Transcendent Dawn-Chapter 171 - 0: Conflict (Extra 4300, 2 updates per night, asking for monthly tickets)

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Chapter 171: Chapter 0171: Conflict (Extra 4300, 2 updates per night, asking for monthly tickets)

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‘The situation in the Silent Forest has gotten worse.’

Su Lu glanced at the dead tree by his side.

Its bark had long since dried up, much like cracked soil. Every drop of water seemed to have been evaporated, as if a light touch would cause it to crumble into dust.

A number of professionists were eagerly digging in the ground, hoping to unearth something extraordinary.

“This place was quite dangerous… ordinary people could easily disappear when entering, and professionists were no exception. Now is a rare opportunity!”

Mundo explained next to Su Lu, “For us, being able to dig some magical materials out of the Black Forest would already be a significant gain…”

“Oh, I see!”

Su Lu nodded with a smile.

Without a doubt, the demon’s mansion held the most secrets, but they were only for the Federation and the church, and perhaps a few top transcendents. Those things had nothing to do with them.

Some professionists were hoping to discover treasures and mysteries within the Black Forest.

Unfortunately, reality was bound to disappoint them.

Su Lu had been in and out of the Black Forest before, but he did not find any transcendent materials.

Of course, this may be due to his hurried approach during previous visits. Now with so many professionists around, including those with special abilities, there could be some gains, but these would be rare.

Su Lu looked at the group and saw Geli heading towards the center of the Black Forest without saying a word.

Feeling a move within his heart, Su Lu followed her.

He guessed that Zoren was probably defeated, perhaps even killed. Geli was likely trying to look for clues about Gered, she might even want to get revenge.

However, how much could a mere second level [Cavalry] accomplish? Su Lu didn’t have high hopes for her.

But now was the best chance.

If Gered dared to show up, neither the church nor the members of the Eleventh Bureau would let him go.

“Ah… What’s that? A marvel! Catch that kid!”

Suddenly, a commotion arose from the left side.

A young man in black clothing, holding something in his arms, fled towards the outer regions of the Black Forest at a high speed while leaving a residual image behind him.

Behind him, a few professionists were chasing after him, shouting, “Stop him!

He found a marvel!”


The other professionists were astounded, with some quick-witted ones already taking action.

Among them was someone in archer gear who nocked an arrow, and with a swish, the arrow penetrated the back of the young man, leaving a bloodstained arrowhead sticking out of his chest.


“That’s mine

The professionists who were chasing him the fastest already pulled out their daggers, igniting an explosive atmosphere.

“What? They actually fabricated something?”

Marvels, also known as magical items, possessed extraordinary and powerful abilities. They were hard to come by and deemed as precious treasures.

Su Lu’s eyes widened, “Could it be the relics of the Transcendents who explored here previously?”

“You guys, be careful, something seems off!” Rafael had his fists bound with bandazes.

As the president of Ten-fist Association, Rafael was indeed a second-stage [Fighter]. Although he had not been promoted to a third-stage [Fighter], his strength should be quite considerable.

The people from Ten-fist Association formed a small group, those increasingly frenzied professionists didn’t dare to casually interrupt them.

‘Something’s off…very off!’

Su Lu looked at the scene frowning.

Near his ear, a voice came from afar but gradually became clearer.

“Angus Gold… Angus Gold…”

“Could it be … Is it the demon mansion’s trick? It is affecting our spirits, making human nature become more greedy and violent?”

Su Lu’s eyes flashed, and he instantly reached a conclusion.

After all, he was a three-stage occupational person who excelled at spiritual power, he had enough willpower.

Whereas, Mundo and other physical professionists nearby, seemed to be in a growing state of plight.

Under such circumstances, a single spark could completely ignite their deeply suppressed extreme emotions and lead to a catastrophe.

‘How did the demon mansion become this powerful? Or did it sense the threat of destruction and is now putting all its eggs in one basket?’

Su Lu looked at Geli worriedly, and to his surprise, the female bounty hunter seemed quite alright. It seemed like she had been undergoing regular mental training.

“God said… let there be light!”

Just then, an old voice came from the direction of the core of the Black Forest.

Immediately after, a column of light surged into the sky. Ripples along with the light spread out in all directions.

All professionists enveloped by the light showed peaceful expressions. The previously escalating situation was finally somewhat alleviated. “It’s Bishop Hughes from the Goddess Church!” Mundo looked at Rafael, “President, are we still going in?”

“Go! Why wouldn’t we?”

Rafael gritted his teeth, “No matter what, Ten-fist Association is still a well-known transcendent power in Charles City!”

They continued forward and arrived at an open area.

The ruined demon mansion stood silently in the core. It still stood proud, even under the sacred light emitted by the Goddess Church.

However, the speed at which dirty blood was flowing from the ruined areas seemed to have increased slightly.

Members of the Eleventh Bureau in their black trench coats, church members in white priest robes, along with a few major transcendent organizations, all gathered outside the mansion, watching it with anxieties. “I don’t understand… why are there so many people?”

Mundo muttered.

“The church is here to purify the evil, the Eleventh Bureau is after Gaosuo’s treasure, and maybe to lure out Gered as well. As for the other transcendent organizations, some are here because of the rumored treasure map, others because of some family heirloom…”

Rafael sighed, “After all… that’s a top-tier transcendent family. Even though the mansion is abandoned, it might still contain some magical items…” “Stop right there, haven’t you heard the command?”

Seeing Geli about to come closer, two transcendent members with blood badges on them stood in the way: “People from a minor organization, you aren’t allowed to enter the mansion!”

“It’s too dangerous in there, little girl. You’d better go home and play with dolls!”

They stood brazenly in front of her, hands crossed, like two iron towers.

“Get lost!”

Geli snorted coldly, looking dissatisfied.

Obviously, this female bounty hunter was harboring a lot of anger due to the previous matter with Zoren.

“Feisty girl!”

“You dare belittle the Blood Brotherhood?”

A professionist stood out, his face full of mockery as he beckoned, “If you have the ability, defeat me, then you can pass…” “Remember, you’re the one who said this.”

Geli suddenly crouched down.


Her slender and powerful leg was like a spring. She leaped high, wrapped her leg around the Blood Brotherhood member’s neck, and slammed him to the ground.

After a dull thud, the man passed out and fell to the ground unconscious.

The commotion here quickly caught the attention of those at the front.

It wasn’t long before a red-haired man arrived on the scene, surrounded by the members of the Blood Brotherhood. Looking at the comatose hulk on the ground, he frowned, “What the….what’s going on?”

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