Tribulation of Myriad Races-Chapter 377: Blatantly Helping The Enemy (1)

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Chapter 377: Blatantly Helping The Enemy (1)


While Su Yu was busy planning his acupoint cultivation.

Inside a building of the single character faction.

Zhou Pingsheng slapped his palm on the table and furiously said, "First, it was Huang Qifeng. Next, it was Liu He, Zhu Hong, Yang Sha, and Chen Qi. Does our faction still have any prestige left? And all this is happening because of only one student. What are all of you doing?"

Dozens of researchers had been gathered in the meeting room.

"Huang Qifeng has just regained his consciousness. Senior Brother Zheng is unconscious even now. A single Su Yu has caused us so much trouble!"

There was one matter he left unsaid. Was that data real or fake? It felt impossible to complete their research with the data they obtained.

Zhou Pingsheng furiously said, "Tell me. How are we going to solve this problem that is Su Yu? He has joined the academy for only around two months yet he has already created so much trouble for us. Our prestige has been ruined and the morale of our students are plummeting. Will it be our turn next?"

Nobody said anything.

Zhou Pingsheng looked at Liu Hong and berated, "Liu Hong, didn't you promise that you will deal with Bai Feng and his student? What's going on? That bastard Bai Feng had even killed Zhang Yu!"


Liu Hong blanked out slightly before asking in astonishment, "Who did Bai Feng kill?"

"Zhang Yu!"

Liu Hong was in shock. "That's impossible, right? Isn't Senior Brother Zhang Yu a second-stage Cloudbreach?"

Zhou Pingsheng coldly said, "I am also trying to look for an answer. You have competed against him for so many years, Liu Hong. Don't you have an answer?"

Inwardly, Liu Hong was slightly shocked. He hurriedly defended himself, "Senior Brother Zhou, if I had known that he's so strong, I wouldn't have competed against him. That fellow is a ruthless bastard. I fought him many times before, but he never displayed so much strength! If he is strong enough to kill Senior Brother Zhang Yu, he is definitely strong enough to kill me. How would I dare to keep provoking him if I knew about his strength?"

Zhou Pingsheng frowned and scolded, "You failed to notice anything even when Bai Feng is hiding his strength right in front of you. The faction has been allocating a lot of resources to you every year. What have you been doing all these while?"

Liu Hong awkwardly said, "Senior Brother, I have been cultivating very hard. I am going to reach the ninth-stage Skysoar Realm soon. And after the visit to the Willpower Grotto, I might even be able to enter the Cloudbreach Realm. But even after that, I still don't think I'm strong enough to kill Senior Brother Zhang..."

He frowned and asked, "Senior Brother Zhou, where did he perform the killing?"

The others looked at Zhou Pingsheng as well. Killing a fellow academy member was not something one could lightly do. Only special circumstances would allow one to do so.

Suddenly, the door opened and someone strode in. The newcomer said, "At the Eighteenth Secondary School. The Xia Family has temporarily classified that place as a warzone. Anyone can enter and it doesn't matter how many people die there."

Everyone's heart shuddered.

Liu Hong raised his brow and looked at the newcomer, who was Xia Yuwen. He smiled, "Is that the same Eighteenth Secondary School I graduated from, Senior Brother Xia?"

Xia Yuwen completely ignored Liu Hong. He walked to the front of the crowd, sat down, and indifferently said, "I won't waste anyone's time. The conflict there is your business. It is unrelated to me. But since Bai Feng had killed Zhang Yu there and proclaimed that he could kill anyone at the third-stage Cloudbreach Realm and below, Faculty Head Zhou had requested my help."

Everyone was surprised to hear that, but realization also dawned on them. No wonder Xia Yuwen had returned earlier than expected. There was no doubt that Bai Feng was strong. But nobody could say for sure that Bai Feng was undefeatable in the same realm. And nobody knew if Bai Feng and Wu Qi had fought for real before. But since even Zhang Yu had been killed, they did not have anyone that could gain an advantage over Bai Feng.

Liu Hong coughed and said, "Please wait a moment. Warzone, Eighteenth Secondary School, and killing...To speak the truth, I am still clueless. What is happening?"


Some people in the crowd looked at him oddly. So he was really clueless. The other elders were aware of what was happening. Those below the elders were naturally informed. But Liu Hong's teacher was in seclusion. And there weren't that many people in their line. Thus, nobody had informed Liu Hong, leaving him clueless.

Xia Yuwen frowned. An old man smiled and answered, "Let me explain. Elder Zheng was injured, right?"

The old man gave a simple version of the story. ๐™›๐’“๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐’˜๐“ฎ๐™—๐’๐“ธ๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐’.๐“ฌ๐™ค๐™ข

Liu Hong's expression did not change as he said, "Thank you, Senior Lin, for the information."

This old man was Lin Yao's grandfather. It would seem like there were still some benefits to be gained from accepting Lin Yao as his student. He then glanced at a different old man who had remained silent. That was Liu He's teacher. Was that fellow aware of this as well?

If the old man knew, why had he not informed him? Liu Hong's expression remained unchanged. He stopped asking.

Xia Yuwen then said, "Are you done talking? If you're done, shut up and listen to me."

