What If I Can't Die?-Chapter 176 - When Are You Going to Avenge Your Son?

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176 When Are You Going to Avenge Your Son?

However, this did not make sense. This was a sect ruin to begin with.

Song Shi could not figure it out, so he decided not to think about it. He took out the alms bowl and observed it. At the same time, he injected his strength to see if there was anything special.


A sword hum appeared in the distance. Song Shi looked over and saw a bean of sword light rushing out of Chen Yiling’s body.

At the same time, in the Spider Emperor’s cave at the side, the Black Ice Token shone brightly.

All over the basin, other items of the same level suddenly activated their powers. Cultivators who were controlling the Numinous artifacts sensed it and turned to look at Song Shi.

Song Shi’s expression changed. He was a little surprised.

“What’s going on? It can actually resonate with so many Numinous artifacts. I even feel like I can affect them.”

He was bewildered. He looked at the center of the basin and felt that something was amiss.

Recalling the runes on the alms bowl, Song Shi suddenly felt that everyone was like insects that had been attracted over.

He subconsciously wanted to put away the alms bowl in his hand, but he held back.

He was not afraid of death. Wouldn’t it be good to use the alms bowl to attract some fellows with ulterior motives?

On the Sky Demon Cult’s side, Lu Bingxuan sensed something and stopped at Song Shi’s position for a moment. He didn’t pay much attention to the rather ordinary alms bowl in Song Shi’s hand and immediately landed in the cave.

His attributes were ice, and the power emitted by the Black Ice Token attracted him even more.

The others also glanced at Song Shi. No one felt that the commotion just now was related to the Dharma artifacts in Song Shi’s hands that were not even Dharma treasures.

When everyone was alarmed, Lu Jiu brought everyone out and quickly cleaned up the battlefield, starting to search for nearby buildings.

There were indeed other things in the house, but none of them could compare to that token. The most precious thing was a few Dharma treasures.

Of course, perhaps the materials and techniques used to make these ancient magic treasures were better, and their power was stronger than those of the same level today.

Just as they were about to go to the next location, two furious shouts sounded from afar.

“Old Poison, how dare you!”


Everyone could not help but jump onto the roof and look into the distance. They saw a person from the Heavenly Poison Sect holding a ginseng that looked like a carrot. He was retreating with a smug expression and meeting up with his disciples.

“Hehe, since you don’t dare to take it, wouldn’t it be a waste if I don’t take it?”

This person was the sect master of the Heavenly Poison Sect. It was rumored that he had refined a hundred types of poison and was known as the Perfected Lord of Hundred Poisons. Others liked to call him Old Poison.

It was precisely because he had exceptional poison techniques that he seized the opportunity to secretly snatch the Ye Family’s ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

The Ye Family could not be blamed for being too slow. The main reason was that the Poison Butterfly would destroy the nearby medicinal herbs when it died. They were worried that the most precious ten-thousand-year-old ginseng would also be destroyed, so they had been handling the Poison Butterfly carefully, which gave the Perfected Lord of Hundred Poisons a chance to sneak in.

The people of the Sky Poison Sect seemed to like to cover their faces with black cloth. The group of people confronted the Ye Clan, and for a moment, the atmosphere was filled with gunpowder.

The Ye Family and the independent cultivators following them did not dare to act rashly. The most powerful thing about the fellow in front of them was not Dharma treasures or spells, but poison that could kill people without leaving a trace!

“Old Poison, do you want to start a war with the Ye Family?”

The patriarch of the Ye Family, Ye Wenzhong, narrowed his eyes and stared at the old poisonous creature with killing intent. Anger flickered in his eyes, and his beard and hair stood on end.

“I’m helping you. Why are you wasting your time on a few medicinal herbs? There are still good treasures ahead.”

Old Poison chuckled in response.

“You have to know that we’ve lost many people here. It’s impossible for us to leave empty-handed!”

Ye Wenzhong took a step forward, and boundless Nomological power was released from his body, forming a circle of golden waves, like a golden-armored god.

