Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 2198 Acquire Dragonslayer, Kill Huang Jiulong, Anomaly Deep In The Dragon Tombs

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Chapter 2198 Acquire Dragonslayer, Kill Huang Jiulong, Anomaly Deep In The Dragon Tombs

Huang Jiulong tricked the Dragon Hunters with the natural bloodline suppression, weakening them to one-tenth of their powers.

"Now, hand over the Dragonslayer."

Huang Jiulong reached out to the bronze box behind Honorable Seven Evils. His eyes were burning with desire.

The Dragonslayer was an Ultimate Divine Weapon.

Even if he had the dragon blood in him and could not use it for now, he believed that the weapon would be valuable. It might even be the key for the Huang clan to restrain the Dragon Tribe in the future.

It was the main reason the Huang clan worked with the Dragon Hunters.

They wanted to use the Dragon Hunters to acquire the Dragonslayer so that they could restrain the Dragon Tribe.

Then, the Blood Dragon Tribe would rise above all the Dragon Tribe.

"Don't even think about it!"

Honorable Seven Evils growled and channeled his energy. He suppressed the restless dragon blood in himself and threw a punch at Huang Jiulong.


It was Honorable Seven Evils who was sent flying.

Due to the restraints on his dragon blood, he was no match for Huang Jiulong.


Honorable Seven Evils wanted to leave with the Dragonslayer.

"Leave? How naive," Huang Jiulong said with a scoff.

The Huang clan members who followed him there surrounded Honorable Seven Evils, cutting off all possible escape routes.

"Damn it!"

Honorable Seven Evils channeled his energy regardless of the consequences.

"Seven Evils Slash!"

He swung his saber in a flurry, sweeping it across every direction.

Huang Jiulong's figure flashed and appeared behind him. He threw a punch with a loud dragon roar at Honorable Seven Evils.


Honorable Seven Evils was blasted away with blood spewing from his mouth.

The Dragonslayer flew off his back as well.


Huang Jiulong laughed hysterically and channeled his dragon qi into a massive dragon claw to grab the Dragonslayer.

"The Ultimate Divine Weapon is mine!"

He was thrilled. To him, having the Infernal Dragon's blood made him superior to other dragons. 

In addition to the Dragonslayer, he would certainly rule over the humans and dragons.

However, it was then that his dragon qi was blasted by another powerful energy shot, blasting it into dust.

The box holding the Dragonslayer landed on a clean palm.

"The Ultimate Divine Weapon, huh? Not bad."

Everyone looked at the owner of the hand and was shocked.

"What? How is a human here?"

"Who is he?"

Honorable Seven Evils was shocked as well. "I was right. Someone was following us on the way here! Who are you?"

As the common target, Chu Kuangren chuckled after he got the bronze box. "My identity is not important. The important thing is that this belongs to me now."

He then kept the box in his Enchanted Sleeve.

"How audacious!" 

Huang Jiulong was infuriated. The treasure, which he had his eye on, was snatched away in front of him. 

How could he tolerate it?

As the Infernal Dragon's blood in him boiled and rumbled, a massive surge of dragon qi gathered in the void and formed a crimson dragon's image with a man's face.

It was the Infernal Dragon Shadow!

In ancient myths, it was day when the Infernal Dragon opened its eyes and night when it closed its eyes.

It controlled the essence of fire across the Infiniverse and was a master in the mystic of time.

It was so powerful that it became the strongest dragon.

When the Infernal Dragon Shadow appeared, the other Huang clan members, who had dragon blood in them, had the urge to kneel before him. Even the Dragon Hunters were trembling.

They took pride in killing dragons, but out of the tens of thousands of dragons, they feared the Infernal Dragon the most.

No Dragon Hunters had ever killed an Infernal Dragon before, not just because it was rare, but because a mature Infernal Dragon was incredibly powerful. 

"I don't care who you are. Anyone who dares to take the Ultimate Divine Weapon from me will die!" Huang Jiulong growled fiercely.

The Infernal Dragon Shadow behind him lunged toward Chu Kuangren to rip him apart. 

