Walker Of The Worlds-Chapter 1716 Lin Mu’s Choice For A Tribulation

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Chapter 1716 Lin Mu’s Choice For A Tribulation

The Meteoric Earth Tribulation was something that had a very high difficulty and most had died to it.

For Lin Mu, it was only possible to survive due to the Immortal Strengthening Scripture that had provided him the means for it. If not for that, there was no telling what might have happened.

The effects of the Meteoric Earth Tribulation were also very dangerous. They were literal meteors!

If something of that level happened here, Lin Mu was sure that even the Grand Array protecting the city would be triggered causing a barrier to activate. But a barrier of that level would bring great attention to him.

While it was no crime to undergo an Immortal Tribulation within the city, especially with the Tournament of the Four Guardian Beasts ongoing, it would still be a troublesome thing. There were several strong experts here that would take notice and would probably come to investigate.

Some might even consider it a fortunate encounter, as it might give them a chance to get acquainted with these experts and maybe even gain support from them. But for Lin Mu, it would be the opposite instead.

Thus he hoped that his Second immortal Tribulation would be as normal as possible.

Lin Mu had thought quite a lot over which element to choose for his next tribulation. He had discussed this with Senior Xukong who had suggested him that he pick an Immortal Tribulation that would be different from the elements he had an affinity with.

Before this, Lin Mu had thought that picking an element he had an affinity for would be better. As it would be easier to pass. But Xukong had said that there was a chance that having a higher affinity might cause one to trigger a variant.

This was rare but could still happen, particularly for those that were proficient in prying into the Daos. Lin Mu was one such person and would probably trigger it.

Thus, the Metal Element was out of the question for him and he would not be picking the Immortal Tribulation for that.

The next option for him was the Fire Element, but it was something that could easily cause large scale phenomena. Lin Mu had seen Little Shrubby's original Immortal Tribulation and knew the fire could easily spread.

Thus, that was also out of the option.

Water was a good option, but Lin Mu had the least amount of experience with it. Even if he had seen the Haima Tribe breakthrough several times, it was not something Lin Mu wished for right now.

Wind and Lightning Immortal Tribulations were also out of the picture simply because they were of the Heavenly Elements. They were almost often very strong and cultivators had issues with them.

This left Lin Mu with the Wood Element.

He had very recently witnessed Little Shrubby overcome it, thus the experience was fresh with it. Plus Lin Mu had great confidence in overcoming it, as he had a lot of vitality within his body too.

That combined with his skills, and Metal affinity, would help him fight it. After all, the metal element suppressed the wood element. Not to mention, Lin Mu had his sword intent too.

With all these factors combined, the Wood Elemental Immortal Tribulation was the perfect pick for now.

It was also something that didn't cause large scale phenomena and was mostly limited to the area around the user. It might just be the 'safest' option for him.novelbuddy.com


Taking a deep breath, Lin Mu decided to start.

He first needed to optimize his body's condition as well as his mental state.

He spent a couple of hours doing this and checked everything before triggering the Tribulation.

'This will always be strange,' Lin Mu thought to himself as he 'asked' the Tribulation to occur.

It was something that was hard for him to describe. Every immortal could cause an Immortal Tribulation to trigger before their lifespan ran out. It was an innate thing and came naturally to them as soon as they became immortals.

Though it was hard to get used to, as one could trigger a life-threatening event with just a mere thought.

Of course, it wasn't something that would happen by accident as one needed to think strongly about it to happen. Just thinking about it in passing wouldn't cause the Heavens to strike you down with a Tribulation.


With the 'request' made, Lin Mu felt the space around him stir.

Spatial fluctuations started to spread and a few minutes later, the space started to distort. Lin Mu's Spatial Perception was active during it all, as he watched the spatial fabric starting to twist and tear.

"Here it comes…"


The energy of the Tribulation couldn't be held back by the Spatial fabric anymore, and it was torn apart. Vine after vine started to appear from the torn space, growing rapidly within seconds.

The vines were thorny and rough, with some thorns as long as six inches. Fine leaves could also be seen on it but they looked like sharp blades instead and would cut one's skin if they touched it.

Just looking at the vines would make one feel scared and a tingle would run down their scalp. Feeling it on one's body was an entirely different experience, with most considering it pure agony that might cause one to go insane before they died.

But for Lin Mu, it was a different affair.

Instead of anxiety, a smile appeared on his face.

"Perfect, it's a basic Wood Elemental Immortal Tribulation!" Lin Mu confirmed.

The vines wrapped around Lin Mu, trying to squeeze him to death as if they were deadly pythons. The thorns tried to stab Lin Mu, desiring to draw out his blood and drain his vitality.

"Hah, this much is easy." Lin Mu chuckled as he flexed his arms.



With just some effort, the vines that were trying to wrap around him were torn apart. The thorns that tried to pierce his skin were stopped too, snapping like toothpicks.