The Witch Hunter System-Chapter 660 The Shadows of Demons

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Chapter 660 The Shadows of Demons

"Young Master Vanderlin?"

A nearby Peak Rank 3 Body Refiner, seemingly someone of notable status, turned to Berucha before briefly evaluating him.

"This Junior Brother… Are you saying the person on the mountain peak is Vanderlin Pendragon, the new honorary core member who has been the topic of gossip in the Martial Hall recently?"

"Yes…" Berucha answered.

Although Vaan's name was already known among a few people present, it quickly became widespread with Berucha's confirmation. At the same time, no one found his surname inappropriate whatsoever, at least not after what he had achieved.

"So his name is Vanderlin Pendragon…"

"Haha, what an imposing name...but it is also quite fitting! Unless someone else can also reach the peak, the top seat will remain his, an eternal legend!"

"It's not necessary for someone to reach the top before they can remove the corpse from the—" A young warrior didn't finish commenting before he received dozens of fierce glares.

"What utter nonsense! You better watch your tongue, boy!" an elderly warrior snapped at the young warrior after descending the Black Mountain. "Young Pendragon's legend might have been short, but he did reach the top with his own abilities! His seat is fully deserving and shouldn't be removed by foul means."

"I will not allow anyone to dishonor Young Pendragon! If someone wants him off the top seat, then climb to the peak with their own strength!" the elderly warrior stated.

In fact, the elderly warrior did not need to say so much.

Many warriors viewed Vaan's achievement as sacred, something comparable to how others treat divine relics of their religious gods. For the unqualified to act or even think of disrespecting Vaan's body was a serious taint to their warrior's pride.

As such, the young warrior immediately felt immensely regretful after his careless remark.

The crowd gradually dispersed after some time as many warriors thought they had lingered around the Black Mountain long enough. Since there was nothing left to see, most of them went back to doing their own things.

Only a small minority and newcomers remained behind to admire and sigh over Vaan's seemingly 'unfortunate fate.'

Of course, Vaan had been conscious the whole time.

Although he remained motionless and didn't seem to display any sign of life, his body continued to improve under the pressure of the Black Mountain, albeit at a turtle pace compared to before.

Originally, his high aura cultivation had caused great strain on his blood vessels and meridians. But now that his constitution caught up, such strain disappeared.

As such, he could further increase his aura cultivation without consequences.

However, since everyone was starting to believe he was dead, it would be a pity to give up his current cover. After all, unless people realized he was still alive, it was unlikely for anyone to try removing him from the Black Mountain.

In other words, Vaan could stay on the Black Mountain to perceive the laws and monitor the imperial capital indefinitely—should he wish to.

After he acquired the High-rank Earth Spirit Body and gained Earth Authority, he could feel much more of the earth, allowing his senses to reach much further. Information was constantly fed to him from all directions.

It wasn't farfetched to say that countless people within the imperial capital were his eyes and ears without their own knowledge.

He was silently monitoring the situation at all times with a portion of his consciousness.

The only disadvantage of such passive spying was that he couldn't eavesdrop on people's conversations outside his detection range and those staying in special anti-detection fields.

However, Vaan had also taken proactive measures to counter such an obvious flaw – he relied on the dragons and their magic. freeweb(n)ovel

The number of young dragon elites performing recon in the Great Ratholos Empire alone had increased to twenty-five out of the fifty original young dragon elites. Furthermore, it occurred in the last twenty-four hours.

Every country has its own darkness, and Vaan knew the glorious and mighty Great Ratholos Empire was no exception.

However, even Vaan was surprised when he discovered how deeply rooted and hidden the darkness was in the Great Ratholos Empire. Moreover, its force was far greater than he had imagined.

Yet despite the great force the darkness wielded, it still remained in obscurity, biding its time patiently for the right moment to shock the world.

If the people of the Great Ratholos Empire learned as much about this hidden force as Vaan did, they would have been absolutely horrified. After all, it was a force capable of overturning the sovereignty of the Great Ratholos Empire—if no other force intervened.

Naturally, since Vaan was around, he wouldn't let that happen, especially because it most likely involved another Devil's Contractor. Even if Vaan was wrong in his guess, it shouldn't be far off.

He was certain this hidden force had strong ties to the demons of Gehenna one way or another.

Otherwise, how could it elude the eyes of everyone for so long?

The shadows of demons were everywhere.

'Chaezi,' Vaan willed.

'What is your order, Supreme Leader?' Chaezi's sweet, compliant voice was immediately heard as if she had been on standby, awaiting his command.

'Give me an update on the Sacred Tirtha and Delarosa Household,' Vaan demanded.

Among the areas where Vaan's Omni-Sense could not reach, the Sacred Tirtha and territory of the Delarosa Household were at the top of the list.

Not only were these two places very large, but they also accommodated many people, particularly shamans, witch doctors, and those with the potential to become one of the two.

Shamans practiced the art of divination and healing, while witch doctors studied the art of breaking curses and curing diseases.

The Sacred Tirtha was precisely a place for training shamans and witch doctors.

Not only had it trained the most shamans and witch doctors in the history of the empire, but it also provided the highest healing water and treatment to warriors.

Countless warriors were greatly indebted to its River of Healing and Pond of Rebirth.

But while the warriors of the empire saw the Sacred Tirtha as the most sacred place, deserving of the highest respect, Vaan found it very suspicious. It was easily the safest place to hide something.

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