Nobody said anything. Xia Yuwen said, "I can deal with Bai Feng, but you guys will need to get me the position of the head manager of the books depository. That was something Faculty Head Zhou had promised me before. I don't care about anything else. If you can't kick Chen Yong out, Manager Zhou can resign from your position and let me take it."

Zhou Pingsheng's face changed.

Xia Yuwen continued, "Don't worry, Manager Zhou. The position of faction master in your faction is still vacant. If you become the faction master and enter the ninth-stage Cloudbreach Realm, you might also be appointed an elder."

Zhou Pingsheng's eyes flickered.

Xia Yuwen said, "However, it would be for the best if you can kick Chen Yong out. If he remains, the position of a manager is but a joke as long as the head manager is there."

"Best case scenario, Manager Zhou becomes the new faction master. Two years later, he can ascend to the position of an elder with his status as a manager and a faction master. Meanwhile, I will ascend as the head manager of the books depository."

Everyone nodded. That was indeed the best case scenario.

Xia Yuwen said, "At that time, the elders in the academy coupled with the elders in the battlefield and the elders in seclusion are enough to turn the entire academy into the single character faction's playground. At that can even aim for the position of principal."

At that, everyone's expression changed.

An old man coughed and said, "Yuwen, do not utter such words lightly. Principal Wan is the one who has led the academy to its current peak. And the academy is still growing steadily."

Xia Yuwen looked at the old man and said, "I am only talking about a possibility."

He ignored that person and continued, "Chen Yong is a ninth-stage Cloudbreach. Since he stays in the academy all the time, it is hard to deal with him. His student is his weakness. If you can't even deal with someone like him, then you might as well give up trying to become the most powerful faction in the academy."

He looked at everyone and said, "After so many years of growth, can't the single character faction deal with a single student like Su Yu?"

Some of the people in the crowd had a look of embarrassment, but some cursed inwardly. Xia Yuwen's own student had also failed in dealing with Su Yu. In fact, his own student had nearly been killed by Su Yu. Was he not ashamed to berate them of the same failure?

Some of them were already unhappy that this person had intruded on their meeting. Now that he was acting like the leader, they became even more unhappy. They even started feeling that Zhou Pingsheng was too soft.

If Zheng Yuming was still around, Xia Yuwen would definitely not be allowed to be so arrogant.

There were a few ninth-stage Cloudbreach cultivators in the crowd. Alas, none of them was willing to stand against Xia Yuwen, so Xia Yuwen was allowed to keep acting arrogantly.

However, Liu Hong showed no fear. He smiled and said, "Previously, Faculty Head Zhou talked to me about this. I gave him a proposal. He had been considering it, but I don't know if he has reached a decision or not."

Xia Yuwen glanced at him and said, "What is your proposal? You are the smartest among your batch despite your weak strength."

Liu Hong did not mind. He said, "Let Su Yu enter the Skysoar Realm."




He was chided by multiple people, but Liu Hong did not mind. He sighed and said, "To speak the truth, our current students...are really quite lacking. We only have a single Di Feng in the top 10. The rest of them are either over 30 or at the Skysoar Realm.

"Even among our Skysoar members, a lot of them are geniuses. You might not be happy to hear this, but even Di Feng is probably much weaker than someone like Zhan Hai who holds the first rank."

Liu Hong smiled, "This is why we are having so much trouble dealing with Su Yu. But what if he is a Skysoar? What can a single Skysoar change?

"Nothing. And the moment he steps into the Skysoar Realm, we will have a lot more options to deal with him. Skysoar cultivators will have to take on some missions, including the yearly reviews. We can easily make him suffer a loss with a hard mission. We can even station him at the Allheaven Battlefield for a few years.

"But since he's not a Skysoar, he can keep hiding in the academy. Regardless of how strong we are, what can we do to him? Senior Brother Xia, would even someone like you dare to attack a student in the academy?

"Therefore, this might seem like we're helping an enemy, but in truth, we're doing this to restrict him. We have the perfect chance to do so. Throw him into the Willpower Grotto. With the purity of the willpower in there, even if he can't enter the Skysoar Realm, he would be on the cusp of reaching that realm. At that time, a slight push is all we need to send him into the Skysoar Realm. He might even enter the realm before completing his character technique. fr(e)ewebnov(e)

"Some help might not be beneficial to the recipient. It's pointless to keep going against Su Yu right now. We will only waste our strength. Huang Qifeng, Zhu Hong, and the other genius students used to have the potential to enter the Skysoar Realm. But after their clash with Su Yu, even their future advancement has been delayed or even severed."

As he explained his plan, some expressions in the room started changing. The crowd couldn't help but to agree with him. Even Xia Yuwen was nodding. This really sounded like a good plan.

But Zhou Pingsheng frowned, "Allow him to enter the Willpower Grotto? But that is a treasured land. And who can guarantee that he will really enter the Skysoar Realm? What if he doesn't? He seems to have learned the Soul Expanding Art. All of you might not know that art too well, but you should know about Zhao Li. He had even dropped his cultivation level before. Liu Hong, be careful lest you harm yourself with your tricks instead."

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