"Oh? Infernal Dragon? I have it too."

Chu Kuangren boldly stepped forward.

A loud explosion rang out as a domineering draconic aura erupted from him.

The same crimson dragon with a human face and a snake's body appeared behind him. However, it was much stronger than Huang Jiulong's Infernal Dragon Shadow.

Those who had dragon blood in them were suppressed even further.

They could feel that their abilities were more restrained as if Chu Kuangren's Infernal Dragon energy was at a higher level than Huang Jiulong's Infernal Dragon's blood. 


The clash between the two crimson dragon shadows shook the starry space.

Huang Jiulong was blasted away, and the Infernal Dragon's blood in him grew restless.


Huang Jiulong was in disbelief.

The Infernal Dragon was the strongest among the dragons. 

Despite having the Infernal Dragon's blood in him, he was overpowered by another dragon's energy. It was unbelievable.

Could there be a stronger dragon than the Infernal Dragon?

There was no way. 

"Wait, Infernal Dragon? You have the Infernal Dragon energy, and it's stronger than my Infernal Dragon's blood. Could it be…"

An outrageous thought popped up in Huang Jiulong's mind.

The only thing that could overpower an Infernal Dragon was a higher-level Infernal Dragon.

Across the Infiniverse, the highest level of Infernal Dragon would be the first dragon, the dragon known as the oldest across all universes, the Primal Infernal Dragon.

Could Chu Kuangren's energy originate from the Primal Infernal Dragon?

Huang Jiulong refused to believe it.

"No, it can't be. The Primal Infernal Dragon hasn't shown itself for eons. How could its power be in a human? Impossible!"

Huang Jiulong shook his head in disbelief.

Chu Kuangren could not care less about Huang Jiulong's response. He simply raised his hand and ordered the Infernal Dragon Shadow to rip Huang Jiulong apart.

"Damn it!" 

Huang Jiulong channeled his energy to the limit and punched forward. A large amount of Infernal Dragon Flame was blasted forward in the shape of a dragon.

As the Human Divine Bachelor, his cultivation level was outstanding, and he was already a Grand Dao Supreme Honorable.

With the Infernal Dragon's blood boosting his strength, he had grown a lot stronger, and no common Supreme Honorable Grand Dao would be his match.

Unfortunately, he ran into Chu Kuangren, who was much stronger than him.


When the two energies clashed, Huang Jiulong was blasted away again. This time, blood gushed from his mouth, and his body started to crack.

Dragon scales started to show from the cracks.

"Damn it! Transform Dragon!"

He growled, and his body started to expand. He transformed into a semi-dragon, and his draconic aura grew even stronger.

As he lunged toward Chu Kuangren, his claws tore the void into shreds. The power contained in his claws could easily kill a common Grand Dao Supreme Honorable.

"Nice. I shall test my cultivation result on you." Chu Kuangren smiled.

He pointed his sword hand sign forward while channeling the Grand Dao energy in him. A sharp and destructive sword qi gathered at his fingertips. 

"Sword Twenty-two!"

He cast Sword Twenty-two of the Holy Spirit Sword Art!

The sword qi tore the void apart, and the massive destructive qi enveloped Huang Jiulong in his semi-dragon form. 

His claws were crushed, and the dragon scales on his body failed to protect him from the sword qi.

The sword qi surrounded him, leaving cuts across his body.

Blood gushed as the sword qi ground him to bits.

"No! I'm the Infernal Dragon. I'm supposed to be the supreme lord who rules over the humans and dragons! How can I die here? Impossible!"

Huang Jiulong fought as hard as he could to prevent the sword qi from grinding his body to shreds, but he failed.

When the sword qi faded, Huang Jiulong was dead.

He, who ranked tenth on the Human Divine Bachelor Leaderboard, had died just like that.

"All of you are next."

Chu Kuangren looked at the others.

Before he moved, a sudden divine light burst from deep inside the Dragon Tombs, and a dragon's roar echoed across the starry sky.

"What is that?"

Chu Kuangren narrowed his glittering eyes. The Infernal Dragon energy in him grew restless and resonated strongly with the blast of light.