Warrior’s Promise-Chapter 2712 - Strong Escort

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Chapter 2712 Strong Escort

Su Mo and Ling Chang left the Suspended Holy Mountain together.

“Su Mo, are we going back just like this?” Ling Chang asked. First of all, they could not win against Di Yihun. Even if they could defend against him, it would be difficult to get back to the Cosmic World before the other two did.

Moreover, it would be so troublesome if they got lost in the Void Sea.

“Let’s talk to our teacher first!” Su Mo said. Surely, they could not blindly set off just like that. They did not even know how to find the Cosmic World.

“Right!” Ling Chang nodded. As someone from the Great Completion Supreme Realm, Reverend Jin Wu should be able to come up with something

And so, the two pressed on towards Palmy Star.

They had nothing to say along the way. By the time they got back to Palmy Star, after a long journey, they found Palmy Branch to be extremely lively.

There was a massive banquet at the center square of Palmy City. Countless disciples and elders had gathered and were having a good time.

Even Reverend Jin Wu and Priest Tian Hua were there, hosting the event.

The place was basically jam-packed with disciples from the Supreme Being Realm. There were about ten thousand of them, in addition to the many Elders.

“Wu Shan’s back!” someone spotted their arrival and called out.

As soon as that came out, the originally lively square fell silent in an instant. Everyone turned around to face Su Mo.


There was a clatter of chairs as those who had been sitting down uniformly stood up.

“Su Mo, aren’t you in the Torture Hall? How did you get out?” Quan Ruhai asked, astonished.

“That’s right! How did you get out?”

“Has the headquarters pardoned you?”

Several existing disciples of the headquarters asked in doubt. As far as they knew, anyone who entered the Torture Hall would be unable to come out.

“I’m allowed to, but I have to contribute to the headquarters in return!” Su Mo replied with glee when he landed on the square. He did not talk about his mission. It was meant to be kept a secret. If word got out, he would not be able to complete it. “Oh, and my real name is Su Mo. Stop calling me Wu Shan!” Su Mo surveyed the crowd and said.

Then, he and Ling Chang went to greet Elder Jin Wu.

Reverend Jin Wu nodded and then spoke to Priest Tian Hua next to him, “Tian Hua, I’ll leave the hosting to you!” “Sure!” Priest Tian Hua agreed. He knew something must have happened, otherwise Su Mo would not have gotten out.

He might have been a Chief Elder of the branch, but he had once been a disciple of the headquarters too. He knew very well that anyone who wanted to come out of the Torture Hall had to complete the headquarters’ secret mission.

And if Su Mo was willing to do that in order to get out, he must have important matters to attend to.

“Follow me!” Reverend Jin Wu instructed Su Mo and Ling Chang. Then he walked towards Jin Wu Manor.

At the square, the people attending the banquet saw Reverend Jin Wu leaving with Su Mo and Ling Chang. They wondered what had happened. In a side hall in Jin Wu manor, Reverend Jin Wu, Su Mo, and Ling Chang sat facing one another.

“What’s going on? How did you get out?” Reverend Jin Wu asked solemnly. He knew that since Su Mo could come out, he must have accepted the secret mission.

Secret missions were extremely difficult tasks. Under normal circumstances, no one would want to take them.

Even disciples who had violated the rules in the past and were locked in the Torture Hall for ten thousand or a hundred thousand years would not take on these secrets missions so easily.

“Teacher, Senior Ling Chang and I come from the Cosmic World, another World outside the Cloud Ridge World. Our enemies have gone back, so we have to go back too. Our close friends and relatives are still there!” Su Mo gave a serious answer.

Reverend Jin Wu stayed silent for a while. He already knew that the two came from another world.

“Who are your enemies?” Reverend Jin Wu asked.

“Teacher, their names are Di Yihun and Zi Xiao, brought here by Young Master Liu Yun. They have both become the headquarters’ disciples. One of them is now a student under Tai Ying Sovereign!” Ling Chang answered.

