Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married-Chapter 402: : Going Out

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Chapter 402: 402: Going Out

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Qin Changqing grunted in agreement.

The system did award him for the child, which meant that even if Murong Xue was indeed a witch, she was willing.

If she was truly a witch, her goal would probably be to drag Qin Changqing into the same path.

The sacrifices she made were by no means small.

Her entire body had been devoured by Qin Changqing, and when he was tilling her, he didn’t show her much mercy. He did whatever he pleased.

Now, she had given birth to a child for Qin Changqing.

However, if she really was a witch, this would prove her cunning even more.

Qin Changqing didn’t care and wasn’t deliberate in carrying out further verifications.

Anyhow, Murong Xue didn’t dare to expose any flaws, both openly and in educating the child.

Since she had entered this cave mansion, if she was truly a witch, she wouldn’t be able to escape from Qin Changqing’s palm.

Therefore, once Murong Xue had rested adequately after giving birth, Qin Changqing started visiting frequently.

And each time, Qin Changqing would stay for several days, making it too late for Murong Xue to take any remedial actions.

Murong Xue’s physique was comparable to that of the Purple Snow Holy Girl.

Under Qin Changqing’s relentless cultivation, she was pregnant again in no time.

During this period, Qin Changqing continued with his other activities.

Such as analyzing and studying the fragments of the Immortal Artifact, occasionally accepting a concubine or two, and refining some elixirs for the Long Kui and Long Han sisters.

It wasn’t easy for Long Han to get pregnant; so many years had passed and her belly showed no signs of change.

However, after Murong Xue gave birth to another child, finally, Long Han became pregnant.

After Long Han’s baby was born, Qin Changqing’s bloodline was once again enhanced.

Then, Murong Xue was pregnant again.

“How am I pregnant again!”

One day, in the cave mansion, Murong Xue was on the verge of collapsing.

She had never imagined that after marrying Qin Changqing, her life would be in such a rhythm.

She was giving birth to one baby after another.

Youyue’s intuition was correct; she was indeed a saintess of the Magic Saint Palace, and an extraordinarily cunning witch.

She had an outstanding temperament, a radiant appearance, and was born with a coquettish demeanor.

Furthermore, she possessed a secret method, which combined with a particular spiritual medicine, allowed her not to reveal her true nature when she made her move.

For a demon cultivator to disguise as a cultivator, it was effortless in the early stages as long as they didn’t take action.

However, it became more difficult as they grew stronger, because their true origin was entirely different.

This gave her great confidence and patience to plant the seed of love in Qin Changqing’s heart.

This would make Qin Changqing unable to resist her, and bit by bit, he would fall in.

What she had never imagined was…

After marrying Qin Changqing for several years, all she was doing was giving birth.

This was their third child!

As for the seed of love, which had been planted for several years, it showed no signs of success.

This left Murong Xue completely baffled.

Did Qin Changqing notice it?

Her disguise was so covert, and even among the members of the Devil Sect, she had never revealed her true face.

From beginning to end, she hadn’t exposed any flaws.

She was absolutely certain that Qin Changqing wouldn’t notice.

How did Qin Changqing notice?

Even if Qin Changqing was a reincarnated immortal, she didn’t believe that he would detect her disguise.

Moreover, Qin Changqing didn’t seem to have noticed.

Thus, despite feeling shattered, Murong Xue decided to continue bearing children, allowing Qin Changqing to do as he pleased.

She was unaware that with each childbirth, the love seed she wanted to plant in Qin Changqing’s heart was slowly germinating in her own.

The seed of love worked both ways; once fully planted, both parties couldn’t be without each other. However, she was still in control.

But now, while there was no progress on Qin Changqing’s side, her heart was subtly changing.

“Tao Yao, why are you daydreaming again?”

Half a year after Murong Xue was pregnant with their third child, Qin Changqing found that Tao Yao was again seeming lost in thought.

This time, Tao Yao’s daydreaming lasted much longer.

“Did I lose myself in thought again, My Lord?”

Tao Yao looked puzzled.

Qin Changqing: “Mmm.”

A hint of confusion appeared on Tao Yao’s face.

Seeing Tao Yao about to awaken her memories yet again, Qin Changqing spent some time with her.

“My Lord, I think I remember something.”

Some days later, Tao Yao said suddenly after another daydreaming session.

She remembered something?

But she couldn’t remember clearly what it was.

She tilted her head, trying to remember. After thinking for a while, worry crept into Tao Yao’s face.

“My Lord, a voice seemed to tell me that this would be the last time.”

Tao Yao said.

The last time!

Does that mean, even if Tao Yao’s age is locked in place, she isn’t able to relive limitless memory awakenings?

“Tao Yao, do you recall anything else?”

Qin Changqing asked.

Tao Yao shook her head with her brows furrowed: “No, My Lord, nothing else.”

“Then don’t think about it anymore.”

Qin Changqing caressed her head and held her close in his arms.


Even though Tao Yao was somewhat puzzled and uneasy, she felt exceptionally warm in Qin Changqing’s arms, and she fell asleep there.

Watching the especially fragile Tao Yao in these recent days, Qin Changqing pondered for a moment and decided to take action.

If Tao Yao can’t awaken her memories this time, even if her age is locked, she may never be able to awaken again.

Her memory awakening the last time lasted for several years.

This time should also take several years.

Therefore, Qin Changqing still had time.

“I need to go to the Questioning Heaven Academy and see.”

Qin Changqing had a plan.

Now that Butterfly Cloud and Long Kui had reached Integration, and there was also Lord Fengtian in the North Region, it would be fine for Qin Changqing to leave for some time.

“My Lord, have you been up this whole time?”

Several hours later, Tao Yao woke up and saw Qin Changqing was still wide awake, thinking, and she couldn’t help but feel touched.

Qin Changqing gently stroked her head: “Tao Yao, get ready. In a few days, I’ll take you out.” 𝑓𝘳ℯℯ𝔀ℯ𝓫𝑛𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓵.𝘤𝘰𝓶


Tao Yao replied softly.

She felt that Qin Changqing’s trip is likely to be for her.

This made Tao Yao feel even more touched.

“My Lord, go ahead without worries. If anything happens, I will intervene.”

The next day, in the Qin Mansion, Master Butterfly Cloud spoke.

Master Butterfly Cloud was in her retreat, but she was not currently in a state of surging boundary.

Qin Changqing entrusted her with the responsibility of overseeing the Qin Mansion.

Besides, Qin Changqing asked Master Butterfly Cloud to pay attention to Murong Xue, but not deliberately, to avoid arousing her suspicion.

He didn’t have to inform others about his departure either. After all, it wouldn’t take that long, and sometimes Qin Changqing would be busy for many years.

After arranging everything, Qin Changqing went to seek Lord Fengtian.

“You want to go have a look at the Questioning Heaven Academy? Of course, you can!” Qin Changqing’s words genuinely pleased Lord Fengtian.