Unfathomable Senior-Chapter 774

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“It’s still an odd sight to behold, I didn’t think that any of them would still be alive at this point, but there they are…”

Zhang Dong emerged from the memory loss phenomenon and found himself observing a peculiar couple. An elderly man diligently mowed the lawn, while his wife, of a similar age, prepared food in the kitchen. Though they appeared to be an ordinary elderly couple on the verge of retirement, to Zhang Dong, they held a more profound significance - they were his real parents. Landing on prime earth, he realized that only a day or two had elapsed since he entered the world of cultivation. It felt as though he had never left in the first place.

From his perspective, these individuals were many times his juniors, for in his mind, he was a being who had already existed for millions of years. The meticulous preparations he undertook, alongside his sect members and other allies, spanned many years. Some of the people he rescued never even reached this point. Many of the other system holders opted not to proceed, choosing to live out their lives to the fullest, as it was their right.

It became apparent that Earth was ensnared in a temporal paradox, existing at a pace distinct from anything beyond its boundaries. Zhang Dong's profound understanding of the Dao of time allowed him to discern the truth about this peculiar place. Someone had orchestrated it to remain within a specific temporal threshold, and, additionally, had returned him to his former body with erased memories. Fortunately, Zhang Dong’s newfound strength rendered him immune to such manipulation; his memories and old emotions resurfaced, unaffected by the constraints of this temporal anomaly.

Recollections of the events leading to his current existence flooded Zhang Dong's mind. His armies, composed of cultivators and system holders, had successfully seized numerous stations, severing the access to the energy sent to this place. Yet, they couldn't collect it all, as universal tremors had become too widespread. The army included immortal beings, with his family members at the helm. However, this was not the entirety of their force.

Utilizing the ability to create spacecraft capable of trans-dimensional travel, they amassed a colossal armada numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Encircling the entire galaxy, their presence was formidable. But as Zhang Dong penetrated the solar system, a sensation gripped him - an unsettling feeling that something was amiss. His mind was still hazy but he still could remember the feeling of sleepiness.

“They got me good… They must have known that I was coming and prepared a trap but why was I allowed to live?”

Uncertain of the exact events that had unfolded, it appeared to be an automated response triggered by his solo invasion attempt. Zhang Dong had ventured in alone to assess the situation, with his armies awaiting his signal to advance. Thanks to the temporal paradox, time outside this isolated Earth remained unaffected, and he had been missing for less than two days. He was confident that his wife and children were likely attempting to locate him, possibly even striving to enter the solar system but facing obstacles beyond their control.

“There was a strong barrier and presence within the solar system, I’m not sure if they will be able to enter without my help but maybe it’s better like this, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to protect them…”

Zhang Dong's power had reached godlike proportions, yet uncertainty lingered regarding the outcome of this impending battle. The unmistakable presence of the being responsible for creating this world beckoned him, almost as if it invited him to confront it directly. Acknowledging the possibility of walking into a trap, he contemplated the risk of having his mind permanently erased once again. However, the mere ability to resist and oppose his supposed creator injected a glimmer of hope. If he was able to go against such a high-level technique then perhaps he was strong enough to push through the impending challange.

“But… before that, it would be better to say something, I might not be able to see any of them again if this place or me collapses…”

Zhang Dong's resolve was nearly finalized, but he recognized the need to address a few lingering matters. Having established his own family, he had come to appreciate the value of familial bonds. Previously, he regarded his parents and siblings as a nuisance, feeling out of place at family gatherings. This led him to retreat to an old apartment, finding solace in seclusion. Over time, the calls dwindled, a consequence of his clear disinterest in nurturing past connections, a decision he found himself regretting as the years passed.

He altered his appearance to resemble his old self, making subtle adjustments to appear less like someone glued to a computer screen for an entire day. Descending from the clouds, he walked towards his old family house, where the loud sound of grass being mowed reached his ears. His father, with his back turned, remained unaware until Zhang Dong stood before the home gate, prompting a delayed reaction.

“Matthew is that you?”

“Yeah… Hey… dad…”

His father squinted, trying to make sense of the person standing before him. Zhang Dong, wearing the guise of his old self, couldn't help but feel a surge of mixed emotions. The familiarity of his father's voice triggered memories of family dinners, awkward conversations, and the relentless pursuit of his own solitary path.fr eewebn ovel.com

“Have you been working out? You look a lot better than the last time… hey, did your hair start growing back or something?”