“Teacher, our question is, how can we successfully return to the Cosmic World?” Su Mo asked.

“How did you come here? How much time did it take?” Reverend Jin Wu posed more questions.

“We followed Young Master Liu Yun in secret. It took us about one hundred and seventy years!” Su Mo said.

“One hundred and seventy years!” Reverend Jin Wu exclaimed before pausing to think. The distance was certainly not a short one, even though Su Mo and Ling Chang had not been Supreme Beings then. But taking one hundred and seventy years to complete the journey was too much.

“Teacher, the boundless Void Sea separates the Cloud Ridge World and the Cosmic World. Do you have a way to help us return to the Cosmic World in the shortest time possible?” Ling Chang asked softly.

“Of course I do. I was thinking, if I allow just the two you to go, it might be impossible to handle Di Yihun and Zi Xiao!” Reverend Jin Wu told them. At the banquet just now, he had heard about Di Yihun’s strong abilities. It seemed that Leng Canfeng and a few others might have been killed by him.

“What you you mean, teacher?” Ling Chang and Su Mo were stunned to hear that.

“I mean, I intend to have an Elder escort you two to the Cosmic World,” said Reverend Jin Wu. He had matters to attend to and could not afford to leave the Palmy Branch for too long, so he planned to have an Elder escort Su Mo and Ling Chang “Thank you, teacher!” The two gave their thanks. It was nice to get help from a powerful figure.

“Right!” Reverend Jin Wu nodded and, with a thought, he found an Elder in the square and commanded his presence.

Not long after that, a tall and lean middle-aged man in green entered the hall. “Elder Jin Wu, you called?” The man bowed to the Reverend.

“Huo Zhong, I have a task for you!” Reverend Jin Wu said solemnly. Then he briefly told him about his disciples’ need to get to the Cosmic World.

“Rest assured, Elder Jin Wu. I will ensure their safety!” The man in green, Huo Zhong, replied just as solemnly.

“Right, I feel better with you around,” Reverend Jin Wu nodded. Guo Zhong was a martial artist at the Great Accomplishment Supreme Realm. He would be able to protect Su Mo and Ling Chang. The Great Accomplishment Supreme Realm and the Beginning Supreme Realm were not the same concept. There was a Small Accomplishment Supreme Realm in between.

Di Yihun might have been an Advanced Supreme Being, but even if he got to the Supreme Realm, he could not beat Huo Zhong.

Very few whose training had reached the Supreme Realm could kill across different ranks, because every one of them who had gotten there had all been exceptional geniuses.

At this Realm, their differences mattered very little.

So, there were very few who could battle across ranks, for all of them were invincible in their own right.

“We’ll depend on you, Elder Huo!” Su Mo and Ling Chang clenched their fists as they saluted Huo Zhong. This was the first time they had accepted his help.

“You’re too kind. You two are the pride of Palmy Branch!” Huo Zhong grinned. “Remember, you three, don’t ever think about killing Di Yihun and Zi Xiao, got it?” Reverend Jin Wu glanced at them and gave a harsh warning

“Understood!” They nodded. The headquarters uphdld their rules very strictly. If they killed Zi Xiao or Di Yihun, they would be stripped of their training and expelled from the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance.

Even if they chose not to go back again, they could not evade capture. They could kill Zi Xiao and Di Yihun, but not with their own hands. They would not get away with it.

When they entered the headquarters, they had left their blood essence and spiritual imprints on the Spirit Impression Stele.

“In order to locate the Cosmic World successfully, first we have to find its position, and this requires the best Location Compass. The Palmy Branch doesn’t have one, but I’ll get one for you!” Reverend Jin Wu said as he got up.

Actually, the Palmy Branch owned some Location Compasses, but those were ordinary goods that could not locate the Cosmic World. He had to borrow the best one from another branch.

“Wait here. I won’t be long!” Reverend Jin Wu said before disappearing without a trace.

So, Huo Zhong, Su Mo, and Ling Chang could only wait quietly for the Reverend’s return.

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