Ultimate Level 1-Chapter Free Signed Copy of Dragon Rider Chance!

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Chapter Free Signed Copy of Dragon Rider Chance!

It's hard to believe that the day finally arrived when I was able to hold my own copy of the first book!

Saturday, this beautiful thing came in!!

So! I'm going to have a giveaway! Post a comment on the chapter in my Dragon Rider Series (It dropped at 8:10 today) (it can be anythingfrom congrats to hairy dwarf balls to favorite recipeI don't care), and on Wednesday, I'll do a drawing and send the winner a free copy, signed by me! If you live somewhere that it's about $100+ to ship, I'll just get with you and Paypal cash so you can purchase a copy in May!

If you stumble upon this narrative on Amazon, it's taken without the author's consent. Report it.

Check for the newest Chapter here for where to reply - /fiction/72446/dawn-of-the-last-dragon-rider-litrpg

I am super grateful for everyone who has stayed with me through this point in the story and read UL1 as well! I'm two chapters away from finishing the audiobook, and it's been so surreal!

Just know if you're ever where I'm at, I'll gladly sign any of the work I've done!

The good news is - UL1 Paperbacks should be out this week if all goes well on Amazon! freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

Stay tuned for another give away soon!

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