His cultivation level had reached the mid-stage Nascent Soul realm. Although this was nothing exceptional among the experts here and his cultivation level could even be considered slightly low, so he had every reason to start a war to ask for this ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

However, the Ye Family had the Golden Bloodline that was known to be the strongest in combat. With the support of the golden divine body, although they were only at the mid-stage Nascent Soul realm, they cultivated both immortal and martial arts. Their combat strength was comparable to ordinary perfected Nascent Soul realm cultivators.

Hence, his title was not Perfected Lord, but Golden Martial Emperor. Among the martial artists of Great Qian, his power was second only to the Martial Emperor of Great Qian.

“You have to understand that I won’t throw out what I’ve got.”

The Perfected Lord of Hundred Poisons was not afraid at all. So what if his golden divine body was powerful? As the sect master of the Sky Poison Sect, he was not an ordinary person either.


Golden blood surged out like an ocean. It was majestic and bright, and a powerful aura erupted, making one’s mind tremble.

“Since you’re not returning it, I’ll kill you!”

Ye Wenzhong was burning with anger. Amidst cracking sounds, a set of golden armor appeared on his body. Holding a Spear, he completely transformed into a Golden Battle God and rushed over. His surging aura made many people from the Heavenly Poison Sect change their expressions.


The other disciples of the Ye Family were also in combat mode. Golden light surged out of their eyes and instantly turned into a golden color. They led the many secret cultivators and charged over.

They all knew that they had to teach these people a lesson. Otherwise, they would only push their luck and continue to take advantage of them.

A chaotic battle broke out. The two factions fought over a ten-thousand-year-old ginseng.

The other factions, be it demon beasts or humans, were only watching from afar.

Whether the Ye Family or the Heavenly Poison Sect won, either outcomes would benefit them.

Song Shi calmly looked at the two factions fighting over the treasure. He secretly memorized the methods of these people. If there was a chance, he wanted to experience death through their hands.

Hong Luo from the Sky Demon Cult sneered. “This old poisonous thing is really good at finding trouble. They better not expect us to help them later.”

“They probably want to use the Ten Thousand Year Spirit Ginseng to nurture that thing.”

Lu Bingxuan seemed to know something and shook his head, “Ignore them. Hurry up and take the treasures inside. Don’t lose the watermelon because of sesame seeds[1.”Lose the watermelon because of sesame seeds” is a Chinese phrase that is used to refer to losing a big opportunity because of something small] .”

He was not the only one. The major factions that had entered the entire ruin also had the same thought.

There were Numinous artifacts in the periphery, so there might be Numinous treasures in the depths. Whoever went in first would have a chance of obtaining them.

They only paid attention to the battle between the two sides, while they quickly walked towards the core area to attack the array formation at the more important nodes.

As the Array Formation became stronger, the various Nascent Soul realm cultivators attacked one after another. Powerful Nomological power fluctuations surged, causing the wind in the basin to roll back, and the waves of miasma decreased.

“These old guys are finally attacking with all their might!”

Song Shi thought to himself. He carefully observed the experts of the various large factions. The power that erupted from some of them was slightly stronger than Lu Jiu’s.

“That’s great. There are existences here with 2-digits levels who can easily kill me.”

He licked his lips excitedly. Others would be afraid when they met a powerhouse, but he was only excited.

“When is Sky Demon Cult’s vice cult master going to avenge his son? I can’t wait.”

Song Shi looked at Lu Bingxuan, who was leading a team to attack the Weapon Pavilion. There might be Numinous treasures that surpassed Numinous artifacts inside.

Such temptation caused Lu BingXuan to make a move as well.

At this moment, the Demon Slayers Division was attacking the alchemy room, the Qianzheng Academy was attacking the Myriad Laws Pavilion, and the Heaven Secret Office was cracking the Scripture Depository. The two major factions, the Heavenly Corpse Sect, and the joint trading companies were also attacking the core node.

For a moment, all the powerhouses present displayed their abilities.

“Those who can cultivate the Nascent Soul realm are basically geniuses. Their foundations are not bad. Be it the Great Mastery Spirit Body or the Connate Divine Body, their advantages over each other are not much.”

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