean and fair looking. He has somewhat of a baby face and was very pleasing to the eyes. Most importantly, he had a very sunny personality and was very talkative. An exact opposite of Lin Shanshan's two brothers.

Per Lin Shanshan herself, it was painful enough to have grown up with the two expressionless faces since childhood. Now that she had a chance to get out of that, why would she be so silly to look for someone who was just like the two of them?

As such, when this celebrity, on a certain day, walked stealthily into a dental office with her shades, masks, a peacoat, and the covering from her assistant, she attracted the attention of a certain quite-popular dentist at the dental office.

She was here for a dental visit?

Anyone who didn’t know better would think she was there to steal!

But how they met was a different story for a different time.

All in all, the relationship between Lin Shanshan and Mr. Dentist was unaffected by what Lu Mingzhe and Lin Yuran had to say about it. In fact, the two brothers-in-law were the ones who oversaw the entire setup of their wedding venue.

Lin Shanshan’s wedding stirred up yet another storm within the entertainment circle.

There was no need to delve into her family background. Many others also knew that her birth father was Meng Yan, the film emperor.

Meng Yan had been way less active compared to a few years ago. He was already close to 50 in age, and it would be a push for him to take on the role of a male lead. That being said, he still received a lot of invitations periodically. After all, he was still very famous and very experienced in his acting, but he was also very picky when it came to the scripts.

Zhang Xiying, on the other hand, had two movie opportunities since she had become the television empress 10 years ago, but neither one of them were very well received. She made more money doing television shows. Nevertheless, as she aged, she had gone from first and second female leads to the mother of the female lead. That was a difficult pill for Zhang Xiying, who loved acting, to swallow.

One way or another, a woman only has so much youth. The traces left on her from her age was not something that she could hide.

Lin Shanshan did not invite Meng Yan and his wife to her wedding.

Specifically, Meng Yan found out about her wedding from entertainment news on the internet and on the television.

He hadn’t been talking to Lin Yiyi for the last few years, but had, owing to work, run into Lu Mingzhe and Lin Yuran once or twice. They did not, however, mingle with each other too much.

Granted, even if given the opportunity, the two of them were not interested in mingling with him.

Whatever did they have in common to talk about?

Should they talk about Lin Yiyi or Lin Shanshan?

They were irked by that.

Meng Yan pushed up his bifocal lens and couldn't help but think about his younger days after reading about Lin Shanshan’s wedding.

Lin Yiyi seemed to always have dolled herself up and waited for him when he returned home from his filming. The two children had very different personalities, but both were very cute.

No matter how many problems he has had with Lin Yiyi in the past, he could only recall the good parts now.

Contrarily, he wished to settle down and enjoy a loving home at his age, but every time he was home, the house was cold and impersonal.

Zhang Xiying was still shooting with the filming team, and his daughter had school and after-school tutoring. Even during his off days, he did not get to see a lot of them.

What was Lin Shanshan’s wedding like?

It must have been romantic and lively.

He could feel the warmth and sweetness even through the screen.