Unrivaled Martial Emperor-Chapter 292 - Ancient Sword Technique

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Chapter 292 - Ancient Sword Technique

Chen Fan pulled out Nightless with a swift motion, giving the blade a quick flick before aiming it directly at Qin Jian. "Let's pick up where we left off.”

“Phew, luckily, he has a spare sword.”

"Wait a minute, that sword... it looks familiar. Haven't I seen it somewhere before?"

“It’s Nightless. It’s the only Grade-3 sword in our Moon Bloodline’s treasury—Nightless.”

"I heard Nangong Wan'er traded an ordinary Grade-3 treasure to invite Wang Dongfan. Totally worth the trade!"


The members of the Moon Bloodline sighed in relief when they saw Nightless, their faces lighting up with smiles once more.

Who would have thought that by merely exchanging an ordinary Grade-3 treasure, their Moon Bloodline would secure such a formidable ally for the Bloodlines Martial Meet?

Let alone an ordinary Grade-3 treasure, an exceptional Grade-3 treasure, or even a Grade-4 treasure would have been completely worth it.

A seat in the Council of Elders was simply too important to the current Moon Bloodline. It would significantly increase their influence within the clan, promising them a brighter and more respected future.

But securing the seat was just the tip of the iceberg. More than anything, Chen Fan had lifted their lineage from the brink of despair.

Qin Jian was slightly taken aback. Then, a cold smile quickly appeared on his face. His sword intent blossomed again, and he said coldly and sharply, “Hoho, this is perfect. Defeating you when you're unarmed would have been utterly pointless.”

Qin Jian swung into action, his sword intent sweeping out in all directions. With each swing of his sword, sword qi spiraled and twisted, creating vortexes that merged to form a devastating tornado of sword qi.


Known as the Little Sword God, Qin Jian truly lived up to his name. None from the younger generation within the imperial city could rival his sword mastery.

Chen Fan’s expression remained calm as he executed the Nine Swords of Wind Demon. Streaks of sword light flashed and swept around him, whistling and cutting in all directions, producing violent collision noises.

Boom, boom, boom!

Their swords met in fierce combat.

“Your sword techniques are mere child’s play. Eat this, Cold Night!”

Unable to secure an upper hand despite his relentless assault, Qin Jian's expression hardened as he changed tactics. Proud Snow suddenly paused. The swirling sword qi shifted, directing the flow of qi and bending light around it, plunging the arena into darkness. Qin Jian disappeared within the veil of darkness.

In this pitch-blackness, one couldn't even see their own hands!

Qin Jian's Cold Night was an overwhelming force that seemed to bend nature itself, distorting light and plunging opponents into a void where sight, hearing, and even instinct failed.

Cold Night was the terrifying sword technique he had inherited from that ancient sword cultivator from the Northern Ice Plains.

In the days of old, a remarkable sword cultivator existed, known only as the Nameless Sword God. For thirty solitary years, he studied the mysteries of the sword on the Northern Ice Plains, ultimately crafting an unparalleled set of techniques known as the Nameless Sword Technique.

When Qin Jian was merely thirteen, he had ventured out for training and fortuitously stumbled upon the very spot where the Nameless Sword God had met his end. From there, he soared to the skies and achieved what he had today.

Chen Fan instantly felt a sense of danger. Given his capabilities, the sense of danger was minuscule, but it was surprising nonetheless.

In the ten days of free time he had while waiting for the Bloodlines Martial Meet to start, he had utilized quite a lot of the Fountain of Life, progressing his cultivation further. He was now at the seventh level of the Yuanfu realm.

Although he was now suppressing his cultivation to the fourth level, even someone at the fifth level shouldn't pose a threat to him.

Yet, Qin Jian’s Cold Night had set off alarms in Chen Fan. The danger came not from his raw strength or cultivation level but from his masterful sword technique.

Chen Fan’s heart stirred. This sword technique was likely how Qin Jian obtained thirteen consecutive victories and claimed the thirty-sixth spot on the leaderboard.

Qin Jian had the strength to kill someone at the fifth level.

Now robbed of his senses, Chen Fan felt a faint glint of cold light piercing through the air, akin to a sliver of light breaking the darkness of the night.

Reacting swiftly, Chen Fan thrust Nightless toward the source of the light.

Qin Jian's cold voice resonated, amplifying the force behind the attack.

“Flying Star!”


Chen Fan was calm and steady, being extremely thorough and careful. He caught a glimpse of the elusive Proud Snow in the darkness, moving around. It clashed with Nightless before instantly disappearing again.

Clarity returned to the whole area.

Chen Fan stood quietly on the ground. His clothing had been torn open, revealing a bloodied cut on his shoulder inflicted by Proud Snow. Earlier, he failed to counter Qin Jian’s earth-shaking sword technique once.

Of course, Chen Fan did this intentionally to prevent exposing himself.

Qin Jian also stood a short distance away, looking at the blood stain on his sword. He furrowed his brow slightly. Then, he raised his head and said, “You're the first among the younger generation to sustain only a minor scratch from my technique."

Qin Jian hadn’t anticipated this. Even after executing two styles of the ancient Nameless Sword Technique, he only managed to rip Chen Fan’s clothing and scratch his skin.

He had once used this to kill a bandit at the fifth level.

In the imperial city, even other sword cultivators couldn’t withstand his attacks when he executed his sword technique.

“Is this for real? Qin Jian used the Nameless Sword God, yet he didn’t manage to kill Wang Dongfan!”

“Heavens, is Wang Dongfan so powerful that even Qin Jian can’t bring him down?”

The nearby crowd was astonished.

“Impressive. What's the origin of your sword technique? I’m sure you didn't create it. Your sword art is not bad at all, but you couldn’t have created these moves. Their names are short, and the techniques have an obvious ancient style to it,” Chen Fan said calmly.

“I have to say, you are very perceptive.”

Qin Jian’s eyes flickered and said, “This set of sword techniques is a peerless technique created by the ancient Nameless Sword God. There are seven forms: Cold Night, Flying Star, Following Wind, Waning Moon, Shocking Cloud, Lawless, and Heavenless. I’d only used Cold Night and Flying Star. You received those two moves from me with only a minor scratch. I have to admit you are really something. Within the younger generation and the same cultivation level, you’re probably only beneath me.”

Qin Jian’s tone carried a trace of arrogance as if it was very honorable for Chen Fan to receive his recognition.

“Although you only received some superficial injuries, the sword qi entered your body. You must be feeling it right now. I’ll tell you the truth. Once the sword qi of this set of sword techniques enters someone, they can't expel it. They can only wait for their deaths unless I save them.

“The sword qi will clash with your dantian within three-quarters of an hour and blow up. Kneel right now, kowtow, and surrender; you will still have a way out. Otherwise, not even the buddhas can save you once the time is up!”

Qin Jian’s cold voice resounded in space, sending chills into the hearts of those who heard him.

What a powerful sword technique!

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