“No… it’s always been like that…”

Zhang Dong's father was a man with a significant portion of his hair missing, retaining only a few strands on the sides while his hairline had receded considerably. His older brother followed a similar pattern, and as Zhang Dong entered his thirties, he noticed the same fate beginning to befall him. This realization probably prompted him to choose a cultivation avatar with long, luscious hair, a stark contrast to his own thinning strands

His father squinted, trying to discern Matthew's face, and then a broad smile lit up his features.

“Matthew! You surprised me. I thought you'd be busy with work.”

Zhang Dong, now Matthew, awkwardly scratched his head before responding. Even though he was an old man on the inside, it still felt strange to talk to his real father. Thanks to his cultivation he was able to retain most of his old memories and everything was quickly coming back.

“Yeah, well, I thought I'd take a break and visit. How’s everything?”

His father's eyes twinkled with a mixture of joy and curiosity.

“Everything’s fine. Your mom is preparing lunch. Come on in.”

As Zhang Dong stepped into the familiar surroundings, memories of family dinners and shared laughter flooded back. The aroma of home-cooked food wrapped around him, triggering a sense of nostalgia. His mother, bustling in the kitchen, turned at the sound of their entrance.

“Matthew, you’re here! I was just thinking about you. Are you eating properly?”

Zhang Dong nodded, appreciating the genuine concern in his mother’s voice.

“Yeah, I'm doing okay. Just had a bit of free time, so I thought I'd drop by.”

The family gathered around the dining table, the atmosphere warm and familiar. As they chatted, Zhang Dong couldn't help but marvel at the simplicity and beauty of this ordinary life. His parents were blissfully unaware of the extraordinary being their son had become.

After the meal, Zhang Dong found himself in the backyard, helping his father with some gardening, an activity that he used to despise. The sun cast a warm glow, and the rhythmic sound of the wind chimes carried a serene melody. Amidst this moment he began to contemplate this long existence of his and how things could have been. However, there was no going back now and this place was not somewhere that he belonged to anymore.

“Dad, there's something I need to tell you.”

His father looked up from tending to the plants, curiosity etched on his face.

“What is it, Matthew?”

Zhang Dong took a deep breath, wrestling with the words to communicate the truth. Initially, he pondered the wisdom of revealing the extent of his abilities. Demonstrating to his father that he could fly or transform might be utterly shocking. While he could potentially transport his parents to his inner universe, he hesitated, recognizing the uncertainty of the events about to unfold. The looming possibility of his own demise, and the potential consequences for his family, made him cautious about disclosing the extraordinary aspects of his existence.

“Ah… it’s nothing, I just wanted to say thank you.”

“Thank me, for what?”

“Oh not much, just felt like it…”

The old him wasn’t that fond of skinship but before leaving now, he just had to give his father a big hug. His old man was quite surprised at the show of affection and hugged his son back in an awkward fashion.

“Are you okay? Do you need money or something?”

“Haha, no, everything is going fine, I even got a promotion, money isn’t really an issue, I just wanted to see you.”

After giving his mother her own hug, Zhang Dong bid his family farewell, leaving them with a sense of confusion over the unexpected visit. As he walked away from the familiar house, he couldn’t shake off the bittersweet feeling that accompanied the serene encounter. Having visited his younger sister and older brother prior to arriving at his old home, all of them were baffled by his sudden appearance, especially considering they lived in completely different locations separated by hundreds of kilometers. Now that he had bid his farewells, it was time to confront the real issue. It was time to bring everything to a conclusion, one way or another.

Returning to his true form, Zhang Dong ascended into the sky, leaving behind the ordinary world he had briefly reconnected with. The city, the office building, and the memories of his previous life were now distant specks on the canvas of the planet. Determined to confront the entity that had manipulated his existence, he soared through the sky towards the beacon of power on another continent. He soon arrived at a large island that looked like a luxury resort fit for a billionaire.

As Zhang Dong touched down on the island, he sensed a powerful aura emanating from a grandiose structure at its center. The surroundings appeared perfect, with lush gardens, sparkling pools, and extravagant villas, creating a stark contrast to the ordinary life he had briefly embraced.

The closer he got to the central structure, the stronger the oppressive force became. It was a deliberate attempt to deter anyone from approaching, but Zhang Dong pressed forward, his determination unwavering. As he approached the entrance, the air around him seemed to vibrate with a strange energy.

“Well, well, You finally made it. I’ll be with you in a second, just wait a moment~”

As the doors swung open on their own he was greeted by an echo of a voice, the owner of this lush villa was aware of his presence and seemed to not be perturbed by his appearance…

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