The World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies-Chapter 382 - : 382

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Chapter 382: 382

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My Class B!

An hour later, the Tesla arrived at the airport runway.

Wu Jianguo brought a group of underlings to guard the 10 tons of gold that had been transported over.

“Boss, I haven’t seen you for a few days. You look much better!”

Wu Jianguo came up and hugged Wang Ran warmly.


Wang Ran was stunned.

He was almost weak, but he was still energetic…

“How have you been these past few days? Has your strength improved?”

Wang Ran asked.

“When you came back last time, you said that you and the zombies…l couldn’t help but try.”

I’m already a Level 7 Awakened now!”

Wu Jianguo patted his chest and looked pleased.

“D * mn, you’re good!”

Wang Ran was very happy.

Wu Jianguo finally took this step.

By the way, which female zombie are you interested in?”

“Bring it to me another day.” Wang Ran said with a smile.

“Uh… It’s not a female zombie…

Boss, you know that your female zombie is the only one who’s stronger in City

“Where are we going to find them?”

“After thinking about it, I still found Little Red…”

Wu Jianguo scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Little Red and I were purely training our strength together. There was no lust involved! ”

Wu Jianguo explained.

“Ah… This…

Why don’t you ask Momo to catch some female zombies for you?”

“Isn’t this a little inappropriate?” Wang Ran didn’t know what to say.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. We’re already used to it.”

‘ Little Red has advanced to the level of a Corpse Emperor. She’s very strong, and we’ve improved quite quickly through communication.”

Wu Jianguo blushed and smiled.

Zhu Ming looked at Wu Jianguo with resentment.

At this moment, the shadow of a plane appeared not far away.

The two large transport planes began to land on the runway.

After gliding for some distance, the two transport planes stopped steadily. Dozens of soldiers wearing kinetic skeletons began to unload the goods.

“F * ck, what is this!”

Wang Ran and the others were stunned.

This mechanical feeling, this line, this sound..

It was so cool!

Lin Shuang saw the confusion in Wang Ran and the others ‘eyes and took the initiative to walk forward.

“Major Lin! Hello, I’m Xiao Liu from Squad Six.”

A leading warrior stepped forward and bowed.

“What are you guys wearing? “It looks very interesting.”

Lin Shuang asked directly.

‘ Ah, this is Bei Du’s latest kinetic skeleton!”

“Awakened ones can display 20% to 40% more power after wearing it.”

“We’re using this to exchange for gold with N City.”

Xiao Liu explained.

“Oh? Is it that interesting?”

“Give me a set to try!”

Lin Shuang’s interest was piqued.

“Major Lin, are you a Level 5 Metahuman?”

“The batch of D-class kinetic skeletons we sent over is for Level 1 and Level 2

Metahumans. ”

“If you use it, the exoskeleton might not be able to withstand it.”

“You can communicate with Captain Lin and bring some higher-level ones when the next batch comes.”

Xiao Liu explained. “Level 5? Who are you looking down on!”

“I’m already rank 7…”

Lin Shuang mumbled. “Level 7!”

Little Liu’s body trembled.

Two weeks ago, when Lin Shuang left Bei Du, she was only a level-five…

Did he improve so quickly?

What method did he use…

At this speed, she was about to catch up to Captain Lin…

“You’re saying that as long as you wear this kinetic skeleton, you can unleash even greater strength, right?”

Wang Ran asked.

‘ Yes, anyone who has been injected with our special vaccine can activate the kinetic skeleton.”

“Currently, we are mainly producing D-class exoskeletons, and there are also a small number of B-class and A-class exoskeletons.”

“You can communicate with Captain Lin personally about the specific situation.”

Xiao Liu replied. “Special vaccine?”

Wang Ran was stunned.

“Oh, it’s the first batch of vaccine that Researcher Liu brought to Bei Du.”

‘ Our researchers have set up a genetic lock on the kinetic skeleton. Only those who have been injected with the vaccine can activate these kinetic skeletons.”

Xiao Liu explained. “Oh…”

Wang Ran nodded.

It was the batch of vaccine made with his own blood…

In other words, he and his lackeys could use it directly without injecting it. After all, they had been injected with a lot of Wang Ran’s…

“Hey, give me a set to try.”

Wang Ran was still very curious about this kind of mecha.

“Ah, this gentleman, you should be very strong, right?”

“I don’t think our batch can handle you.”

“Oh, why don’t you try this one on me? It’s a B-grade one.”

As a Level 5 Metahuman, Xiao Liu was wearing a rare B-class exoskeleton.

“Alright, this one then.”

“Let me feel it.”

Wang Ran was looking forward to it.

“Boss, why don’t you let me do it? You’re too strong. Don’t let it collapse.”

Wu Jianguo’s eyes lit up.

He had no resistance against such mecha-type things.

“Go, go, go. Go to the side and line up.”

Wang Ran pushed Wu Jianguo away.

After Xiao Liu took off the exoskeleton, he called a technician over and demonstrated how to put on the exoskeleton on Wang Ran on the spot.

After putting it on, Wang Ran felt a few thin needles inserted into his skin, as if they were establishing a connection with his nerves.

“Comrade, you only need to inject our vaccine and you can operate this kinetic skeleton.”

Xiao Liu said as he took out a vaccine.

Wang Ran smiled and raised his hand.

The kinetic skeleton seemed to have grown on Wang Ran’s body as it smoothly followed Wang Ran’s movements.

Wang Ran also felt a boost.

In other words, he only needed to use a portion of his strength to do what he wanted.

“Hey, comrade, you’ve been injected with the vaccine!”

Little Liu sighed.

Wang Ran smiled but did not say anything. This vaccine was f * cking developed with his own blood. He was his father, so of course he could use it directly.

“Wang Ran, try punching me!”

Lin Shuang encouraged.

She couldn’t wait to see the effect of this kinetic skeleton.

Wang Ran nodded, took a few steps forward, and pulled the driver’s seat. “This thing seems quite expensive. I won’t use my full strength.”

“Use 30% of your strength…”

Wang Ran muttered in his heart.

After making his preparations, Wang Ran threw a seemingly casual punch!

“Clang clang clang…”

The kinetic skeleton on Wang Ran’s body instantly shattered like Lego bricks.

The parts were scattered all over the ground…

“My B class!”

Xiao Liu’s eyes instantly turned red.

It was the B-class kinetic skeleton that he loved like a girlfriend!

Whv did it collapse all of a sudden!