Universal Power System-Chapter 294 Revelations (Part 1)

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Chapter 294 Revelations (Part 1)

Mako approached the room labeled 1-E, excited to see the faces of his friends that he hadn't seen in two months; only to be disappointed to see that in a room full of cadets, he couldn't spot his friends anywhere.

Mako's mood immediately plummeted as now he would have to search all the different classes to eventually find his friends.

He quietly walked inside the classroom and took a seat in the middle of the last row in the left corner of the room.

Some of the students turned to acknowledge Mako's presence while most completely ignored him and continued whatever they were doing.

Mako was never an attention seeker unlike his old classmates, who basically begged for attention from everyone.

Even though he was now strong and could fit in with the other students in his class, the years of trauma that he had gone through; constantly being bullied and beaten up by others prevented him from opening up to anybody.

In his mind he knew that it didn't matter whether he was strong or weak, these people were the same and if they treated people differently based on their power level, then they were nothing but fakes and he didn't want to do anything with them.

At first, nobody paid any attention to Mako who just put his head down on his desk; waiting for his very first lesson in the military school to begin.

All of them were suppressing their auras so nobody could gauge how strong any of them were, but if they had gotten into the advanced class, it was quite certain that they were indeed strong.

Mako was browsing through his system interface and making future plans when all of a sudden he sensed a hand approaching him from behind.

Mako's perception was greater than the average student his power level so he was easily able to sense the hand approaching him.

In an instant, Mako twisted his upper body while remaining seated and grabbed the incoming hand with his right hand, stopping it firmly.

The whole thing happened so quickly that even caught the person who was approaching off guard.

Suddenly, the whole room fell silent as everyone's attention turned towards Mako as he firmly grabbed onto the person's arm; not letting go.

The person tried to pull his hand back using an increasing amount of force to do so but Mako was still not budging.

"Look... I am not in the mood, especially on my first..." Mako said slowly and quietly.

However, he was cut off before he could finish his sentence.

"Mako, come on man! Let go! It's me!" An unfamiliar yet familiar voice resounded in Mako's ears prompting him to finally look up at whose hand had he actually caught.

He looked up to find a person he completely did not expect to share a class with.

"Andrew?" Mako spoke out of confusion, recognizing the person who had approached him but was still completely unsure of how he was even here.

There was a moment of awkward silence between them as Mako couldn't find the words to explain his confusion as this made no sense. Erin had told them that Sven, Finn, and Andrew; her old teammates, were all accepted in the basic class so how was Andrew sitting in the advanced class?

"Can you let go of my hand, please? People are starting to look..." Andrew whispered with a hint of embarrassment as more people were starting to take notice of the sudden silence and tension that had ensued in the room.

Mako quickly let go and apologized for his sudden reaction but the truth was that he still hadn't recovered mentally from his first mission and now more than ever, he always wanted to remain on his toes so that he wouldn't get snuck up on and knocked out of the fight early.

The tension in the air slowly died down and the other students slowly returned to what they were doing but making a mental note of the event in their minds to watch out for Mako as from the tiny display of power he had just shown, it was clear that he wasn't to be messed around with.

Andrew took a seat beside Mako and before he could say

anything, He replied to the question that was racing on Mako's


"I know... I know... I didn't even expect to put in the advanced

class, but it looks like my recent jump in ability and skill just

barely met the criteria for the military to be accepted into the

advanced class despite my poor performance during the

military test." Andrew stated in a quiet voice, still a bit caught

back by Mako's sudden reaction.

Mako slowly processed what Andrew just said and nodded as

he understood what he meant.

Even though the military test was meant to be the biggest

deciding factor in which class you were assigned to, it wasn't

the only one as the cadets could still train hard and show their

results which might warrant the military to change their class

grade depending on whether they were impressed by the

improvement or not.

Mako was glad that Andrew was able to make the cut and that

he finally had a familiar face in his class. He apologized again for

his sudden behavior and congratulated him on his


Andrew was someone that Mako knew very little about as

everything he knew came from what Erin had told about him.

The only physical interaction he had with "Andrew" was in the

military test which turned out to be Haruto in disguise, so he

didn't know what type of character Andrew really was.

However, he did trust his friends and if Erin's words were to be

believed, then he was sure that the two of them could become

acquaintances in the coming future.

"Have you run into any of the others by any chance?" Mako

asked during his conversation with Andrew, hoping to get some

info about where some of his friends were.

"No... I actually intended to ask you that same thing about

whether you knew where Erin was or not." Andrew replied with

a look of disappointment on his face that was shared by Mako.

Mako was about to say something when all of a sudden, his

perception kicked in as he sensed a superior aura approaching

the room.

This time; however, the reaction was the same by every single

student as they all turned towards the door, clearly affected by

the aura that was approaching quickly.

Mako immediately knew that this had to be the teacher or

someone who was in charge as the aura far exceeded any

Rookie Tier cadet. He couldn't quite put his finger on it as his

aura reading ability wasn't so great, but the aura did feel a bit

familiar to him as if he had been in the presence of this aura


The door slid open and entered a young woman with dark hair

with a blue tint, a hush fell over the students as they focused

on the entrance.

The young woman's presence was constricting the space

around her. Clad in an outfit that seamlessly blended elegance

and mystery, she wore a tight one piece suit that seemed like it

was alive and flowing paired with midnight-blue robe adorned

with intricate silver embroidery that seemed to shimmer in the

ambient light.

The robe itself seemed to dance with shadows that quickly

enveloped the floor of the classroom and quickly began

climbing onto the walls, as if it were an extension of the very

darkness she controlled.

Her long, obsidian hair cascaded down her shoulders in loose

waves, framing a face that held an air of both strength and


As she stepped further into the room, a subtle trail of shadows freew(e)bnovel

followed her, hinting at the power that she wielded.

With this deliberate gesture, she had released a fraction of her

aura, allowing it to permeate the room.

A subtle chill crept through the air, and the ethereal mist of

darkness began creeping closer and closer towards the


The students, caught in the grip of her otherworldly energy, felt

a shiver down their spines as they became acutely aware of the

difference in power that emanated from their new teacher.

Just as quickly as the aura appeared, she reined it in,

suppressing the shadows with ease. The shadows quickly

reverted back into her robe and her superior aura was now

completely suppressed.

The room, once suffused with an otherworldly presence,

returned to its normal state.

Breaking the silence, she addressed her stunned students with

a warm yet authoritative voice, "Good morning, young cadets. I

am your homeroom instructor, Angela and I am here to guide

you through your journey in military school."

"Let our journey together begin. I will start by giving you a brief

introduction to the military school as well as your duties and

training course that you will follow for the following two years."

The air slowly shifted from tension to anticipation as the

students, still captivated by the brief display of her power,

prepared for the lessons that awaited them.

'Angela!?' Mako exclaimed in his thoughts as he listened to his

homeroom teacher alongside the other classmates as she

began introducing the military school to the new cadets.

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