Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 1820 - The Will of the Immortal World Would Cry, Godly Phoenix Versus Kylin

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1820 The Will of the Immortal World Would Cry, Godly Phoenix Versus Kylin
The appearance of the Immortal King Arena attracted the attention of all the sky-prides and Prodigies.

The victor would be king, and the loser would be forgotten.

With the Battle of the Heavenly Champions having finally reached its climax, everyone was nervous.

Whether they were qualified to become the Immortal King or not, they would want to fight with their best today.


A figure arrived at the Immortal King Arena. It was a massive ape with metal steel in his hand. His muscles were as strong as metal, and he looked terrifying.

He arrived in the arena in a flash.

“Oh, Battle Saint Ape, you’re the first to arrive,” an indifferent voice said.

A young man arrived after the Battle Saint Ape, and he looked surprised. With a step forward, he arrived in the arena as well.

The two of them confronted each other, and their powerful aura clashed. The domineering poise they carried themselves with was terrifying.

“Hahaha! My divine steel doesn’t fight a nameless enemy. Name yourself.”

“Heavenly Spirit Restricted Area, Feng Xiao,” the young man said.

“Let’s fight!”

Yuan Zhan stepped forward and swung the divine steel carrying terrifying yokai qi and battle intent at Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao dared not take the attack lightly. He narrowed his eyes and got serious as he engaged with Yuan Zhan.

However, a few rounds later, he was struck by the divine steel and was sent flying away with blood gushing out of his mouth. He was quite badly injured.

He was sent flying out of the Immortal King Arena.

At the same time, the will of the Immortal World in his body flew out and lingered in the air.

Feng Xiao had been disqualified.

When Feng Xiao and Yuan Zhan fought, many sky-prides and Prodigies already gathered around the arena and were watching the fight quietly.

They then started to understand how the Immortal King Arena worked.

“I see. Once you step into the arena and lose, it means disqualification.”


Everyone grinned pensively.

At the same time, a man wielding a halberd and a shield entered the arena. When he saw Yuan Zhan, he also unleashed a strong battle intent.

“Oh, a praise-worthy battle intent.”

Yuan Zhan’s eyes glinted as he had met a worthy opponent.

The two battle intents intertwined and clashed in the void.

The powerful aura made the other sky-prides and Prodigies narrowed their eyes.

“Name yourself.”

“Holy Judgement Tribe, Xing Wangu.”

Xing Wangu laughed as he raised his halberd high in the air and swung it down at Yuan Zhan. Then, a massive and powerful Immortal’s Core energy gushed downward.

Yuan Zhan did not back off. “What a good attack!”

Their fight shook the entire arena.

While the sky-prides and Prodigies fought in the arena, Chu Kuangren was in closed-door meditation in a secluded place.

However, Ye Zhu, Yu Zhi, and the others were eager to join the battle at the arena as they watched.

“The battle at the arena will be the final battle for us Heavenly Champions. We cannot miss it,” Ye Zhu said.

“Yeah. The will of the Immortal World in my body is already restless,” Yu Zhi said as she sensed the restlessness in herself.

Every Heavenly Champion had a unique will of the Immortal World, and each piece was independent but also connected.

Who could win the battle would become the Immortal World Ruler.

The will of the Immortal World the winner possessed would eventually become the final and most completed version of the will.

That battle was not just important to the Heavenly Champions. It was also important for the will of the Immortal World.

The will of the Immortal World in Yu Zhi and the others were urging them to join the battle at the Immortal King Arena to be part of the final battle.

“The will of the Immortal World is annoying,” Lan Yu said with a frown.

Then, she did something surprising. She removed the will of the Immortal World from her body and injected it into Shang Honghua, which was an announcement of her withdrawal from the battle.

It shocked everyone.

The will of the Immortal World was highly sought after by everyone in the world, yet Lan Yu simply gave it up without any hesitation.

“Honghua, you guys should go join the battle. Master is still refining the Supreme Pill, and I must stay here to guard him,” Lan Yu said.

To her, being the Immortal World Ruler was not as fulfilling as being Chu Kuangren’s follower.

“Hahaha, Ms. Lan is really a strange lady,” Ye Zhu said with a smile.

Upon sensing the surging energy of the will of the Immortal World in her, Shang Honghua looked at Lan Yu deep in the eyes and said, “Lan Yu, I will fight for your sake as well.”

“Honghua, why don’t I give you my will of the Immortal World as well? I, too, want to stay here to guard my brother,” Chu Hong said.

Then, she channeled her yokai qi and retrieved the will of the Immortal World from her body.

Ye Zhu was speechless when he saw the scene, and his lips twitched helplessly.

What was the will of the Immortal World to those people?

If they continued to pass the will of the Immortal World around, the will of the Immortal World would cry.

Shang Honghua rolled her eyes. “Lan Yu alone is more than enough here. You come with me to the arena and remove some obstacles for the King.”

“Hm… You’re right,” Chu Hong said with her eyes glistening.

Lan Yu would guard Chu Kuangren, while Chu Hong would remove the obstacle for Chu Kuangren.

“Let’s go.”

With that, the group left for the Immortal King Arena.

Only Lan Yu and Gu Linglong stayed to guard Chu Kuangren, who was cultivating under the lake.

Chu Kuangren sat with his legs crossed and had colorful light surrounding him as the energy of the Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill was being refined.

While he was cultivating, he also sensed how restless the will of the Immortal World was.

It urged him to go to the arena, but he did not respond as he concentrated on refining the pill.

However, he was so annoyed with the constant urges that he suppressed the will of the Immortal World with his power.

“If you want to become the complete will of the Immortal World, stay here quietly!” Chu Kuangren said coldly.

The will of the Immortal World felt aggrieved but dared not defy Chu Kuangren. Hence, it simply stayed inside his body without making any noise.

Back at the Immortal King Arena, Yuan Zhan and Xing Wangu’s fight continued fiercely. Their fight went on for a while, but neither of them could gain the upper hand as they were evenly matched.

“It’s great having to fight you!” Yuan Zhan laughed happily.

“I feel the same!”

Xing Wangu was delighted as well. Then, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “I heard you fought Chu Kuangren before. How strong is he?”

Yuan Zhan’s expression turned grim. “He’s terrifying.”


“Oh? If you’re giving him such high compliments, it makes me more interested in him!”
“He’s terrifying, but he’s a worthy opponent,” Yuan Zhan said with anticipation in his eyes.

The fight with Xing Wangu was delightful, but Chu Kuangren was his most anticipated opponent.

Then, several figures came to the arena.

Everyone turned around and narrowed their eyes.

“It’s Chu Hong, Ye Zhu, and the others.”

“They’re all powerful Prodigies. Although they’re not as strong as Chu Kuangren, we should not take them lightly.”

Chu Hong landed in the arena with her domineering aura sweeping every direction.

Her domineering and scorching Phoenix Flame set the area ablaze.

“I’m Chu Hong. Who wants to fight me?”

Chu Hong boldly announced her arrival and did not pick an opponent. Instead, anyone could challenge her.

Then, a young man with a colorful robe came out. “I will fight you.”

It was the Five-Colored Kylin Child!

The battle between the Godly Phoenix and Kylin would be a memorable one.